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mortal kombat 2011 sub zero vs scorpion. mortal kombat 2011 sub zero vs
mortal kombat 2011 sub zero vs

idunnApr 21, 05:47 PM;) Of the nine specific questions Senator Al Franken posed to Mr. Jobs, the ninth may prove the most revealing:

'To whom, if anyone, including Apple, has this data been disclosed? When and why were these disclosures made?'

mortal kombat 2011 sub zero vs scorpion. mortal kombat 2011 sub zero vs
mortal kombat 2011 sub zero vs

MattsasaApr 2, 07:43 PMI'll "believe" when they fix the currently unresolved and widespread quality control issues...light bleed on virtually every unit and blemishes, dents and scratches on units straight out of the box.

Fix those issues, Apple, and then I will "believe" enough to get an iPad 2.

what the **** are you talking about?!!!

you are getting false information, I would dare say 99% of ipad 2s have absolutely no hardware problem.

mortal kombat 2011 sub zero vs scorpion. March 3, 2011 pm31 2:00 pm
March 3, 2011 pm31 2:00 pm

I'mAMacSep 1, 01:30 PMTalking about the iMac chin, isn't it time for a new-look iMac? I couldn't imagine a 23" wide chin :eek:
What is the chin. Though, i have heard people talking about it and they said that if there is a 23" it is possible for Apple to eliminate it.

mortal kombat 2011 sub zero vs scorpion. mortal kombat 2011 sub zero vs
mortal kombat 2011 sub zero vs

Maimon MonsNov 28, 12:02 is a link ( to the CNN review of the zune. I wouldn't be surprised if they were payed by Apple given how it ends.

For what it's worth, the first zune on the list shows up at #21 at the moment. Out of the top 10, 8 are ipods and the other 2 are sandisk models. Zune is beaten out by the 80 GB ipod in addition to the cheaper models.

mortal kombat 2011 sub zero vs scorpion. mortal kombat 2011 sub zero vs
mortal kombat 2011 sub zero vs

zoozxSep 7, 08:12 AMNice idea, lets give communism another shot!

A good idea, just poorly executed.
Actually makes more sense than the system we have now.

mortal kombat 2011 sub zero vs scorpion. mortal kombat 2011 sub zero vs
mortal kombat 2011 sub zero vs

ZatyMar 20, 09:52 AMIf you want to compare Macs to PCs, you just can't take any PC being sold for $500. Like other people said, you get what you pay for. On the other hand, not every PC is a piece of crap (hardware wise). I bought a top of the line PII 450MHz in late 1998. It cost almost $2000 back then. But guess what, it's still running happily. The question is how long is the computer going to last? The more you pay, the longer your computer (Mac or PC) normally lasts. The good thing about Apple is that there is no $500 crap.

mortal kombat 2011 sub zero vs scorpion. mortal kombat 2011 sub zero
mortal kombat 2011 sub zero

leekohlerMar 24, 12:47 PMIf you don't think your mind is capable of learning to be ambidextrous then you must not have a very high view of the human brain. Would it be very difficult, and unpleasant at first? Absolutley , is it possible? YES! You're not born knowing how to write, you're taught. Teachers used to force student to write with their right hands. You weren't born gay, you chose to be gay.

Teachers don't teach left handed kids kids to be be right-handed anymore, do they? Why? Because it didn't work so well, it screwed a lot of kids up, and there was no reason for doing so anyway.

And yes, I was born gay. I did not choose to be attracted to the same sex. Why do people who have no idea what they're talking about, never listen to those who are living it and do know? I could not sleep with a woman if I tried, believe me. The equipment won't work.

And our country was NOT founded on Christianity. To say that it is, is absurd. The evidence was just shown to you.

mortal kombat 2011 sub zero vs scorpion. mortal kombat sub zero vs
mortal kombat sub zero vs

elrockSep 9, 07:02 PMI am looking for a cheap, simple case with a clip to wear on my gym clothes when I am exercising. I'm not interested in an armband contraption. If you come across any such case/clip combos, please share. Thanks.

mortal kombat 2011 sub zero vs scorpion. mortal kombat sub zero vs
mortal kombat sub zero vs

aiqw9182Mar 24, 05:30 PMI am not trying to back pedal, I was talking about OpenCL before, I've been talking about that and graphics for a while now.

With respect to your objection, what does DirectX 10.1 mean in OpenCL terms? 1.0? 1.1?

