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GregAMar 22, 04:39 PMI don't think the classic will die, nor will conventional hard drives in laptops, until you can buy 500GB flash drives for $100.

I'm going to take my meandering thoughts further :)

Many people could live with a 32GB flash-based laptop if all their data was available via mobileme OR a nearby 220GB iPod.

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call of duty 4 modern warfare

JosiahPBJul 18, 12:36 PMI couldn't imagine movie production companies letting first run movies be downloaded before the DVD's come out. I would much rather go see it as a social thing then watch it in my own home.

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fafnerMar 26, 03:36 AMWirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; sv-se) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8C148)

The Apple TV 3 Will have this power, and then pairing up with anoter iOS device would be nice. All controls on the touch/iPad/phone pushing the graphics from the apple TV.

And you players are you looking at your mice when moving it around?
I am looking at the cursor...
Have you seen a modern fighter jet cocpit, less and less buttons and more and more displays...

call of duty modern warfare 2 ghost dies. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Lord BlackadderMar 9, 02:46 PMInteresting thoughts iGav. The sum total of your criticisms seems to me to indicate that automakers are much more conventional these days (at least when it comes to packaging), making innovation much more difficult. Part of this situation is undoubtedly due to the fact that there are a lot more laws governing the design of cars these days. In the days of the mini, (or DS, or the Traction Avant, or even further back the Model T) there was perhaps less conventional wisdom than there is now - resulting in a proliferation of vastly different designs in terms of overal packaging. Apparently it's up to the Indians to get creative with their Tata Nano.

These days, only the FF layout is considered suitable for an economy car. Everything else is rocking the boat. Perhaps, as with Horatio Nelson's tactics, an innovation eventually becomes hidebound tradition and stifles subesquent development?

As for the Korean flavor of the new Chevy, it may be dull by European standards but we love Hondas over here so tastes are different. Also, anyone who has ever driven a US-market Chevy Cavalier looks in wonder at the level of quality that the Korean cars bring to the party. The Koreans not only sneaked up on the Big Three, they also sneaked up on the Japanese and even some of the Europeans.

And that still makes me wonder what the hell Ford was doing by not building and selling their much better Euro-Fords here in the states. They completely missed the boat on that one - and are arguably still doing so by limiting our engine choices on the Focus and Fiesta and thus reducing the overall economy of the vehicle lineup.

call of duty modern warfare 2 ghost dies. call of duty modern warfare 2
call of duty modern warfare 2

kadajawiSep 6, 02:38 PMI should add though, I'm glad there is an option in the mini line not to have a DVD writer, if it saves a few euros. I've had 3 Macs with them and have burnt a total of 2 DVDs, a complete waste of money.
Oh well, I've burnt so many DVDs on my PC (have I?) that my writer seems to be at the end of its life. Ouch :(

On a side note... at least with standard sized drives there is barely any price difference between combo and dvd writer... I guess Apple is really having a nice profit on the superdrives...

call of duty modern warfare 2 ghost dies. call of duty modern warfare 2
call of duty modern warfare 2

QuarterSwedeApr 10, 06:18 PMas the other guys have said, in the UK automatics are pretty rare. i think we all know one friend or so who has an Auto only license, everyone else just gets a normal license.

if you are the sort of person who enjoys driving to any degree then a manual gearbox is much better. autos are just so boring, they never kick down when you need it or bizarrely hold on to a gear for much longer than you were expecting. im sure there are some good autos out there but they will always be more inefficient than a manual.
When is the last time you were in an automatic and what year/make/model was the car?

Automatics these days are generally a LOT better than they used to be. This is coming from someone who really loves driving a stick on country roads and likes the control you get from one.

I'm starting to think most stick drivers are blind to how much automatics have changed.

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Call of Duty: Modern

steviemMar 18, 07:46 AMThe only way to impose a no fly zone is to have your fighter jets and bombers in the region. Also they have to destroy/disarm Libya's SAMs and possibly destroy/disable Libyan Air Force air fields.

Remember several Gulf States are part of this force too, so it isn't 'the West imposing democracy' like before.

There was nothing about us making up lies about Weapons of Mass Destruction. Just footage and communication from the people of Libya and news organizations showing the devastation Gaddafi is putting upon his own people.

