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2011 printable calendar yearly

jake4everApr 1, 09:29 PMGoogle Chrome Beta and regular version allow me to use them for around a minute, and then crash. Anyone else having this problem, and how to fix?

I already submitted a bug report.

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april may calendar 2011

theBBJul 19, 08:22 PMWell, during 2000-2001 that was a long waiting period for OSX... and then of course during the Q4 of 2001 we had 9-11
No, 9-11 happened in Q1 of 2002 according to Apple's fiscal calendar.

Vista sucks, there is very little incentive for people to upgrade. Leopard will ROCK, is a lot faster then Tiger and has a lot of new functionality.
Take a pill... Vista may not better than Tiger, but it certainly is better than XP.

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may calendar 2011 printable.

v66jackApr 10, 05:03 PMThat's because in the US most of us drive on two types of roads, crowded ones and dead straight ones. Automatics are superior on crowded ones and it doesn't matter on straight ones.

Yep, when I'm driving in town, I'm always thinking 'I wsh I had an auto'. In the UK however we have some pretty awesome 'A' and 'B' roads, which make the manual worth it. Blasting through the tree's when the roads are quite, taking each corner as it comes it great fun.

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Downloadable Calendar 2011 May

ChundlesAug 29, 10:07 AMIf the MacBook and Mini stay with core 1 CPUs, sales will grind to a halt.

What a load of bollocks. Core 2 will ship in Macs when it's ready. No point announcing now but with a wait time of 6 weeks or so - now that will bring sales to a halt.

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may calendar 2011 printable.

UnreaLSep 7, 06:44 AMWell I ordered the new lower model Mac Mini, this will be my first Mac (and its not even for me! For sister..)

1) CPU being Core Duo not really a problem, sims & firefox etc are not going to strain it!
2) 512mb memory is a let down, but im not waiting or paying the amount extra for 1GB as again she wont use it.
3) No superdrive is a let down, I would have spent the amount extra to upgrade if it was there, but I'm not buying the model with better GPU and slightly bigger harddrive and anyway she doesnt use DVD's.

Basically Bootcamp caused me to convert, without it I would have kept her on PC

Well we'll have to see.

Got it for �360 from the Apple higher education store, cant wait :D

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may calendar 2011 printable.

BLUELIONApr 3, 01:42 PMApple is not trying to rub it in your face to other companies, but more important it is using the subtle nuance of the product as it targets partners into coming on board with the iPad, iPad2.

I actually think this isn't apples best ad. I mean there is nothing wrong with it, but I usually expect more from apple.

They better make another ipad 2 ad, because this is there only one

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may calendar 2011 printable.

ipadderOct 15, 10:20 PMheres a couple of pics of the ebay case i bought for 5 bucks from the USA:

lots of other colors too, got blue as well.

i didn't have my ipod w me at the time but i can confirm it fits as good as my other 15+ dollar cases

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may calendar 2011 printable.

MultimediaNov 15, 05:43 PMIm really looking forwards to this, if the 8-core 2.66 Macpro its going to cost just a little more than a quad 3ghz Macpro, im going to be buying as soon as it hits the website...

As a recent Mac switcher, coming straight in with a base spec macpro(4x2.66/4gb/1750gbHDD), im now happy to invest in a more powerful machine.

My only concern is the heat... my current Macpro runs 24/7 and 95% of the time is at full load across all 4 cores... and its still silent with temps never going over 52c... will these quad core chips run much hotter, meaning the front fans have to spin faster/noisier to keep the machine cool?Maybe. If Apple goes from the 80 Watt 3GHz Woody to the 120 Watt 2.66GHz Clovertown then definitely. But if Apple chooses to only offer the 80 Watt 2.33GHz Dual Clovertown, then perhaps not and we'll all be happier campers. Or perhaps Apple has other cooling schemes in mind to keep a 2.66GHz set of Clovertowns quiet via other ways. Given that the Logic board stays the same, I'd rather buy the 2.33GHz version.

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april may calendar 2011

Random PasserbyOct 24, 01:19 AMI should be posting to the 'update before the holiday season' string to help it get to 4000 posts - but I was wondering at what time of day would an update happen, were it to happen?

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Blank Calendar 2011 May or

flopticalcubeApr 9, 05:01 PMYes. Left or right hand drive. I prefer a right hand drive manual as I'm left handed. Lucky for me they moved the stick shift to the middle of the car from the outside many years ago.

