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sordAug 6, 11:12 PMI certainly hope Leopard isn't like Vista 2.0 - it (Vista 2.0) will be horrible as usual!

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MattDellSep 6, 08:29 PMRenting would never fly. It's far too easy to just burn the movie to DVD if it's already in digital format. The movie executives would flip. It would take some impressive coding to prevent users from doing this, and even then... somebody will figure out a way around it.

So, no. I don't think any movie corporation will allow digital movie rentals.


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rockthecasbahJan 11, 08:40 PMI don't buy it from just the name alone. I really hope Apple releases a subcompact MacBook Pro, external optical drive and all that good stuff. We don't need this new MacBook regular nonsense.

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shurcooLMar 26, 08:41 AM"silky smooth" 30 frames per second
Welcome to where the above phrase is not considered an oxymoron. :rolleyes:

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razzmatazzAug 6, 09:53 PMMy cup runneth over with excitement.

Too bad I'll be in class all day tomorrow and won't get the minute by minute MR coverage...unless I bring my macbook to class with me. :D

haha! Yea I'm going to be glued to my Macbook watching the updates and jumping with excitement when something is announced :D

Then when the online video comes up on the apple website ill be watching it start to finish and nobody will be able to bother me lol :p

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chillywillyJan 2, 10:18 PMGuaranteed, or almost guaranteed:
iWork 07
iLife 07

Very likely:
A new feature or two in Leopard, possibly with a release month
A new Jam Pack or 2
More iPod games

Speed bump to one or more Mac lines
Demo of Photoshop CS 3
Update to some pro software app (but not all)

I agree with the above. Although what can they add to iLife 07 that needs to be added? Guess we'll find out in less than a week.

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Gem�tlichkeitNov 23, 02:16 PMThe Logitech v470 mouse :D

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TBiNov 21, 01:14 PMMainstream? I doubt any 8+ core users will be mainstream outside of commercial use.

Just like everything, 8 cores will become main stream sooner rather than later. If the PS3 gets popular then 7-core will be very mainstream soon enough.

As programs get more and more multithreaded the speed increases from multiple cores will get bigger and bigger. Even if you think about a browser. The browser can itself have multiple threads, for different tabs, the display area, downloading new pages, downloading in the back ground. Then think about java, flash, pdf's in browser and all this web 2.0 stuff. They can all run in separate threads. I know none of these are particularly processor intensive (yet...) but you can see where there could be a use for multi processor in the future.

In less than ten years i can see us with MMP computers, Massively multi-processor.

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Astro7xApr 26, 02:40 PMWirelessly posted (Iphone: Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

How can it be generic if no one had one before apple created there's? Suddenly everyone calls their market place an app store. There've been digital stores for years, and none were app stores.

Exactly. While "App Store" is a great term, I'm convinced that if Apple originally called it an "App Shop" that the Microsofts and Amazons would complain about that being a generic term too and want to use it.

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babyjNov 29, 06:11 PMWhilst I'm not Microsofts biggest fan, their Media Centre is pretty good, actually its a lot more than pretty good - even I'm tempted. Once you've got Media Centre running on your PC, you can hook up a �200 Xbox 360 to access all the content (music, video, digital tv etc). The PVR side of Media Centre is excellent as well.

If the iTV is going to cost �100, it will need to do something pretty special to be a success - everything that Microsoft offerings can do at the very least.

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likemyorbsMar 24, 02:14 PMOk let's not argue about gay being a choice or not again. What's the point? We just had this argument 2 pages ago and the person who thinks it's a choice usually just feels outnumbered and backs out, and rightfully so. Their opinion is wrong, they may realize it years down the line, or they may not. Either way, their side is losing. Bigots always lose in the end in this country, and they know it.

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BonchApr 21, 11:59 AMAl has his reasons to be concerned.


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iJazOct 23, 06:56 AMI can bet $100 that there will be MacBook/Pro upgrades either this year or next year!

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GoldfingerAug 31, 03:07 PMKnowing that Apple doesn't pay listed prices, it's not unreasonable to assume that Apple could get the Yonah chips for less than Merom ones.
But the same is true for Merom chips. It's not that they aren't getting volume discounts just because the chip is new..

Also, Apple has historically liked to scale its product lineup to encourage buying then next item up the scale. Some have even referred to it as "crippling" the lower machines.

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miles01110Sep 6, 08:48 AMHmm... the Mini still has no Core 2 Duo? That does not sound too promising for MacBook (Pro) updates... unless Apple only wants to use the Core 2 Duo for the high end laptops (MacBook Pro) of course... Or are they waiting untill Leopard has been released?

I didn't think they would put the Core 2 Duo in the mini before the MBP.

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A.FairheadJul 18, 04:11 AMI hope the rental thing is true--I don't want to own. I'm not with Steve Jobs on this one (assuming the rumors are true that he opposes rentals).

Owning music downloads fits my habits/needs. Owning movie downloads does NOT. The vast majority of movies I watch I never see again. And I don't want to store big movie files long-term. And I don't want to pay a higher price! Lower the price and make it short-term. I like that better.

For the few movies/shows I'd want to own, I want the discs (Blu-Ray preferred :) ) and the ability to take them to a friends' house.

