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GFLPraxisAug 25, 01:55 AMIn addition, Core 2 Duo vs Core Duo performance increase really isn't all that dramatic:

Certainly not worth buying one to upgrade your current Yonah machine, assuming that really would be possible without some sort of EFI update.

While Merom isn't much faster than Yonah, Conroe in an iMac would be superb with the faster clock and bus speeds.

Actually, it's quite dramatic. From those benchmarks, Intel's claims are correct; at the SAME CLOCK SPEED, Merom is 20% faster than Yonah, however, Merom comes at a higher clock speed at the same price as Yonah, making the difference even more dramatic. A 2.33 Merom is the price of a 2.16 Yonah.

And it's 64-bit.

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awraischSep 5, 09:05 AMstore back up . . .no update?

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I'mAMacSep 1, 01:30 PMTalking about the iMac chin, isn't it time for a new-look iMac? I couldn't imagine a 23" wide chin :eek:
What is the chin. Though, i have heard people talking about it and they said that if there is a 23" it is possible for Apple to eliminate it.

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kelving525Sep 14, 06:58 PMI got the silicone case today, but then I also decided to go with Belkin Grip Vue. Overall, the Belkin Grip Vue is my preferred case since it's shock-absorbing, and doesn't slip as much. :)

Silicone case - quite nice and fits well with the iPod Touch.

The microphone is a little close to the case, but still visible.

I went to a few BB and FINALLY found a normal color. It's dark purple. :rolleyes:

2G/3G vs. 4G Belkin Grip Vue

The microphone is clearly visible, compared to the silicone case.

Other Belkin 4G case (taken with the iPod Touch):

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Posted in Derrick Rose Shoes

TomorrowApr 20, 11:01 AMAutomatics are for the elderly, and for fat and/or lazy people.

Wow, really? :rolleyes:

So if someone wants to buy a Corvette, and they're neither elderly, fat, nor lazy, they should shell out extra and order one with a manual transmission rather than buy one off the lot?

If someone wants to buy a Ford Taurus, Nissan Maxima, Chevrolet Impala, or a host of similar cars, then they must be either elderly, fat, or lazy, right? Because none of those are available with a manual transmission.

That's because you only have automatics to drive :p

No, my first car had a manual transmission (on the column). It was even worse, but that's mostly because the car was a 1965 model and had no air conditioning, no power steering, no power brakes, no power windows, torn-up seats, and oddly chewed through right rear tail light bulbs at a blistering pace. That was back in the days when driving was less of a headache than it is today (I was much younger), but even then I would still rather ride shotgun.

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DIMEZNov 27, 02:08 PM
Lebron viii south beach

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G4R2Nov 29, 03:09 PMI would say some obvious features that were not shown in the iTV demo but might make it onto the final product would include:

- Web browsing
- iPod games
- E-mail
- iChat/VOIP
- iPod/iTunes music/video purchasing and sync (via wireless iPod or iPod cradle?)
- Wireless N router

There may be more functions that are related to Leopard or future Apple devices. Will it stream content to an iPhone like a Slingbox or Orb on the PC? Will it sync with a video iPod?

It really depends on how Apple intends to position this device, either as a standalone wireless hub for media content or an accessory to other Macs.

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miloblitheAug 31, 02:23 PMYou know what the difference in cost is between a Combo Drive and a Superdrive?

About $5

Well, that may be, but Apple likes nice round even numbers.

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itsmeGAVJan 31, 04:23 PMAs a person who owns 2 MK4 VWs and who's 4 closest friends drive MK4 Jettas, I'd never want to be associated with that.

This is how you make a MK4 look nice:
Just have to wait for the snow to go away to mount my r32 sideskirts and get my spacers on the wheels.

imo, it needs deep dish wheels.. (or ronal turbo's)
still it's a nice ride non the less!

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MattSepetaMar 23, 10:43 AMApparently the app has been removed. No official statement from Apple yet.

VERY disappointed in Apple, but hardly surprised.

Not saying its a "Good" app, as it is clearly ridiculous and ignorant, but hey, so is "Angry Birds" and half the other apps on the store. This one is simply politically incorrect, and Appl once again proved that they are at the beck and call of the PC special interest hootin n hollerin, just like porn-app-gate.

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dethmaShineMay 2, 06:12 PMThat's a very nice feature! Too bad it won't work for apps not from the app store...

It does.

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cubeMar 24, 03:02 PMOpenCL /DirectCompute are COMPUTE tasks that are hardly anything currently supports(both of which support hardware before DX11, completely eradicating the point of even bringing that up in the first place). You do not have a better CPU. In theory and vaporware tests you could outperform Sandy Bridge by itself. But Sandy Bridge with a discrete GPU will smoke Llano with a discrete GPU any day of the week.

I'm not talking about using a discrete GPU, but about what you can do with just the CPU (or should I call it "APU"?).

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poppeJul 14, 12:20 PMEarly June. Its middle of July. Where is it? Wheres the player? They're showing of a prototype disc? Its world away from ever reaching my computer.

So one company doesn't display it that means that the other companies that are working on it couldn't have it out by end of 2006/early 2007 as I stated earlier?