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abhimat.gautamMar 31, 03:00 AMApple has never mentioned before the new "Scene Kit":

Introduced in Mac OS X v10.7, the Scene Kit framework enables your application to import, manipulate, and render three-dimensional assets. It supports 3D assets imported via COLLADA, an XML-based schema that facilitates the transport of 3D assets between applications. Architecturally, a scene is composed of the 3D entities of cameras, lights, and meshes. Scene Kit lets you access attributes of scene objects�for example, geometry, bounding volume, and material�and is consistent with the APIs of other graphical frameworks, such as Core Animation and Image Kit.

Scene Kit is intended for developers who quickly need to integrate 3D rendering into their applications. It doesn�t require that you have advanced graphical programming skills.

Nice, didn�t know about that.

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may 2011 printable calendar.

jxyamaApr 15, 11:57 AMHey, thank you for being an idiot !! I wasn't replying because I went on Holidays. I went to see Tokyo for Five days and track down the old places of Edo described in Ernest Satow's 1921 book "A diplomat in Japan" and to buy a new Emac !! Its 115 000 yen in Japan for a Superdrive model. Oh, I forgot...For you being a high school graduate - Edo (or Yedo in some translations) is the old name of Tokyo. Up until the Meiji restoration.

If I was stupid - I wouldn't speak two languages
If I was an ignorant person - I would have stayed in my home country and not learn about the ways of the world...I believe that you have spent too much time in front of you mac.
If I was a vain pretender to knowledge - Do you know who Ernest Satow was ? Do you know over 2,000 Japanese kanji characters ? Do you know how to live in another country ? You have NO IDEA

So please don't call other people names - This is a thread for discussion not a primary school (If you are American - a primary school is a elementary school) :D

i'm sorry, this has got to be one of the most irrelevant comments i've read here at MR.

(btw, not to brag or anything, but i'll one up you: i speak japanese and english, both fluently. i've lived (not just traveled) in japan, USA and switzerland. i also have a phd in physics. what does all that have to do with having a constructive discussion? NOTHING.)

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Printable Blank PDF May 2011

skunkMar 31, 01:11 PMWell regarding defeating the Nazi's and the Axis powers, one can credit the US to turning the tide. When the Nazis like practically conquered everyone in their path and are invading the UK, the Brits had to transfer a lot of technologies they made for the war to the US...where the US industrial might pretty much defined what we know today as "air dominance". Even though the Brits did make a lot of neat weapons (as traditional to their roots), the US was the one who turned those into massive amounts of airplanes, carriers, and sophisticated radars for killing Nazi and Japanese air planes and submarines.

So I mean, without the Brits, the US might not have been able to make all those toys so fast, but without the US, the Brits would have fell. But in retrospect, I feel that the Allies would have won anyway...just that it would have ended with many more atomic bombs dropped all over the place by the US.Probably the most idiotic analysis of WW2 I have ever read. I await with interest to hear where and when the Germans invaded.

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2011 may calendar printable.

a456Sep 1, 02:19 PMAt WWDC, Apple mentioned one of Leopard's features - 64 bit application support. Let's fast forward to Leopard's release day and look at Apple's line. I'm guessing that all all their machines will have 64-bit processors, but surely the difference in processors used in the Macbook, Macbook Pro, the iMac, and the mini, surely can't be just speed, and all using the Merom? The iMac will have Conroe, maybe an E6600.

If the iMac had the Conroe and this is more powerful than the Merom wouldn't this continue to place the processing power of the consumer desktop above the power of the 'pro' laptop, which has been one of the problems for some time now? If they both had Merom at least they would be equal. Don't know about the Macbook and the Mini though, I guess the distinction is that they don't have separate graphics cards.

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may calendar 2011 printable.

jav6454Mar 25, 03:06 PMThe cpus used in the dual-cpu MP are 80-95W parts (top is the 95W Xeon X5670 right now), so it's give or take ~190W.

Only the single cpu MP uses a 130W part (Xeon W3500/3600 series).

So it's either 130W, 160W or 190W for the cpus in a MP.

Intel's TDPs are not actual power consumed. So yes, the 130 W scenario still kicks.

DDR3 DIMMs don't consume anything like 20W each. More like 20W for the whole 6 DIMMs you are talking about.

The 6970 uses around 190W at peak load from the reviews I've seen. People already have working 6970s, GTX 480s and GTX 580s on all models of Mac Pros - under windows, but that makes no difference. The power supply is enough to run these cards.

