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easymac800g4Jan 10, 11:39 PMmacworld said apple and dell are the only two computer companies that continue to turn a constant profit

2011 calendar uk printable. 2011 calendar printable uk.
2011 calendar printable uk.

AbstractOct 23, 06:41 AMWell when you really think about it, at least one of these rumours has got to be true. We have MBP Merom rumours that cover every week from August til January 2007.

2011 calendar uk printable. printable 2011 calendar uk.
printable 2011 calendar uk.

freenySep 6, 09:49 AMJust as others, I am waiting on the merom MBP. People are ansy about this because the current MBP is known to those who knew about the merom as a "place holder" until the actual install of the merom. the merom was built for laptops and of course the laptops will be the last machines to actually recieve it. The order in which apple is updating their computers with this new chip is not logical to the consumer but may very well be logical to apple $$$.

2011 calendar uk printable. printable 2011 calendar uk.
printable 2011 calendar uk.

JATApr 21, 02:46 PMOnly ones upset over such news is Johny what's his face who hangs out at the local booby bar, when his wife thinks he's somewhere else. :eek:
If that's going to bother her, she can track him, anyway. And if it does bother her, there's an easy solution. Try saying "yes".
al franken?

I thought it was just us "tinfoil hats" as was said yesterday by some in these forums, who would be upset about this?

Guess not. :rolleyes:
Uh, Franken sells his homemade tinfoil hats right on his personal website. What are you comparing him to?

2011 calendar uk printable. 2011 calendar uk printable.
2011 calendar uk printable.

BabyFaceMageeJan 13, 01:34 PMApple dosent registor domain names like that...

Apple doesn't purchase individual sites for its products. They put everything under the www.apple.com site. go try looking for www.macbook.com or www.powerbook.com and you'll see they just go to individual user's sites. So no MacbookAir.com site registered to Apple doesn't mean anything.

2011 calendar uk printable. 2011 calendar uk printable.
2011 calendar uk printable.

hyperpastaSep 1, 03:40 PMyou can always wish but there is no chance in hell we will see this kind of pricing.

Maybe. But this is a lineup I would wish for in January. The pricing is meant to reflect what I would expect them. Also remember that the Mac mini was replaced with the Mac Cube, which would use cheaper, larger components.

EDIT: Oh, and I wouldn't dream of it actually happening. I think it COULD, but it WON'T.

2011 calendar uk printable. printable 2011 calendar uk.
printable 2011 calendar uk.

ag227Apr 13, 01:52 AMhttp://cdn.macrumors.com/article/2011/04/12/215630-275776300_500.jpg

In this image, what screen is that they are using? the stand looks like something by apple, the silver border around the screen is not a cinema display as its too thick and its not an imac as there is not enough silver along the bottom??

or am i just seeing it funny?

2011 calendar uk printable. 2011 calendar uk printable.
2011 calendar uk printable.

dukishdaryJan 11, 05:15 PMi highly highly doubt they are calling it the "macbook air." that's borderline laughable. i am willing to bet the phase "there's something in the air" is referring to the soon to be announced rental service, not a piece of hardware. apple is making an obvious attempt to eliminate physical mediums altogether, first cds with mp3s and now dvds with downloadable vids (both via the itunes music store). everything will be available "in the air" or "up in the cloud," if you will. i'll be damned if they name their next product the "macbook air." c'mon people...

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2011 Modern Calendars

SciFrogNov 9, 12:30 PMWe just had a monster record day, 430k points!

We now average 258k per day, slightly above our current rank.

2011 calendar uk printable. 2011 calendar printable uk
2011 calendar printable uk

macman312Mar 22, 08:44 PMOctober 23rd, 2011 is the iPod's 10th birthday. I bet they will release a version this fall to commemorate it, if not a special edition of some kind. Maybe they'll let Jony do what he did with the 20th anniversary macintosh and make an $8,000 iPod with an OLED display and graphine processor just because they can.

I agree with you they will release a special edition 10th birthday maybe make it like the original (eg put a thunderbolt port on the top like the 1st gen)

2011 calendar uk printable. printable 2011 calendar uk.
printable 2011 calendar uk.

Reverend WallyJan 1, 08:24 PMWhy not just build the "iThing" ....

Sort of like Bruce Willis' apartment in The Fifth Element.

A small rectangular object with an Apple dial on it that you call up the menu and can choose between an automobile (iCar) and menu again to choose the Macbook Pod, and when you get to the lot you live at you click on a menu item and your house comes out of the ground and you park your iCar and click on a menu item to open the lock on the door, then go into the iKitchen to make dinner in your iMicrowave.

Oh yeah ... and all the doors and windows (yucky word) in the iHouse are shaped like the Apple logo.

Hmmm .... even an Apple logo shaped iSwimming Pool.c


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5000 Calendar 2011 Templates

aibo82May 2, 07:46 PMThe furture of apple:

No macbooks.

Hybrid mac iOS tablets

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Printable 2011 Calendar Uk.

VegFeb 25, 02:00 PMhttp://i884.photobucket.com/albums/ac50/tadziodlu/IMG_1442.jpg

2011 calendar uk printable. 2011 calendar uk printable.
2011 calendar uk printable.

azetegOct 24, 03:55 AMthere are mini cpu replacement tutorials all over, google fugger extreme systems, its really not all that hard. I got the merom chip at newegg, they have them in stock right now. my mini xbenches at at least 150, 180 w/out disk benches

Dude, the Yonah in MBP is SOLDERED to the motherboard. You shouldn't try changing that CPU unless you have some serious skills and tools, I even doubt you would manage then.

2011 calendar uk printable. printable 2011 calendar uk.
printable 2011 calendar uk.

