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ivanka trump wedding photos. ivanka trump wedding dress
ivanka trump wedding dress

applefiedSep 8, 12:17 PMbelkin has some, but the order pages just say "coming soon", I don't even think you can pre-order.

Scosche has some pretty cool ones, you can pre-order now, they ship "mid September"
http://www.scosche.com/products/sfID1/210/sfID2/212 (scroll down to see the iPod touch cases)

ivanka trump wedding photos. Ivanka Trump married Jared
Ivanka Trump married Jared

antmarobelMar 31, 11:49 AMOk folks!!! Now try to manage your favorites in "Favorites Bar"!!! Try to change their places and see what happen!!! Pure madness!!!:D:D

ivanka trump wedding photos. ivanka trump wedding dress
ivanka trump wedding dress

whateverNov 27, 02:11 PMI don't know anyone who has something bigger and are just consumers and not prosumers.
Hi, my name is Joe and I'm sitting in front of a 30" ACD and I have a 22" ACD beside me. And I'm typing this from home.

I would rather see Apple lower the price of the 20" and keep all of their displays at 20" and higher.

ivanka trump wedding photos. Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner
Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner

GeeYouEyeJan 2, 06:15 PMGuaranteed, or almost guaranteed:
iWork 07
iLife 07

Very likely:
A new feature or two in Leopard, possibly with a release month
A new Jam Pack or 2
More iPod games

Speed bump to one or more Mac lines
Demo of Photoshop CS 3
Update to some pro software app (but not all)

Less likely:
Discontinuation of Appleworks (only if iWork '07 includes a spreadsheet)
release date for Leopard
Major upgrade to Mac mini (video card upgrade) or MacBook Pro
New Displays
Touch-screen video iPod

New iMac form factor
Major upgrade to any line other than mini or MBP
New consumer software other than a spreadsheet addition to iWork
Upgrade to Logic, Filemaker, Shake, or Aperture
Immediate release of Leopard
New iPod form factor (iPod Micro, for example)

"Yeah, no.":
New Pro App
New iPod Hi-Fi
xMac or any other new Mac line
Any new Apple peripherals (ie printer, scanner, camera, speakers.)
PCI(e) slots in anything but the Mac Pro :(
Apple switches back to PPC.
New kernel in Leopard

There, did I miss anything?

ivanka trump wedding photos. ivanka trump wedding dress
ivanka trump wedding dress

jemeincApr 2, 08:06 AM[QUOTE=Doraemon]What are you talking about? iTMS not generating profit? Geez, check your facts!

Actually, while I couldn't disagree with iMac-Japan more, I have heard the itms doesn't actually make a profit on it's own... It's real purpose is to sell iPods, & break even on the sales of songs, or so I'm told...

ivanka trump wedding photos. Ivanka Trump#39;s Marriage IN THE
Ivanka Trump#39;s Marriage IN THE

yg17Jun 23, 08:46 AMActually maybe.

ivanka trump wedding photos. Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner
Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner

roadblocApr 26, 04:01 PM"Amazon" is a generic term and should not be used for a store name.

So is "Apple".

Why can't anyone come up with original company names? Like Microsoft. :rolleyes:

ivanka trump wedding photos. ivanka trump wedding dress.
ivanka trump wedding dress.

WilliamGSep 14, 02:20 PMDoes Consumer Reports stop recommending automobile purchases? Because you know if there is an issue with a car, the manufacturer will issue a recall. If you are affected, you have to take it into a dealer where it will be fixed. The onus is on the owner of the car, for crying out loud! The auto manufacturers should go house to house providing the fix for free to all cars, whether their owners report a problem or not!

Wait, you mean Consumer Reports does not hold the auto manufacturers to the same artificial standard they hold Apple to? How amazing...

Well, if a car made phone calls and was... you know... a phone, that would be different.

I think Consumer Reports are dead on in not recommending the iPhone 4. And take that from someone who loves his iPhone 4.

ivanka trump wedding photos. ivanka trump wedding dress
ivanka trump wedding dress

alphaodApr 26, 01:31 PMAmazon "One Click" not only use generic words but also patents obvious methods.