Anyway they still don't work in OS X on the Mac Pro, despite all these news stories:,804.0.html

Like I said, yes it is, but under a certain level of strain you do not want to run it. Also, we are not talking about a DIMM, we are talking about the capacity of RAM per module. It's a safe assumption to assume 20W per each 1GB of RAM. So if a module has 2GBs, then its 40 W. Now you can also say 10W, but 20W is much better for maximum scenarios. If your PSU can handle a maximum scenario it will not be strained.

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may calendar 2011 printable.

BigBeastApr 19, 08:05 PMJust because 256 is 'perfect' for you does not mean it is perfect for everyone else. I need 500GB SSD. External drive solutions are just way to slow compared to internal SSD. The SSD upgrade on my Laptop was the best upgrade ever, now I want an 27'' iMac with 500GB SSD and lots of memory.

I'd actually be more interested in having a 500GB EXTERNAL ssd. Since Thunderbolt can transfer upwards to 10Gb/s, there's no need to have an SSD on a 3 or 6Gb/s link (which is what an SSD INSIDE a computer will use.)

So if I have an external 500GB SSD and a computer with Thunderbolt (which WILL be adopted my most- trust me) you can take your small, thin, computer (your operating system with all your files) with you wherever you go.


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may calendar 2011 printable.

iBorg20181Oct 24, 01:15 AMif you are gonna wait - macworld 07 will be the big update.

Nope - Santa Rosa won't arrive until March or April, and that's when the next major upgrade will be made.



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april may calendar 2011.

SurelyJan 12, 10:09 AMI think that "Air" is a good name and it really could be the name, think of the iPhone, no one thought that would be the actual name, but it is was and is! So we shall see in a few days...

And the reason its not "Lite" or "Light" is because they have been used a million times, and Apple thinks different :)

Really? I guess they've never heard of Nike before then.

People thought the iPhone would be called the iPhone for years.

I think that they should go with 'MacBook Pump' instead. The Reebok Pumps were so cool. Pump it up!

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may calendar 2011 printable.

danielwsmitheeNov 29, 03:32 PMYes, support for more formats and codecs than iTunes currently plays friendly with would be welcome.You know I originally thought that, but I kind of like the way it works now. I would much rather have a few codecs that work very well. Then play everything under the sun just not very well.

SchizoJan 26, 07:44 AMIncluding, I noticed, my own on the 2009 thread, although I wasn't a member of this forum at the time.

A mate of mine just emailed me thus:


I�m just searching through google photos (got some down time at lunch for once!) and I came across this .... .... Your car but considering the individual posted also claims to own a Corsa and Rover HSE it doesn�t sound like you at all? looks like someone wannabe claiming ownership of your life mate :O Scary part is next page the same person posts again and shows a pic of your missus car!"
Naturally I had a look and sure enough, my car (and the wife's) in pictures no doubt stolen from the Audi A5 owners' club site.

Thought I'd let you know in case anyone is thinking of placing trust in this individual ('Mac.') - you may want to think twice.

I'm actually pretty glad we don't have either car any more - bit scary to see what some people will actually do!

gkhaldiOct 23, 06:57 AMI can bet $100 that there will be MacBook/Pro upgrades either this year or next year!

200 bucks says you can't predict the date ;)

EDIT = forgot the quote

macgeek18Feb 23, 11:25 AMHandbrake comes VERY close to destroying my Macbook ha ha, the CPU goes up close to 90 degrees celsius! Terrifying!
When I'm using Handbrake I have it going for 6 plus hours straight. So I just turn turn on Caffine, max my fans out at 6200 RPM with keeps it at a steady 70 degrees. :)

propynylMar 22, 04:26 PMHard drives are a dying technology. Rightfully so! Any non-computer with a HD should be killed! And in the next few years, HDs should go the way of the floppy.

PhobophobiaJul 20, 02:50 AMVista will sell more copies in its first two weeks than Leopard in its first year. As several hundred thousand years of humanity have demonstrated, rhyme and reason matters little.

I have doubts about this statement.

Leopard will be able to run on all macs from the past several years. Vista requires a relatively new machine.

Vista likely will cost much more than Leopard.

Most copies of Vista will be sold with new computers.

Steve has been saving the good stuff for Leopard. He's known for a long time that he needs to steal M$'s thunder with this release.