ipod touch 4g back protector

ipod touch 4g back protector. A Set of Screen Protectors as
A Set of Screen Protectors as

Benny777Apr 19, 12:32 PMYes!!! This will complement my recently purchased iPad 2 and MacBook Pro issued to me from work! I've got the cash, I've just been waiting for the Sandy Bridge/Thunderbolt update and hopefully a 24" version!

ipod touch 4g back protector. Wallet for iPod touch 4G
Wallet for iPod touch 4G

Gem�tlichkeitApr 12, 09:29 PMI hope this means we will eventually see a 64bit version of iMovie ;)

ipod touch 4g back protector. The sleeve provides protection
The sleeve provides protection

generikSep 8, 09:47 PMDid you buy the 1.66 or 1.83 model? Would You Mind Comparative Testing It Against Your Dual 2 G5 Please? I need to know if it is in fact faster even at these slower speeds. I have a spare Dual 2 G5 here now I got at Fry's for $864.26 a few weeks ago. I need to know how it stacks up to a mini in performance.

When I was at Fry's yesterday, I tried a few things on a 1.83 MacBook and found it to be much slower than I expected - I think slower than the dual 2 G5. What do you think? Can you put them side by side and run some comparisons?

I wouldn't do the comparison like that, the Dual G5 does offer you drive bays and expansion capabilities that you do not get with the Mini. I will take the G5 over the Mini at that price you got it for.

ipod touch 4g back protector. Protect Your iPod Touch 4G
Protect Your iPod Touch 4G

daveyjokesOct 24, 06:14 AMMBPs...

are immenent!

Midday Tuesday, the UK store has gone down for updating, im guessing MBPs...


We all know what it looks like but i took a screenshot for the un-believers


ipod touch 4g back protector. Ipod touch 4 Clear $1.50 x 1
Ipod touch 4 Clear $1.50 x 1

CIAApr 12, 08:16 PMAppleinsider jumped the gun a few hours ago and posted a nice article about the "new" final cut 7. Complete with info on the FCS that has been out for 2 years.... lol

ipod touch 4g back protector. for Apple Ipod Touch 4G Screen
for Apple Ipod Touch 4G Screen

chinesechiknMar 31, 05:12 PMWirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

Really newbie? You logged in to tell me that?

I guess you missed the point.

Get a life

"Originally posted by walshlink:
I simply LOVE how people talk about 1080p without mentioning bitrate. When the A5 chip can handle 1080p video at 40 Mb/s, this will be newsworthy."

Yeah, I did log on to tell you that "Demi- God" with 107 amazing posts...

You say this isn't newsworthy???? It's not going to change the world, but it is showcasing a developer taking advantage of the new software and hardware of a new apple product. Why not newsworthy? ... Oooh not enough bitrate! Pathetic

I just like reading your post in the accent of the comic book guy from the simpsons.

ipod touch 4g back protector. Protect your Apple iPod Touch
Protect your Apple iPod Touch

takaoMar 7, 06:17 PMIt's entirely possible to turn a brand around of course, as VW demonstrated with �koda, it's only 15 years ago that �koda was still the punchline to almost every joke.

if any car company has shown to have any knowledge about badge engineering/branding it's VW AG
skoda is the obvious recent example of the last 15 years
but compare it to what they did to Audi since 1980 ?
the best way to describe pre 80ties audi ? the famous morris marina quote from Top Gear:
"I'll guarantee that nothing exciting, vibrant, dynamic, new, creative, hopeful or beneficial in any way to humanity has ever been done, thought of or driven to in that drab, dreary, entirely beige, wilfully awful pile of misery."

believe it or not back in the 70ties Opel actually had a trendy, sporty and young reputation/image not unlike Audi has today

in fact i have some old magazines around from the early 70ties and its hilarious to read if you compare the raving reviews Opel got in the past with todays "not as bad as other cars but still cheaper than a VW" reviews

Doesn't say much really does it. ;)

I think you highlight the real issue in the rest of your post. But it doesn't just affect Opel. And that is perhaps GM's biggest problem of all.

it's not exactly GM alone:
yes VW are really bland looking too, but opposed to many GM vehicles if you take the badge away you would be still able recognize that the vehicle is a VW ... with some of the new Opels i'm not so sure (Chevrolet at least got that hideous split grill),
Ford actually isn't any better. their latest fiesta very much looks like a 8 year old peugeot from the front. hardly surprising their sales havent quite lived up to the last models sales afaik