I see no reason for troops to enter Libya, apart from the UN once the Libyan people overthrow Gaddafi if there is a need for aid. Although I'd much rather see UN over in Japan getting food and supplies to cities affected by the recent Earthquake/tsunami and nuclear reactor scares.

call of duty modern warfare 2 ghost dies. call of duty modern warfare 2
call of duty modern warfare 2

freenySep 6, 09:49 AMJust as others, I am waiting on the merom MBP. People are ansy about this because the current MBP is known to those who knew about the merom as a "place holder" until the actual install of the merom. the merom was built for laptops and of course the laptops will be the last machines to actually recieve it. The order in which apple is updating their computers with this new chip is not logical to the consumer but may very well be logical to apple $$$.

call of duty modern warfare 2 ghost dies. call of duty modern warfare 2
call of duty modern warfare 2

ibook30Jul 14, 12:51 AMWhat i'm worried about is if this whole format war between HD-DVD and Blu-ray turns out to be really worthless and end up with neither format winning and instead having both supplanted by further formats. it would be like trying to put betamax up against laserdisc then having DVDs come to market :rolleyes: .

There are great things coming though- future discs, future mass storage too. HDs may be on their way out soon enough for speed reasons. one thing i'm keeping an eye on is ferroelectric memory, which might also make HD-DVD/Bluray etc. partly obsolete as a storage format- useful primarily for video media only.

Excellent points, and concerns. I think the format wars will be mitigated by tech companies desire to make a dollar and the markets inability to handle too many choices and price points vs. value.

It's not impossible that the bluray/ HD DVD conflict will be supplanted by new technology - but it will become a regional issue (Asia vs Europe or N America) and/or price against value issue .. ultimately leaving the consumer with two or three choices.... no matter how fast the technology advances. "The market" is unlikely to handle more than 2 or 3 choices. (I am speaking of the consumer market - a seperate market for the technocracy will allow more choices for niche markets.... I hope)

Let's see what happens- it'll be an interesting ride.

On the 802.11n front- to deviate from the thread again - if Apple and other traditional tech companies do not get behind this - it will leave an opening for telecom/cable companies like Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon - all of whom are delivering faster and faster connection speeds to the (residential)consumer's front door .... Verizon's fiber optic system gives faster download and upload times than previous options, so they are creating a need for faster home networks.
Apple is beginning to compete with telcoms for the communication dollar (iChat AV and ventures into cell phones) - so telcoms might strike back by offering machines or networking cards that work with these advancing high speed internets. I dunno.

p.s. (Silentwave) I am reading about ferroelectric tech - and it is fascinating. Glad you mentioned it!

call of duty modern warfare 2 ghost dies. call of duty modern warfare 2
call of duty modern warfare 2

antmarobelMar 31, 12:07 PMThey rearrange themselves at their own will! If I drag one to the right of the other, for instance, another one, completely different, comes to the place where I intended to place the first one...:eek:

call of duty modern warfare 2 ghost dies. call of duty modern warfare 2
call of duty modern warfare 2

KillypAug 7, 05:32 AMApple releases a "Windows killer" :p

Apple Bricks for Windows? :p :p :p

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call of duty modern warfare 2

0815May 2, 05:07 PMI got a another newbie question
I am planning on moving out of Windows (7) and onto MAC OS X, but I want to wait for Lion since its close to a finished product. Now my question is, if Lion comes out, would that mean every Mac (Mac Pro, iMac, iMac mini, Macbook, MB Pros, etc) would have Lion installed/packaged or is there a specific mac that will have Lion on its first day and the other macs would have to wait???

All the (new) Macs will have it right away, Macs purchased shortly before the release get a cheap upgrade option (if I remember right) and most of the older macs should be upgradable (I would suspect every intel one, but I wasn't following the minimum spec)

call of duty modern warfare 2 ghost dies. call of duty modern warfare 2
call of duty modern warfare 2

maverick808Oct 23, 10:00 PMDoes anyone really think Apple would do a major hardware update without a press conference of any kind?

Depends what you mean by major hardware update.

The iMac was updated without a press conference of any kind. That update included C2D, brand new larger screen model, FW800, much better video cards (at least as an option) and better speakers. I'd call the release of an entirely new model (the 24"), and processor and other updates across the line, a major hardware update. And that happened with no conference of any kind.

The MacBook (non pro) was released without any event or conference. That update included a completely new enclosure, new processor architecture (and obviously new CPU), increased screen resolution, brightness... well, it was a whole new machine. And again... no press conference.

I'd call that a major hardware update. I guess you must have a different definition of major hardware update... although I can't think what could be more major than the silent MacBook release, which was a completely new machine.

call of duty modern warfare 2 ghost dies. call of duty modern warfare 2
call of duty modern warfare 2

Big-TDI-GuyMar 7, 09:04 AMOf recent memory - I've had no issue starting all the way down to -26C. Haven't gone colder, yet. Driving this diesel for 7 years now.