All I can see about Sandy Bridge regarding OpenCL is conflicting information. As of now, it has no true OpenCL.
The DirectX version number has nothing to do with whether or not OpenCL support is possible. What does DirectX 10.1 mean in OpenCL terms? Absolutely nothing. They are two separate entities. The reason why Intel's IGP doesn't have true OpenCL support has absolutely nothing to do with a DirectX version number. There are tons of 'DirectX 10.1' cards that support OpenCL, hell the majority of the ones that you can use on Snow Leopard are 'DirectX 10.1' cards. DirectX 11 adds absolutely nothing in the aspect of which you were using it.

mortal kombat 2011 sub zero vs scorpion. mortal kombat 2011 scorpion vs
mortal kombat 2011 scorpion vs

QuarterSwedeApr 9, 11:51 PMI've never owned an automatic. I'm addicted to driving a sports car with a manual gearbox.

After owning several I simply cannot imagine anything else. I enjoy driving too much to drive an automatic sedan.
You probably aren't carting around kids.

mortal kombat 2011 sub zero vs scorpion. Scorpion vs Sub-Zero
Scorpion vs Sub-Zero

ddrueckhammerSep 6, 08:39 PMRenting would never fly. It's far too easy to just burn the movie to DVD if it's already in digital format. The movie executives would flip. It would take some impressive coding to prevent users from doing this, and even then... somebody will figure out a way around it.

So, no. I don't think any movie corporation will allow digital movie rentals.


It is already far to easy for me to get the $9.99 per month Netflix account and burn every disk that I get in the mail. Also, it is very easy for me to download HD quality movies from Bit Torrent any old time I please. I don't do it because I am honest but I don't think it is right for the movie industry to not offer a viable alternative for electronic downloads as well. (and no I don't think that "Movielink" is a viable alternative) The ability to pirate things from the iTMS is no greater than any other form of distribution IMO.

Also, I'm sorry but I guess I just can't relate to people who still don't have broadband. I got it in 1998 for Pete's sake and I have seen videos of people using broadband in internet cafes in Afganistan...I just got 15Mbps Verizon Fios!!!! I say bring on the high definition rentals for $5 a piece. Then I will buy them for $15 if they are good...

mortal kombat 2011 sub zero vs scorpion. sub zero vs scorpion.
sub zero vs scorpion.

MacRumorsSep 6, 08:40 AM (

Apple has updated the Mac Mini to include all Core Duo models. Other than the processor upgrade, there does not appear to be any differences between the previous Mac Mini and today's release. The Mac Mini is available in two offerings:

1.66 GHz Mac Mini
60 GB 5400-rpm SATA Hard Drive
Combo Drive

1.83 GHz Mac Mini
80 GB 5400-rpm SATA Hard Drive

Both models feature:
-2MB Shared L2 Cache
-512 MB 667 MHz DDR2 RAM standard (up to 2 GB supported)
-GMA 950 Integrated graphics
-1 Firewire 400, 4 USB 2.0
-Optical Digital/Analog Audio In/Out
-Gigabit ethernet
-Airport Extreme and Bluetooth 2.0+EDR standard

Of note, the Mac Mini still uses Core Duo (Yonah), not the more advanced Core 2 Duo "Merom" chip found in today's iMac announcements (

mortal kombat 2011 sub zero vs scorpion. Scorpion and Sub-Zero#39;s
Scorpion and Sub-Zero#39;s

prady16Oct 23, 10:16 AMI ordered a MBP 2.16GHz with 2gigs Ram last tuesday (17th october) and on apples "order status" it is estimated to be shipped on friday the 27th.. so I hope there an update during this week :D
You could actually be in luck!!

mortal kombat 2011 sub zero vs scorpion. Sub-Zero vs Scorpion
Sub-Zero vs Scorpion

DaveNApr 19, 09:36 PMThis would be nice:

1) Sandy Bridge of course
2) Decent graphics
3) Large hard drive plus option for laptop size SSD port easily accessible via a door on the bottom of the iMac. Having a SSD build option is nice but this way you also can easily upgrade RAM and SSD easily as time goes on. That way you can have a TB hard drive as a base and then add more storage as desired and as the price drops.

Bottom line is that the new iMac would be killer fast and user upgradable for great value.

mortal kombat 2011 sub zero vs scorpion. mk9 sub zero vs scorpion. sub
mk9 sub zero vs scorpion. sub

TilpotsOct 23, 08:58 AMOrange enclosures and a scary, carved apple face for a Halloween Release!:D

mortal kombat 2011 sub zero vs scorpion. Here in the online mortal
Here in the online mortal

DrFrankTMAug 25, 09:05 AMI'd be shocked if we saw Merom based Minis before Merom based MBP and MB.. maybe a Core Duo upgrade, to hold us over? A price drop and high speed Yonah?