It's not really streamlining when you have something like 6 suv/off-roaders in your range a'la Nissan is it? ;)

true but looking at nissan i would say they are streamlining themselves out of the european market ;)
yes they are selling the GT-R in europe and launching their own luxury brand Infiniti... for what ? to follow the "success story of 20 years Lexus europe"
so they will be selling luxury cars , fake offroaders, a single halo car without any interesting cheaper car to buy ? seriously the new micra is bringing the bland back to the brand .. at least the old micra was a hit with young women
i really like nissan and some of their last decade stuff but i feel they are going back to their 90ties role in europe. and remembering my grandfathers old nissan ... please don't go there
(it could be worse: like mitsubishi dropping the EVO)

Not if the Spark is anything to go by. Fortunately as the i10 proves, being Korean isn't the problem. ;)

at least hyundai finally realised that those names they were putting on their models weren't the brightest idea in 95% of all cases

regarding testing/timing the cars on the N�rburgring: knowing that Audi, BMW and Mercedes have an gentlements agreement not to publish their timed laps i think it's quite a hollow victory for some brands to publish theirs

the argument for that silent agreement ? they don't want "a horsepower arms race"... look how well that has turned out

ipod touch 4g back protector. film for the iPod touch 4g
film for the iPod touch 4g

archurbanNov 28, 01:53 PMzune, zune, zune. it's like crackin'lacking! hilarious. :p

ipod touch 4g back protector. +, HHI iPod Touch 4G
+, HHI iPod Touch 4G

popelifeJan 2, 03:35 PMSince Intel is releasing the 2.0 Ghz C2Q chip this week, it seems likely to find its way into an iTV and/or iMac device. That's four cores on the cheap.


I see where you're coming from, but I believe the processor in the current iMacs is the laptop Merom C2D, which is why the iMac tops out at 2.33GHz, and the FSB is 667MHz. TDP for most Meroms is 35W.

The Core 2 Quad is a desktop processor, with a TDP more like 80-100W. So not suitable for the iMac without a big redesign.

Do correct me if I'm wrong.

Wasn't aware there's a 2.0GHz version of C2Q...

ipod touch 4g back protector. ipod touch 4g cases zebra.
ipod touch 4g cases zebra.

colonelsandersMar 25, 12:19 AMPer your comment below, I think you might be misunderstanding Crossfire.

The MP does have an upgrade option to include two 5770's that will allow you to drive up to six displays. This is great but this should not be confused with crossfire.

If they were set up in crossfire you would only be able to drive 3 monitors as you would be limited to the output of your primary card. The second card acts as extra processing load for the primary card while set up in crossfire. Additionally if they were setup in crossfire you would see a bridge between the two cards.

As far as i know Apple has never supported crossfire or sli. They have however supported multi gpus in one machine.

Well then, Apple is gonna confuse alot of people with the 5770 crossfire MP upgrade. Look it up folks, crossfire is supported


ipod touch 4g back protector. cases for ipod touch 4 4G
cases for ipod touch 4 4G

jakemikeyAug 25, 11:59 AMSadly, I've tried to make cheaper VIA based mini-ITX systems. I usually end up getting a better buy from a Mac Mini.

Not if you're going for an embedded system that doesn't need a heavy duty CPU and graphics. I built a fanless home server/internet filter/firewall box for less than $200 (and this is in the mini form factor - mini-ITX). A mini would be overkill for that and almost all of the other above listed embedded applications. Get the right tool for the right job is all I'm saying. I would never use a VIA system for a desktop, but for almost every embedded application they're fantastic.

ipod touch 4g back protector. iPod touch 4G (3Pk Matte)
iPod touch 4G (3Pk Matte)

ipadderSep 30, 11:29 PMThose clear cases are pretty bad. They don't fit my iPod Touches at all. Shame I wasted $6 on them ($3 x 2). Any recommendation guys?

I like these styles from a seller I bought from before:


I took an image of the black matte recently in this thread i believe. Fast shipping great service.

ipod touch 4g back protector. ack screen protector 4G-
ack screen protector 4G-

ju5tin81Nov 28, 02:21 PMzune people don't seem to agree what it is bad. they just deny the true. here what they are ridiculous.