Also, if it's a rental model, I can be more forgiving on quality. They'd have to be better than iPod 320x240 (except, obviously, when played ON an iPod), but if they're a little bit short of DVD quality, I'd still be bored enough to seek instant gratification and rent some. The price would have to be right, of course. Netflix rentals cost about $2.50 each on my plan. For slightly-sub-DVD quality and near-instant delivery, I'd pay maybe $2. For FULL DVD quality I'd certainly be willing to match Netlflix's price, or even pay a little more (for iTunes convenience/speed).

I agree; I watch movies a lot more than I buy movies. When I go to the cinema, I pay to watch the film, not to own it. Most people do this - owning films is something of an impulse post-viewing, in my experience. If iTMS can provide a rental service, that's great. If they end up providing purchases too, then, that's great too. Apple will be able to target 'viewing' markets as well as 'purchase' markets, if the difference is easy enough to see there.

I guess my thoughts are to not rule out rentals - I'm sure many of you work with films like I've just described :p

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iGavFeb 25, 07:51 AMlooking at the very current and very genius Fiat Twin Air engines i have to say that very refined turbocharged small displacement/ few cylinder engines are actually the next step over the overly complicated hybrid systems

The Twin Air is conceptually brilliant... but its real world numbers haven't anywhere near matched up to Fiat's official figures (68.9mpg official - 35.7mpg real world, neither of which are particularly brilliant to begin with) and there lies one of the problems with small capacity engines, in anything other than ideal test conditions (i.e. rolling road), it is extraordinarily difficult to even approach the officials figures in everyday conditions, because put simply, they have to be razzed.

Like what you've said though, there's a compelling argument to be made that a diesel-electric hybrid (like VW's XL1 Concept), with energy recovery would probably be the best arrangement (particularly for an urban car), in this instance the diesel engine is isolated from the actually drivetrain (reducing NVH etc) and the electric motors counter the age old argument of petrol>diesel refinement.

I do think that smaller capacity, fewer cylinder engines are the way to go, but only if the absolutely most important factor is addressed first, and that is one of weight, until then...

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jettredmontAug 16, 09:15 PMHere is a map of the Sirius satellite orbits. You can get a signal pretty far south, at least as far as southern Mexico. But to conserve power, Sirius shuts the power down once the bird goes "below" the equator. XM does have a owership in WorldSpace which does broadcast around the globe through a network of various satellites.


Very interesting. Wonder why they did a "wobbly" geo-synch, and how their receivers cope with it. I'd guess it's a cost-related thing, but maybe there's an engineering reason for it (certainly does keep at least one bird near-vertical within the US at all times ...) Note that XM is depicted there as a "true" stationary orbit above the equator.

In any case, still, you're not going to see those satellites from Bombay, no matter how long and hard you look, without a really big mirror ...

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Xero910Apr 7, 03:14 PMThe spotlight index bug is because a decimal point is in the wrong place.

Days = Hours
Hours = Minutes
Minutes = Seconds

Works fine, but displays incorrect format.

balamwSep 7, 02:24 PMSorry for the nastly long URL (, but this is a cache page from a google search where you can see what Amazons offerings are for their new download service.
Pretty broad selection. Including some TV Shows similarly priced to iTMS.


lordonuthinMar 30, 01:04 PMYour PPD has improved a lot :eek:

Still no new Mac Pro announced...

On another note, I updated four computer to 10.6.3 that were running a3 and all of them resumed and finished. Can't wait for a3 bigadv.

Also rumors are all over the place for PPD on the new Nvidia GTX 480. Soem say 13k PPD, some say 29k...

I know, bigadv sure make a difference! :D

I think Apple won't announce a new Mac Pro until the developer's conference in June :( but hopefully that means new goodies like usb 3 and sata 3 as well as an inside redesign for 2.5 inch ssd's :) imagine 4 ssd slots as well as 4 3.5 inch drive slots!! woo hoo, just a dream though.

I will wait until I can catch my Mac right after a new wu starts for 10.6.3, just in case...

The GTX 480 is very tempting especially at the same price point as the GTX295. I have one open PCIe slot... but I will wait until I hear more about it. I'm also waiting for Linux gpu3, but that could be a very long time :(

DaveNApr 19, 09:36 PMThis would be nice:

1) Sandy Bridge of course
2) Decent graphics
3) Large hard drive plus option for laptop size SSD port easily accessible via a door on the bottom of the iMac. Having a SSD build option is nice but this way you also can easily upgrade RAM and SSD easily as time goes on. That way you can have a TB hard drive as a base and then add more storage as desired and as the price drops.

Bottom line is that the new iMac would be killer fast and user upgradable for great value.

tech4allNov 27, 02:37 PMNow I'm starting to wonder if Apple will drop the 20" and replace it with a 17" LCD. I know that seems odd, but that would increase the gap between the 20" and 23" ACDs. There's a 7" gap between the 23" and 30" and if they introduced a 17" to replace the 20" that would make a 6" gap between the low end and the middle one. That way there will be much more of a difference between the ACDs.

Just a thought. :)

jimmyjoemccrowMay 4, 07:34 AMNo, those aren't the best possible choices. Those are probably the worst possible choice.


The examples given in that link are extremely dumb. Nobody is going anywhere when they are at their PC. They are not being forced to make a spur of the moment decision when they use their computer, they have time to sit and read the dialogue and understand the consequences of their choices. We are not talking about reading the whole works of Shakespeare and we aren't talking about an annoying pop up every 5 minutes. There is absolutely no harm in educating the user a little.

The example of the lift buttons is already present in the OS anyway, for example the arrows on a scrollbar.