Actually, it would 1-Click ;)

In formal writing, one should always write out the words for all numbers one through ten.

"1 click" would be unacceptable in proper English writing.

ivanka trump wedding photos. ivanka trump wedding dress.
ivanka trump wedding dress.

cozmotApr 26, 05:15 AMWould feel the same way if it was Google or Microsoft or any other company?

Um, yes. My credit card companies have a real good idea of where I've been. Google stores my search data. My ISP knows where I go on the Net. But if the FBI is listening in on my phone conversations or reading my emails -- as they are known to have done *even* when a citizen is not a suspect in any scheme -- I have a problem with that. The Patriot Act is the real threat to our privacy.

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ivanka trump wedding ring.

devburkeMay 2, 05:02 PMWirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPod; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8H7)

WTF? This is a computer, with a real mouse/trackpad. Click and hold til it wiggles, then click the x?


ivanka trump wedding photos. ivanka trump wedding dress
ivanka trump wedding dress

kdarlingApr 21, 06:56 PMThe existence of this data has been known for some time now.

But not well known, and there was no app that allowed everybody to easily see it.

There was a lot of misinformation about it at first, which is the reason why the Senator made the request for more info.

As it turns out, it's almost certainly a simple coding goof that leaves location response data cached for at least a year, perhaps forever.

If they're smart, Apple will release a statement this weekend, so it can be a dead news issue by Monday morning stock opening.

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ivanka trump wedding reception

Dmac77Apr 10, 12:06 AMYes I can drive one. I also think that if you can't drive one, you shouldn't be allowed to drive period. Automatics are just things to get you from point A to B, whereas a standard transmission car is something you use for fun, with getting from point A to B just being a side effect.


ivanka trump wedding photos. a good wedding! Ivanka
a good wedding! Ivanka

Riemann ZetaApr 2, 01:32 PMAs far as I know, Snow Leopard "fixed" what Leopard started. Mac OS X Lion is a completely new OS with new features, most of which are not present in Snow Leopard.
haha, no chance. Tons of new features here. I can see Apple charging less than $129 if they go the App Store route, but if boxed retail is released I'm sure it'll be $129.

Snow Leopard was a bigger upgrade than most people assumed--but only in an under-the-hood sense. The switch to a real 64bit system (with pure x64 kernel and extensions) was a big deal, albeit an invisible one. All the system core revisions, a 64bit finder and a $29 price made Snow Leopard a worthwhile update.

As for all these "tons" of new features that would make Lion worth $129: I just don't see it. Smaller window controls, iOS buttons and scrollbars and a few other iOS-derived tweaks and features just don't seem like that massive of an upgrade. Auto-saving, application 'resuming' and iOS-like state-suspention don't make a whole lot of sense for a desktop OS (perhaps if a machine is all SSD-based, with no physical discs, these features will allow Apple to eliminate swap/VM). So all-in-all, Lion feels a whole lot like Snow Leopard: a collection of refinements and nice, subtle improvements.

ivanka trump wedding photos. ivanka trump wedding. ivanka
ivanka trump wedding. ivanka

guzhogiNov 15, 01:03 PMYou are not a developer, I take it?

Are you seriously suggesting that a developer should ship a product with features that are not only untested, but haven't even been tried out?

What do you prefer: Unpack 8 core Mac Pro, install Handbrake, run it, 50 percent CPU usage, or unpack 8 core Mac Pro, install Handbrake, run it, kaboom!

I don't think that's what he meant. I think he means instead of hard coding a program to use 8 (or however many cores), have the program dynamically use however many cores are in your computer. So if he wrote it on a 2 core machine, the program would use 2 cores. When he puts it on an 8 core computer, it'll automatically use all 8 w/o having to reprogram. The programmer should still test it and make corrections as necessary.

ivanka trump wedding photos. ivanka trump wedding photos.
ivanka trump wedding photos.

daneoniApr 12, 09:23 AMLearned to drive on a manual car and suffice it to say i haven't forgotten what i learned.

ivanka trump wedding photos. Ivanka Trump#39;s Diamond Wedding
Ivanka Trump#39;s Diamond Wedding

TerryJJul 14, 10:45 AMBecause this is MacRumors which has more Sony fans that Mac fans
Heck, I have a Sony RP television. I love Sony TVs. And I'm no MS fan.

