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TheUndertowApr 25, 08:34 AMI hope, they bring the new iMacs on the market soon. I just purchased the new MBP 13" base and thought of getting an extra 27" external monitor in addition. But as I am not comfortable with the screen size and portability seems to be an inferior factor for me, I will send the MBP back these days and purchase the upcoming iMac 27".

If I still need a mobile device, I will get a cheap laptop.

...or an iPad 2!

Not sure what you need with a mobile device but this does all I need, outside of work (which I was a work laptop for anyway).

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ljocampoApr 20, 01:09 AMI have an early 2008 iMac with it's Applecare up in July. It was the cheapest refurbished model I could get then, and Applecare was good to it in the years since I bought it. I love the machine. I'm looking forward to replacing it, even though it still works great, with an all out built to order iMac at the end of this year after Lion as come out and has stabilized its kinks.

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cinder1280Nov 23, 10:05 AMHi,

I have to order a new workstation in the beginning of dec.
I want the Powermac in a top config with the 30" Display.
Now I wonder to wait the release of the 8core system for two reasons:

If the price will be equal to the actuall one of the quad 3Ghz: Fine, I ll buy the mac pro with clovertown

If the clovertown system will be much more expensive than the actuall 3 ghz, maybe the 3 ghz will get a little bit cheaper. So i will buy the 3 Ghz system.

Should I wait to Jan or Feb ? ( The release in November just a rumor :( )
I dont know what to do. It will be my workstation for the next 4 or 5 ähm thousand years ;)

Sorry for my bad English, I m working on it ;)

Greets CindeR

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stompyNov 27, 02:11 PMI think Apple will specifically NOT make a 17" Monitor as Digitimes are so astonishingly innaccurate :rolleyes:.

LOL, right you are. Anything from Digitimes should automatically go to page 2.

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RITZFitApr 16, 06:44 PMI can drive a 18 wheeler but I haven't tried a manual car or pickup yet. I think its different. LOL

haha, if you can master than then I'm sure any other car will be simple

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corywoolfOct 23, 09:46 AMI can tell you the CompUSA I work at is all out of them, that never happens. We are also out of the iSight and Airport Extreme. Any day now Apple!

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quagmireFeb 22, 10:14 PMI thought anything with a GVWR of over 10k lbs was exempt from those standards. I know they are exempt from CAFE fuel economy standards.

They are exempt from CAFE( since HD's are supposed to be work trucks and all), but they are required to meet the new diesel emissions laws.

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LightSpeed1Apr 2, 10:54 PMSimply elegant.

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rorschachMar 30, 09:04 PM-Preview has a loupe tool like Aperture does.

-Spotlight menu has options to "Search Web" and "Search Wikipedia"

-"Send Do Not Track HTTP Header" option in Safari

-Font Book has a "Find fonts anywhere on this computer" option

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lordonuthinApr 17, 03:53 PMcongrats to SciFrog for 6 million points! (with MR team)

Grats to SciFrog for 6 mil!!

and congrats to rwh202 for 4 million points!

and to rwh202 for 4mil!!

Were not ignoring anyone else, it's just too hard to keep track of all 67 of you :p

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Our friends over at adidas

April DancerAug 17, 04:29 AMi dont really think the ipod needs to be updated.

its great the way it is, and it hasnt even been a year since it was released!

why are you all on this idea of an ipod update?

the ipod isnt a computer that needs a new processor and faster components.

mp3 files just play.

Because they introduced video playback capability, that's why. I travel and this iPod has meant that I don't have to drag around countless dvds to while away hotel room evenings. I love it, but ultimately, the screen is ever so slightly too small (not by much, I'm not asking plasma screen here!) and I need more storage. I know I could go and buy an Archos or some such other brand but I really don't want to do that, and I'm very sure that Apple don't want me to either.

If it was still purely an mp3 player I would totally agree with you. Besides, 10 months+ with no update is a long time in the life cycle of an iPod. Only going by previous form. :)

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Tags - adidas, adiZero

cburton04Feb 7, 08:41 PMHopefully it's not too big an image... e90 m3. i love this this thing to bits.

I love the sedan.

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milbournosphereJan 28, 03:28 PMHere's my entry into this thread. This is my recently purchased WJ out in Death Valley for New Years. This was about 6 miles out on a backroad trail, just as we got to where we were going to pitch the tents. It was cold, but the hiking was great. It looks like a stock photo but I swear it's real :). It's an '04 HO V8 Limited, all the bells and whistles, basically stock. So far it's been great. Previous owner was a firefighter, and I think this is one of the few cars that can actually pull off the red.

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OliverOSX93Apr 19, 04:29 PMAs much as I want an Air, every time I'm in an Apple Store I drool over the 27" iMac. There's just something about that beautiful aluminum behemoth sitting on a desk that says I'm in the right camp.

Dare we dream of a 30" model?

it wasn't too long ago that apple discontinued the 30 inch ACD in favour of the 27 inch one. so I'm doubtful on that. sorry mate :(

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xi mezmerize ixFeb 20, 06:13 AMDo you go to UMD by any chance? :confused: Because that looks almost exactly like my dorm down to the tiny desk they give you.

Yes I do.

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rezenclowd3Jan 8, 07:17 PMI was finally able to take my own pics of my just acquired '88 BMW 325is with M50B25TU engine swap. Darn this car is quick and handles so very well.

Don't mind my nerdy self, It's who I am and I have come to accept it over a decade ago:D

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mdntcallrJul 14, 01:09 AMSo, how long till it comes to laptops? :D

And on top of that, its only going to be a viewer, right? I mean have they created any Blu-ray burners, yet?