I am pro Apple, But I've never read such pro Apple posts in all my life... I doubt many real Zune users got a look in since you linked to that! :D

ipod touch 4g back protector. case for IPOD Touch 4G
case for IPOD Touch 4G

mi5moavSep 7, 08:57 PMWe'll I guess you guys are right about getting a new streaming airport... looks like the wait time is back up from 24hours to 1-3 WEEKS WEEEEHOOOOOO!!!!!

ipod touch 4g back protector. Case for Apple iPod Touch 4G
Case for Apple iPod Touch 4G

AvSRoCkCO1067Nov 28, 01:16 PMMicrosoft lost billions on the Xbox and likely to lose hundreds of millions on their Zune attempt. iPod sales have been profitable for Apple since their introduction. How one measures success in this industry can't always be marketshare.

One of the best points I've read so far - and one that I wish more people would apply to Apple's share in the computer market...:)

ipod touch 4g back protector. case for IPOD Touch 4G
case for IPOD Touch 4G

redkamelMar 22, 11:44 PMend the classic? Please no! It's great for storing large libraries, uncompressed music/complete music + video libraries and you are able to use it without looking. iOS is fun to look at, but the ipod app is terrible and can't replace tactile controls. I also hate using my phone as a music player as phone calls require me to interface with the player, rather than just take out my earbuds and answer the call (much faster and easier)

The real, and best, reason to not discontinue it is that the classic represents Apples first big win. Its a very symbolic design, and I doubt they will be retiring it...ever. Much like porsche and the carrera, or Ford and the F-150.

The classic IS the ipod. Notice how people still call the ipod touch the "itouch". Few think of it as "the ipod".

There always be a market for a slim, easy to use, portable, high capacity music player with touch controls.

ipod touch 4g back protector. Rhinestones Protector Case for
Rhinestones Protector Case for

ATGSep 7, 12:48 PMTo be honest I don't care about movies�


ipod touch 4g back protector. the Apple iPod Touch 4G
the Apple iPod Touch 4G

iTravisApr 26, 12:48 PMYes Amazon jump on the "it's generic" bandwagon. :rolleyes:

Please lets just keep this thread about the response and not "But how is it generic. . ." "Apple didn't create App. . ." "Well Amazon is right it's generic. . ."

I don't think it's generic that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. I'm moving on.

ipod touch 4g back protector. on the ack of my device.
on the ack of my device.

Eduardo1971Mar 22, 05:00 PMDo people seriously have that many songs?!!! seriously?!!!

220gb = 50,000 songs?!!!!! That is totally not necessary.

Apple discontinue that dinosaur! It makes you look bad to just have it on your website.

135 GB and not a single pirated song/album in there!

Some people really, really, love music!

awraischSep 5, 08:25 AMdo they usually shut the store down for something as small as a speed bump?

TheEddiePShowApr 12, 11:12 PMHonestly I'm excited for this release. I'm a film major and use nothing but Final Cut and sometimes Imovie. People need to stop complaining about IMovie being DUMBED DOWN. It came free on my computer and honestly shouldn't be difficult to use if you're not working on difficult projects. IMovie is perfect for those who make videos and put some extras in it, but that's it. If anything the product that is DUMBED DOWN includes better looking fonts and font effects than final cut has. I find myself exporting videos from Final Cut and then finishing them in IMovie because there's better looking things I can add to my video. Anyway, can't wait for this to be released.

antster94Apr 19, 10:57 AMFairly predictable, still good to hear though. Heres hoping for an i7-2600!

iHotuAug 29, 09:05 AMHope they bring back the $499 price point, Merom or not

TerryJJul 14, 11:53 AMSo, easily seen. The employ the exact same codecs.
They CAN use the same codecs. The problem on the BD side is that... all of the Sony discs (and other studios so far) use MPEG2 for video and standard DD or PCM for audio.

Also, the current generation BD decks (Samsung and forthcoming Sony deck) cannot decode DD+, Dolby TruHD audio formats. They can only do same DD and DTS as old DVDs. HD DVD decks can decode DD+ and Dolby TruHD (TruHD can only be decoded to stereo in the current decks, though, unfortunately.) Also, the software needs to have audio encoded in DD+ and Dolby TruHD. All HD DVD discs have at least DD+. No BDs have DD+.

If Sony and other studios started using VC-1 or H.264 for video, things might look better for BD... but they aren't using it. I don't think there are any plans for Sony to author discs using VC-1... ever. It's all MPEG2 as far as I have heard.

[Warner Home Video has already released HD DVDs in VC-1... so it would stand to reason they'd just use the same encode for their BDs, but I guess we'll see if that is true.]

That's the trick. Talking pure specs, on paper, before anything was ever released, and BD seemed like it should be equal or better. Reality... I mean actual implementation, of course, is a different matter.


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