But HD DVD just plain looks better than BD at this point, and for much less money. (And I can actually get some decent movies for it!)


ivanka trump wedding photos. ivanka trump wedding ring.
ivanka trump wedding ring.

JTToftApr 21, 12:26 PMGreat, so all the users who have their location services setting switched off shouldn't have any hidden files, right? :rolleyes:

-No. As I read it, that location switch in the settings is purely for the services described in this piece:

By using any location-based services on your iPhone, you agree and consent to Apple�s and its partners� and licensees� transmission, collection, maintenance, processing and use of your location data and queries to provide and improve such products and services.
"You may withdraw this consent" in the part you quoted relates only to the above, not the first part of the paragraph on location data in the License Agreement.

In other words, the above and the piece right before that in the Agreement are two different things, as I read it.

By the way: How did you manage to copy text from the PDF? :)

ivanka trump wedding photos. ivanka trump wedding dress.
ivanka trump wedding dress.

samb30Jun 23, 06:35 AMMaybe its something to do with the new apple tv which supposedly runs IOS4, a replacement to front row on the imac? You could use your i device as a controller like you should be able to do with the new atv, making it possible to use all the same features/games as on your iphone/pad but displayed up on your larger screen. prefect for movies and a new games console of sorts.

This seems like a very logical and usable implementation on the imac, macbooks etc.

WillisAug 6, 09:00 PMHasta la Vista, Vista

classic!! I want to see a pic!

leftbanke7Mar 19, 10:57 AMPeople have been hollering for a cheaper Mac every since there has been Macintosh. You must realize that Apple, unlike most computer companies, is in the business of creating quality products. Were Apple to release a cheap Mac it would shatter Apple's reputation of making slick quality products that are a joy to own. If you want a cheap pile of crap computer that you'll have to throw away in a year, go buy Dell of whatever. That's not Apple's target market.

I don't necessarity agree with that one. While bargain Wintel PCs can be huge piles of garbage, I think Apple could successfully market a bargain desktop that wouldn't be junk in a year. Most people would agree that an eMac is a quality machine (minus the lack of base RAM issue). You take the low end model, subtract the cost for the monitor and you have a computer that is sitting in the $500.00 - $600.00 range. Many people already have monitors and if not, you can find a decent one for relatively low cost. Apple is very much capable of putting those components in a sleek case, giving it a decent name and perhaps the abilty to be expanable and there you go. The low cost Mac that won't be your foot stool next year.

Would this take some sales from the PowerMacs? Very little if any at all. Most people who buy PowerMacs are people who need the power. I don't think a whole lot of people buy a PowerMac and use it only for word processing, internet/e-mail and iTunes. The people who use Macs for the above reasons are buying the iMacs and eMacs. The "headless iMac/eMac" would just be one more quality option in the lower-end/consumer priced area.

And in my humble opinion, I think a large reason that many bargain PCs only last a year is because Intel has brainwashed society into believing the Megahertz Myth and Bargain PC dealers go along with it as it generates new sales. I don't know how many times I had to explain this to my PC friends who said they'd never own a Mac b/c they were too slow.

GatesbasherMar 23, 10:58 AMI'm surprised nobody's mentioned the blind. The Classic is the only iPod (other than the tiny Shuffle) that would be of any use to them. The 128,000 bps that's suicide-inducing for music is (sort of) OK for voice, and 220 GB would hold a LOT of Books on "Tape"�Hell, record your lectures too and you could carry a college education in your pocket! I expect quite a negative reaction from handicapped activists if they discontinue the iPod Classic.

N10248Mar 24, 01:40 PMThat's not clever at all. You'd still be stuck with the Intel GPU on the internal screen.

Not if they redesign the Macbooks so the video signal goes back the other way down the thunderbolt cable and directly to the display.

Although using a 2GB HD 6970 on a 1280x800 display is a bit silly.

28monkeysMar 22, 08:44 PMNever abandon your classic. That is company's identity

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