FireStarOct 23, 08:45 AMOk bought the Skullcandy Slider and the buttons are extremely hard to get to. You really have to dig deep to get in there. Part of it is because there's no tapering on the case around the buttons. It actually tapers the wrong way, blocking the buttons instead of the revealing it! When you pull out you earphone plugs, the bottom piece also comes out a little bit. I really want to keep this cause it's so badass looking, but those 2 things are deal breakers. It's going back tomorrow.



Oh... It doesn't have.... playthrough, I think.... buttons.
hello everyone..i have bought a new ipod touch and i want a case to cover it and to provide protection from scratches.please can anyone suggest me.
It would matter on how much you would like to spend on your case?

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UK 2011 calendar portrait

AngrisanoSep 6, 07:40 PMI'm a bit disappointed by this latest update as well. I'm still waiting for a headless Mac that will support my 19 inch dual monitors for under $2K. I recently built a nice Shuttle mini PC (not much bigger than the mini) with a P4 3ghz processor, 2gb ram, 250gb hard drive, 256mb graphics card and Litescribe DVD burner all for under $500.

Now I don't expect to pay so little for so much when buying a Mac. In fact I'm willing to pay double for the same specs. The trouble is, right now in Apple's line up you simply can't do it. Where is our mid-range expandable tower? I don't need all the power of the quad Xeon and my pocketbook doesn't need to pay that price.

I just want a decent middle of the road, expandable Mac for around $1K. I can build two really nice PCs for this price. Why can't I get one Mac?

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Free Printable 2011 Calendar

supremedesignerJul 18, 07:38 AMThis is bulls***! IF they want to do that way, then it's their loss! That is really stupid. I'd rather buy DVD instead of renting their cheapstake movies!

2011 calendar uk printable. 2011 calendar uk printable.
2011 calendar uk printable.

archer75May 3, 04:44 PMThe Quad i5 or i7?

The i7. I actually have an i7 920 in my PC but the sandy bridge is still a good upgrade.

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uk clubs counties w coast

BRLawyerApr 19, 02:23 PMI said nothing about wanting to use a slower interface. That would be silly.
Do you think all future USB 3 peripherals will be compatible with TB via an adapter?
That would be great, but why come out with USB 3 on a Mac at all?
Or do you think Apple will skip a USB 3 port altogether?

They will either skip it altogether or perhaps replace all USB 2 ports with USB 3 ones (thus keeping TB as the "advanced" FW equivalent)...

aiqw9182Mar 24, 04:46 PMOn the server, AMD has inexpensive 12-core, 4-way CPUs since some time. Now going for 16-core with Bulldozer (well, now it will be more like 16-core integer/8-core floating point).

The absolute bargain now are the 8-core, 4-way CPUs. You can have a 32-core machine for very little money.

The the next Atom will have a DirectX 10.1 GPU, meanwhile Bobcat Fusion already has DirectX 11 hardware and OpenCL.
AMD's CPU's are trash and they're cheap for a reason.

Oh and for someone who doesn't use Windows you sure seem interested in Windows only API's. Love all of those OpenCL applications you listed by the way. ;)

hunkaburningluvMar 28, 05:24 PMI never said it was. You must have me confused with somebody else.

But since you bring it up... What excites me about Apple's current products is where they could be in five years. I've been talking about it since the iPhone was introduced.

Imagine having a device that fits in your pocket yet is powerful enough to handle most people's computing needs. I go to the office and drop it in a dock and my LCD screens light up with my environment. I then go home and again I have access to everything again by simply plugging it in. When I'm on the train I can still use it to do email and what not.

Motorola is partially there with the Atrix but the hardware isn't quite up to the task yet. Give it five years and I think things will be really different.

Now that doesn't mean that a pocket device will replace every PC, console and server out there. It just represents shift in general usage. While I see this as feasible in the next few years I don't see a major migration away from desktops for at least a decade. This is due more to social constraints rather than technological.

More back on the original subject:

So what's to stop somebody making a $20 game pad for iOS? The iPad takes input from the controller and displays info on dual screens.

Or even a controller that an iPhone or iPod slides into to allow use of the accelerometers in addition to the buttons.

I don't see iOS ever replacing the consoles just like PCs didn't destroy that market. I can see a lot of overlap in the markets.

Even so, the number of people that come to these forums just to piss and moan that their OS/phone/PC/console/tablet is better than the iOS device du jour is rather tiring. There is actually an interesting article in the March 2011 issue of Scientific American that talks about this very subject. I highly recommend it.

Totally agree on most fronts mate. I believe my comments were aimed at another that was quoted my post. I am 100% behind the overlap idea - it'll be used by loads for gaming, but IMO it won't be the only method of game playing, especially for the typical 'core' console gamer.

I'd gladly pay $20 for starcraft on an iPad, without doubt, that's where I feel touch gaming can really add to the experience - RTS and Turn Basesd strategy game. BUT I feel that in the wake of the few dollar price point for idevice games and their (relative) simplicity I just don't think that it will do well. That may change over the next few years though.

jholznerNov 29, 03:13 PMFor the love of god Steve, you need to come out with a TiVo/Media Center PC KILLER. I would love to see that.

Yep, cause the media center PCs are selling hand over fist and Tivo is making more money than they know what do do with. Oh, wait...

stevehpOct 23, 08:23 AMplease let this be true. I've had enough of waiting and these posts are too much to handle every week!

MexbearpigNov 25, 06:40 PMYeah, I know, They are very expensive sunglasses that I don't feel comfortable just "tossing into a gym bag or suitcase."

To be honest, I thought it was very cool. I have always loved the look of those cases but I always had the impression that they were expensive but after a look they aren't too much. Maybe I'll buy one but I'd have to put something that is expensive that is that small. And most of my things are large.

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