Most places that DO get very cold - treat their diesel fuel to prevent wax crystals accumulating. Only issues with this are low-volume stations that may have summer hold-over (haven't yet received winter-grade fuel). Or, you could be living in southern Cali - and decide for a road trop to Canada in December (might have some issues there, too) But for these situations you can put in your own additive.

All this said, I've never needed any additive myself, car is never garaged, and has never failed to start as of yet.

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to unveil Modern Warfare 3

IbisDocMar 25, 04:26 PMPlaying that game with the HDMI dongle thingy hanging off an iPad looks, um, not ideal. Now, if it could stream it using AirPlay.

The delay would make that option unworkable.

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6 middot; 100 Ways to Die in

Blakeco123Feb 26, 09:29 PMwhat you see
mac mini w/ 10.7 AND 10.6
windows 7 on hp pavillion (the occasional windows app)
wired keybord
apple pro keybord
magic trackpad (lost my magic mouse)
mighty mouse
wd 2 tb mybook
wd 1 tb (don't know the name)
old harman/kardon speakers
lg flatron w2240t 22 inch
hp vs19 19inch
in the pc cabinet i installed two computer fans to keep it cool as the temperatures would rise to 140+ within minutes of turning it on. now rests at 105
sorry for the crappy phone pics
and lastly all my cords

call of duty modern warfare 2 ghost dies. call of duty modern warfare 2
call of duty modern warfare 2

czeluffOct 23, 12:03 PMIn my opinion, there is a VERY good possibility of the Macbook Pros being updated tomorrow. Here's Why:

If you look at the Macbook Pro's "last updated" section, you'll notice that it was April 24, 2006. Tomorrow will be October 24, exactly 6 month's difference. Coincidence? perhaps, but in my opinion if it's not tomorrow, it's not until late November.

Chad Z

call of duty modern warfare 2 ghost dies. call of duty modern warfare 2
call of duty modern warfare 2

JesterJJZApr 12, 09:05 PMGood live updates here.

call of duty modern warfare 2 ghost dies. call of duty modern warfare 2
call of duty modern warfare 2

Mike84Apr 26, 01:30 PMThe general population never heard the term "App" until Apple released the iPhone.

Nor did the general population ever shop for Apps online until Apple built the App Store.

The abbreviation "App" used in conjunction with "store" to denote an online marketplace in which to buy applications is a unique combination that is not known in generic parlance.

Apple will win this.

You may be right about the general population not having used the term "App" until Apple did, but you are wrong in your argument that they will win this case. First off, "App" is short for "application" and it doesn't take a genius to figure that out. Since "App" is derived from "Application," which is a generic term, Apple cannot claim it and trademark it. Furthermore, just because they add "store" to that does not mean it is not generic. Both "App" and "Store" are generic terms. The way Apple used the term was in a very generic way.

You cannot make a generic term into a unique term. Once it is generic it is lost to the public at large. That is pretty basic trademark law there. Apple will lose this one.

bedifferentMay 2, 05:00 PM…or hold down the "Option" key and click away…

I've been using this - AppCleaner (

Better one, CleanMyMac (

Manage Plugins/Extensions, intelligent uninstaller, automatic device cleanup, cache cleaner, logs cleaner, language cleaner, remove unneeded binary files (PowerPC code mostly, shrinks app sizes and improves launch time), searches and removes leftover files from removed apps not cleaned by CleanMyMac, quick erase, clean out app system junk to improve performance, empty trash from app's that have self-contained trash bins (such as iPhoto), and a lot more. Great app (god I sound like a commercial! lol)

Mobster SauceApr 2, 07:08 PMNicely done.

EvangelionAug 29, 01:08 PMSpam? No, just off topic. But all these posts about his one post being off topic? Now that I could consider spam.

like i said, repeating same off-topic thing in several threads is imo spam

Dr.GargoyleAug 29, 12:52 PMI'm thinking something similar. 3.5x8.5x8.5. Basically a larger MacMini with a 3.5" hard drive, dedicated graphics, and video chipset similar to the Miglia TV Max.
I media center like this would sell like crazy... small, simple and elegant. Just imagine how many switchers you would get at the same time.

toddybodyApr 19, 02:52 PMWirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-gb) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

True dat ... This is going to be my first iMac ... I have never owned an apple computer before .. Bought my first iPhone last year
... iPhone 4 ... That was such a wonderful day ... Can't wait