Dell didn't release a workstation. Hp must not either

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caspersoongApr 20, 03:38 AMHope Apple surprises us... And not just a Sandy Bridge upgrade alongside Thunderbolt.

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poppeAug 24, 11:18 PMi was looking at dell and could not make one comparable.

thanks i'll check cnet

That is some thing like the mac mini. if you watch the video it also mentions another small form factor PC. - Hope this helps!! -- 107 small form factore PC's to choose and compare, including G4 mini and Intel mini

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jrb363Mar 25, 09:44 PMPlaying that game with the HDMI dongle thingy hanging off an iPad looks, um, not ideal. Now, if it could stream it using AirPlay.

Exactly what I was thinking! If the iPad could stream the gameplay to your tv in 1080p via an Apple TV using AirPlay it would be wonderful! I would buy an Apple TV just for that option. :D Go :apple:!

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FrobozzMar 25, 09:40 AMNop... consider.

2x CPUs 130W rated. So thats 260W, right there. However, no CPU consumes the rated, so it's give or take ~260W.

Each 5770 is ~108W, given two, that's ~216 W. Right off the bat we have ~476 W being consumed. Not bad; however let's look at the side where its not a dual 5770 setup.

The PSU on the Mac Pro is rated for 980 W of power, but for simplicity sake let's say 1 kW. Now, factor in the Super drive, Ethernet, Airport, at least 1 HDD and peripheral docks/cards you are looking at ~100 W. Take into account a 20 W per 1GB of memory (assume 6GB) and you've got ~120 W more. So far ~ 220 W more.

Now we have ~480 W [~260W + ~220W]consumption leaving only ~520 W left for a GPU. Currently, the HD 6970 requires 2x 8-pin connectors to provide 150 W per pin. That's 300W right off. So we are left with ~220 W in the system. Now, factor in that PCIe slot power draw at 75 W and we've got a ~145 W left over. ~145 W is cutting it too close and something will yield (yes I do realize 145 W is a lot more, but read on). Now, the sad part, we were assuming 1kW PSU which is not the case; it's 980 W meaning there will be less power, ~125 W. Now, also take into consideration no PSU is 100% efficient, hence there will be greater power outlet draw and the PSU will be operating at high voltage/amps and its life span will decrease dramatically over very high usage.

In other words the current PSU may come up short. Add to that the fact that all current shipping and past model Mac Pros don't have extra dual 8-pin connectors. They have dual 6-pins. There is an adapter to make a 6-pin into an 8-pin, but it is risky at best, big no-no.

So as you can see an HD 6970 would be barely supported on current models. Future models? Perhaps yes assuming Apple bumps to 1.1kW or 1.2kW PSU.

Take into account this was calculated assuming 6GB of memory and 1 HDD, anymore RAM (20 W/1GB) or HDDs (10W/disc) and the consumption will go up. Also, assuming nothing is hooked up to peripheral ports; like a small external drive that draws 5-10 W.

I have an 850 watt PSU in my gaming rig with a 4870x2 and custom coolers all around on the CPU, GPU, and case. I think your calculations are pretty close to correct if you wanted to run everything in the case at once. But that's not typical to run everything at max all at once. I suppose Apple might not want to get in the business of telling people it's okay to buy this honking huge GPU as long as you're not running a lot of extra hard drives and extra PCI-E cards.

But, for people looking to simply drop in a fast GPU and not have a lot of extra bells and whistles (read: a gaming rig), they would be fine with 850 watts or so, even with a 6970. Or at least damn close.

The tricky part with GPU's is that the high end units commonly exceed rated specifications at max load, so these calculations are tricky. And your point about running too close to your max is also a good one. It's fair to say that when you add up all your max dissipation, add 20% or so, and that's the wattage your PSU needs.

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henrikroxMar 25, 07:36 PMActually, I don't think there's any reason someone couldn't develop a way to use a PS3 controller with an iOS device. It would probably take some work, and Apple wouldn't allow it in the App Store, but I don't see why it can't be done right now. I mean, I use a PS3 as a mouse for my TV Mac Mini.

Apple won't allow it. They see this as a touch device. They would thereof never allow s controller. Also if you did have a controller.

Its not going to work on any game on the iPad. It's not written for it. So it will not ever happen.

People? Wireless projection of a game to a screen? Really guys. Be reasonable. It would delay as hell

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TangoCharlieSep 1, 11:59 AMWow. That would be great news. I'd think about one of those instead of a mac pro.... please make it have fw800. Then I really would take it over a pro.
That's exactly why Apple differentiates its product lines. They want you to fork out for a Pro :)
Equally, they DON'T want you to buy a Dell..... which is why I think they will introduce a "desktop" Mac.... But hey, it might not come with FW800 :(

ZoomZoomZoomSep 7, 03:28 AMDude, the MBP was updated in late April of this year, why would you think it'll be updated four and a half months later??

Because Apple is no longer in a hardware reality distortion field.
Because the MBP is a part of a Pro line, and the consumer iMacs have merom.
Because merom easily swaps in place of yonah at the same price.