OR wishful thinking from someone who doesn't want his Core Duo Mini to seem old(even though its not)

Merom would be a good jump up for the Mini. I think it'd be cool if they offer it (even though I've had my Core Duo for just a couple of months :P), but I agree with you that we might simply see faster Yonah chips in the new Minis. One way or the other though, I'm happy the processor isn't soldered. When Merom drops in price, I'll grab the fastest thing I can put in my Mini. Chances are it will make it faster than whatever's the ultimate you can buy from Apple at that time. It's a fun time to be a Mini owner...

mortal kombat 2011 sub zero vs scorpion. mortal kombat 2011 sub zero
mortal kombat 2011 sub zero

mefckApr 26, 02:17 PMAn FYI to the author of the article. You do not file a "counterclaim" seeking dismissal. Counterclaims are claims or causes of action against the original filer of the lawsuit. One files a motion seeking dismissal or files an answer that indicates they will eventually seek dismissal.

mortal kombat 2011 sub zero vs scorpion. 2011 sub zero vs scorpion,
2011 sub zero vs scorpion,

ucfgrad93Apr 9, 04:41 PMI learned how to drive on a stick shift. It has been awhile since I have driven one, but I'm sure I still could.

mortal kombat 2011 sub zero vs scorpion. sub zero vs scorpion mortal
sub zero vs scorpion mortal

MainyehcNov 28, 02:39 PMWhat I meant by moderately high ante was the dollars spent, not the product.

I don't think we'll know what MS executives will do when Gates leaves until he's gone. Even Mr. B.

Don't get me wrong - I think the Zune is crap. However it's always foolish to ignore the 800 pound gorilla, even when it's lazy and clueless. They can wake up and buy clues.

Yes, of course... that "gorilla"-thing is a fairly good point. But don't forget about that pervasive M$ corporate culture. I'm not talking about laborious employees, like programmers or designers, which are mostly very talented people (it's not their fault - at least, not of all of them - that they have to deal with dumb business decisions and craptastic 10-20-year-old-code). I'm talking about management, which, as it seems, is quite rotten at Microsoft, and probably not just at the core. And to make things worse, there is no "Jobs" waiting on the wings to salvage Microsoft from itself, and that will be the sole reason why they won't last long (would've Apple had, if not for Steve and NeXT?)...

As for buying clues, sure! Maybe they'll hire someone from outside. But naaah, they're too proud to change their ways, I guess... They didn't do it in 20 years time, so why would they now? Sure, the XBox was a small glimpse of "innovation" (albeit not THAT useful for their survival as a company), but meh, a bit lackluster while compared with iPod+iTunes (which, ironically, were partly developed by outsiders) and the effect they had on Apple...

And as for their investment, I STILL don't get it! I mean, they didn't even bother about condensing the Zune to be more attractive... Is its thickness a side effect of having a WiFi chip inside, or a reflex of M$'s design team's incompetence at "refreshing" a 3rd party product? Was it an item SO EXPENSIVE to "develop"? And they didn't took the steps to develop an interesting alternative to the click wheel, anyway. AND its interface, from what I can tell (I haven't had the chance to try it yet, as I live in Europe... :rolleyes: :D ), is nothing special, it's just an iPod-like menu scheme with some wallpapers plastered underneath it... Big deal!

Look at the nano and the shuffle (and even the 5G). Now there are some examples of some impressive and probably expensive industrial design...

MacSASep 6, 12:46 PMThe 1.6 - 1.8 chip upgrade on the high end Mini looks more like something we would have seen during the PPC days. :mad:

DeSnousaApr 14, 02:26 AM:eek: That much, what are modern computers pumping out these days! What would be producing the most points per day? I'm thinking about buying a graphics card just to fold on if that is the case :D

Also how do you find the GPU I have had to limit mine down to 70% as I find it interferes with the effects that Windows 7 does.

StewieSep 7, 02:15 PMSorry for the nasty long URL (, but this is a cache page from a google search where you can see what Amazons offerings our for their new download service.

ajkrauseSep 1, 02:47 PMif it gets bigger, does it get thinner?

Never thought I'd say this but... I hope so.

Anonymous FreakNov 28, 12:01 AMApple previously had sold a 17" 4:3 ratio LCD until June 2004

Correction: the 17" Apple Cinema Display was the oddball 5:4 ratio. 1280x1024 is *NOT* 4:3. 1280x960 is. CRTs are usually 4:3, and Apple's CRTs that support 1280 or higher use 1280x960 (such as the eMac.) LCDs that use 1280 use the the non-standard ratio of 1280x1024. Why? No clue. Some oddball decision a little over half a decade ago. But 1280x1024 became the standard for LCDs.