I really don't want to buy a Macbook Pro until it has Merom, 802.11n, and blue-ray, cause I know those are all going to be standard in less than a year and I can't afford to have a crippled laptop for 3 yrs.

Hopefully it won't be too far, I've saved enough cash.

I am in the same boat. Want All of that, a better graphics chip and the ability to upgrade direct from apple a 160 gb hard drive internal.

I Honestly don't believe it should take too long to include in the mac pro or macbook pro, Sony currently has a tower and a laptop both with Blu-Ray. so lets get both types of devices to get this.

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poppeJul 14, 12:08 PMFrom Wiki:

Holographic disks: standards with 200 and 300 GB storage are under development and prototypes expected in 2008

I've heard about Mac users waiting, but 5 years for most likely the first consumer device if lucky, 6 for probably first computer device. 2012.... yes exactly when I wanted to buy my next laptop after the next four I plan to purchase.

As I said they aren't attacking the Consumer market because they have no Backing. Who can beat Sony when Sony pay's best buy to Disply the blue rays and HD-DVD no longer is displayed?

This link says 2006

This says 2006 for 300 GBS/ 2009 for 1TB

"Late 2006"




2006 - for 200 gbs,1558,1785630,00.asp


2006... though this was written (2004) so...



From Wikipedia (your source) - "160 times the capacity of single-layer Blu-ray Discs, and about 8 times the capacity of standard computer hard drives with space that accounts for year 2006 standards. Optware is expected to release a 200 GB disc in early June of and Maxell in September 2006 with a capacity of 300 GB and transfer rate of 20 MB/sec [3] [4].

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eleven59Mar 25, 11:37 PMNot really. Properly designed controls on touch screen will be just fine... You will see...

Anyone who thinks that the long-term viability of the IOS ecosystem as a significant home game player because of the lack of hard controls is just missing the picture.

I can't figure out why some people think you have to look at the screen of a touchscreen device to use it to manipulate things in a game world. Between rotation and movement of the device itself with properly placed buttons you can do a lot with it, none of it requiring looking at the touch screen.

I suspect most people could distinguish between the lower left corner of their device and the upper right corner, for instance, without looking at the screen.

FINALLY!! Someone else who has a brain that can adapt and learn with some training. Does no one else know that your brain would learn where to place the hands, thumbs and fingers without looking?? Just takes a smart UI designer to place virtual buttons in smart places.... And if all you needed to do for an attack is make a certain gesture like swipe or a circle, do you really need to look down to do that??. Add that to tilts and motion control and you could do more than just racing games....

ThunderhawksApr 19, 11:15 AMI heard a rumor that these will not have a retina display or BluRay. No, seriously. They won't. My source is never wrong.

Heard this from a friend of a friend who knows an analyst who is predicting these will be WHITE and Verizon AND Toys "R" Us will have them!

DStaalSep 7, 11:34 AMOn the rental vs. purchase argument...

I'm not going to touch which one is 'better' for videos at the moment. I have opinions, but nevermind.

Let's work on the technolocial aspects for a moment, shall we?

Rental requires working DRM. Period. Absolutely. Otherwise there is no way for it to be just rental: you have the file, you can watch it whenever.

Purchase doesn't. You get the file, you can use forever, because you own it.

There is no unbreakable DRM scheme. It doesn't exist today, it probably never will. This is because you, the consumer, are required to be able to decrypt the files sometimes but not others. Which means you have all the info needed to decrypt it. Which means, sooner or later, that someone will figure out how to access that info when they want to, not when the software wants to.

So, Apple requiring a purchase model is just recognizing the limitations of the technology. They have nothing they can 'take back' at the end of a rental period, and it is no cheaper (it's actually more expensive) for them to rent something to you.

There is an apparent temporary advantage to the rental model to the movie studios, since they can charge you multiple times for the same movie. It costs Apple just as much to 'rent' you a movie or sell it to you, so Apple has no advantage, and you get the same file either way.

If you don't want to keep it, just throw it out. Same difference. The rest is pricing games.

smithrhApr 11, 03:41 PMIMO, if a gearbox has a setting where it will automatically shift gears for you and you don't have to touch it, it's an automatic gearbox.

Sure, some auto gearboxes (DSG) are better than others (torque converter) but they're still automatic.

What if it's not actually an automatic?

Seriously though, I do wonder if people take little things like this (being able to drive a stickshift) and pump up the importance of it, just to get some extremely minor satisfaction out of being "better" than other people.

Also, google "money shift" for the downside of having "full control."

iJohnHenryMar 20, 04:07 PMThe repression in Libya is on a different scale entirely to those other countries. None of those others is using tanks and aircraft to attack their dissidents.

Indeed, puzzling: I was putting it down to callowness, too.

I now believe it to be regression.

If depleted uranium was used in the warhead, the object (tank?) could have exploded from the inside out. That's gotta hurt, but at least it's quick. :rolleyes:

Oh, I chose to not have children, so I have no dog in this fight.

kelving525Sep 20, 11:10 PMWhat was the checkout like? Did you have to go through their checkout? I'm always suspicious of those places, and am concerned that they're using unsecured special checkouts and/or are stealing identities. And I'm not usually a suspicious person.

But it's hard to resist for $1.00. The Griffin Reveal I bought was a ridiculous $25.

Do these fit on the cases snugly or are they kind of loose?

Yea, it was through paypal, so I'm pretty sure it's safe. Wired transfer on the other hand can be shady. It fits pretty well actually, you would've thought they were loose! But they are not bad for $1!

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