I'm hopeful for the new MBP rev. They could have introduced C2D MBPs today - why didn't they? Maybe they're doing more than just a processor change, which might be why the iMacs got their update first. (Apart from the 24'' iMac, the rest of the iMac line is largely untouched.)

VPrimeJan 5, 08:50 PMAvoid that BMW like the plague.

German + high miles = no way

Been there, done that, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Shame on me.

I'd rather take my chances with an old pile of an American car, because at least it will be cheaper to fix constantly.

Old BMWs are great if you like $1000 surprises. For the price you'll pay in repairs, you could have a car 2.5 times more expensive with a regular, planned, budgeted payment.
I am not to worried about that. I can do my own repairs, my last cars were major project cars. I have done pretty much everything (engine swaps, transmission swaps, etc.). Parts are not much more than I am used to, and since I won't be paying for labour does not really affect me.
Plus this guy seems like he really takes care of the car.

It depends on whether the car has received regular maintenance or not. There is no substitute for a thorough pre-purchase inspection by a competent BMW shop.

I am the original owner of my 330Ci and over the life of the car my average annual maintenance costs, excluding tires, have been $1300. The car is coming up on 9 years old and has a bit over 100k miles on it. I plan to keep the car for a good long while as I continue to enjoy owning and driving it.

The E46 forum on ( is generally a good source of information. Review the wiki ( before asking questions. There aren't a whole lot of questions that haven't already been asked and answered many times and the wiki is intended to forestall those.

Thanks for the info.
the guy looks like he really took care of the car (based on his ad). The pictures make it seem mint, and he says all maintenance has been done regularly.
Obviously I will take a look in person and see how true it is.
I found the bimmerforums site a few days ago and have been searching quite a bit. Nothing I am finding seems out of the ordinary, or something I haven't seen yet.

Still trying to make an appointment with the guy and see it in person though.

MultimediaAug 30, 12:28 PMApple Store Refurbs.

A few days ago all the Mini refurbs disappeared from the Apple Store refurb list. After the Think Secret announcement, not only did they come back, but they added PPC models and a 1.66 Core Duo with 1GB RAM & 100GB HDD. Today, there is only one PPC model listed and that's it. Might be just coincidence, but that's a lot of activity.

Anyone know - Do current models usually disappear right before a speed bump and then reappear at a reduced price when new models are available?SAVE page prices don''t go down when new models appear. They are already reduced from original prices. For example, PowerBook G4's are still at the same price they were last year as are the Quad G5 since February. I wouldn't go for a Solo at Fry's at any price. But if the CD with 1GB RAM and 100GB HD were $599 on the SAVE page, it almost might be a steal if the MacBooks weren't $949. But then you could put a 2.33GHz Merom in there and pray. :)

Oh I see. You buy the Core Solo at Fry's for $499 and then put Merom C2D 2.33GHz in immediately and pray. :) I am hesitant to immediately void a new mini warranty when a 1.83GHz model is soon. A 2.33 Merom will cost over $600 I think. Probably worth waiting for the 1.66GHz DC for $599 next week or so.

There should be a lot of churn in that secton of the SAVE page listings. IE more will come back every few days as the overstock and demos come in for inspection and then offerings. Do you remember what the price was for the 1.66GHz CD 1GB RAM 100GB HD? Will be interesting to see how much that config will cost when the new models ship. :)Is this all Fry's stores, or just the one you're referring to. If it's store-wide, I might actually have to make a trip down to my local Burbank Fry's store after work tonight. :)Check you LA Times insert or copy of it online. Or phone them first. Sometimes offerings up here aren't made down there and vice versa.

rhett7660Apr 3, 12:13 AMGood commercial! Liked it!

KreamyOct 23, 06:48 PMall i can say about this thread is MEH... :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

it seems that every week there is a new fu*#ing thread about impending macbook pro updates. if you want one now - just go buy it. my macbook pro rips the socks of my g5. :eek:

if you are waiting for something special going by figures on the core2duo, it will be ripping the socks of the current macbook pro by 10 % . :rolleyes:

we are only talking seconds here - maybe your boot time will be 5 sec quicker than a current model. maybe you will be able to encode a movie 30 seconds quicker (mind you this type of operation takes minutes to complete) . are you going to specially go out and check that yours boots better than a current model one?? if you are, then well... umm - see a doctor first :p

are you really going to put the processors to the test and run them at full utilization for long periods of time to prove all these things? if you do, your macbook pro will self combust through the table, or even worse - your lap!!:eek:

finally, all of these new components that everyone is waiting for generate more heat. more ram, new video cards, and chips will generate more heat. macbook pro's are hot enough.... to accommodate all of these new hotter components, a new cooling system would need to be developed. these things take time.

i reakon there will be a minor speed bump (.3 of a Ghz mind you... :rolleyes: ) next week and a total revision at macworld in january - 90 days from now...

flame me if you wish but just sit back and think about real life scenario's where a core 2 duo will REALLY be of massive benefit to you.... santa rosa is the platform you should wait for.


I love reading the one off posts from a bitter MBP owner who's precious is on the verge of discontinue...ment...

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