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ckodonnellSep 1, 01:40 PMWhile I agree conroe would be a better choice, Merom is a Core 2 Duo chip as well.

But, how about the processors? Apple needs to have a Core 2 (Conroe not Merom) inside the imac. The imac is not a conventionally size desktop (not as much room inside as a tower) but Apple can not continue to use a laptop processor in the imac. If they do, then how will the Conroe be used in Apple's line up? In a Mac tower? I don't think so. Surely, a 23" iMac could house the Conroe suitably?

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twoodccNov 27, 04:59 PMwell it depends on the resolution of the monitor. i don't really see this a big deal affecting me, but i can see alot of people buying them though. maybe it's good for Apple, but unless the 20" price comes down, doesn't really help me any

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macidiotJul 19, 04:41 PMHow could the analysts be off by almost a billion dollars? Are they held to account for this?

Of course not. Their job is to not be accurate. Their job is to generate revenue, usually in the form of stock trades. If they are accurate, it is usually because the company they are covering essentially gave them the EXACT numbers.

Analyst downgrades stock, people sell. Analyst upgrades stock, people buy. rinse, repeat every couple of months.

However, most analysts are pleasant people. Must be from those mid-six figure salaries.

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ethernet76Sep 6, 10:47 AMi agree. i would never buy a computer that didn't have a dvd burner....and i'd never advise someone else to either

Remind me to never ask you for computer advice.

The parents bought a top of the line g4 iMac back when superdrives were 2x.

They still haven't used the superdrive to burn a dvd.

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ashoka8350Apr 26, 01:52 PMAmazon is not a generic term. It is, however, the name of a single river on planet Earth...among a few other names/uses ("the Amazon", "Amazon basin", "Amazon Women").

Where else have you seen/heard the term Amazon in a generic sense? Some examples of a generic term are (at least have been generic over the past 75+ years):

light bulb


besides others !!

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SirmausalotApr 12, 09:34 PMBETA! We no GET

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gkarrisApr 2, 07:22 PMIs this the same Narrator that does the Ken Burns films?

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maconservativeMar 23, 10:29 AMDo people seriously have that many songs?!!! seriously?!!!

220gb = 50,000 songs?!!!!! That is totally not necessary.

Apple discontinue that dinosaur! It makes you look bad to just have it on your website.

This is a bit presumptuous.

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AidenShawAug 26, 10:16 AMFX was used in the xServe, and they couldn't get dual-core CPU in there. As soon as they moved to woodcrest, they could replace that 2x G5 with 2x dual-core Woodcrests.

Says quite a bit about how hot they run....
Perhaps, but you can find the much hotter Xeon Netburst chips (much hotter than the 970 dual core) in 1U systems (and even blades) from other companies.

It wasn't that "the dual core 970 was too hot for a 1U", but that Apple decided against coming out with a dual-core Xserve. (Since they knew that Intel was coming, it might not have been worth the engineering changes needed for the dual core...)

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DoraemonMar 19, 07:59 AMIn Australia (where Im from), the market is dead ! Most Apple Stores are large and if you ive in the Country - they don't exist. The rest of Asia is like that.

Like you can expect to have a Mac store in the middle of nowhere. That's BS. It's not profitable to run a Mac store in the (Australian) desert.

And have you ever been to China? You'll find lots of Apple stores there. And if you are in Japan, go to Akihabara, man and take a look around. There are like 14 Mac stores within three blocks.

I am outside the US. And there are iPod ads where ever I go.

And no, Apple is not dying. The markets where Apple is dominant will remain like that, since Apple is "attack[ing]" (to quote you) in the pro music and pro video markets. And in these markets Apple is making lots of money.

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frankieAug 25, 11:09 AM1. Apple doesn't pay those prices.
2. No way is Apple going to keep shipping any Yonah processors.
3. Any speed Solo Yonah will be history with this refresh.
4. It's gonna be 1.66GHz Core 2 Duo T5500 and 1.83GHz Core 2 Duo T5600 minis.
5. I expect the iMac to sport faster Conroes in a completely new designed enclosure that can deal with the additional heat a Conroe setup will generate.

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superleccyAug 24, 07:56 PMWhat the @*!& is Labour Day? Something to do with Tony Blair?

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cubeMar 25, 12:53 PMIt doesn't mean anything, as I've noted about three times already.

That's not the correct answer. The possible answers concerning the documented hardware capabilities are:

- That's not enough for any OpenCL
- That's enough for OpenCL 1.0
- That's enough for OpenCL 1.1

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PlaceofDisMar 19, 06:59 AMApple had to make Safari due to Microsoft pulling out of the mac

correct me if i am wrong, but Apple did not have to make Safari, Microsoft halted the production of IE for Mac because Apple started to develop Safari and realized that more Mac users were using it than IE. Apple was not forced by Microsoft to make Safari

& its not like Microsoft has left Apple behind, Office 2004 is comming out sometime this year supposedly, i might start to worry about Apple is M$ starts to ignore Macs altogether....

The End of the Mac is not comming, Apple is finally out of debt, and profits are being made....Apple will be around for a while yet

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SeaFoxNov 30, 01:21 AMApple CEO Steve Jobs stated (http://www.apple.com/quicktime/qtv/showtime06/) that Apple was now "in your den... in your living room... in your car... in your pocket", and hinted that that theme gave a "little idea of where [Apple] is going."

In our bedrooms? :D

In our heads!? :eek:

Help, I can't remember how to mentally press the stop button on my iPod Implant! Make the music stop!

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appleguy123Mar 20, 06:26 PMMaybe Apple should ban all religious apps.

In a way, religion is very like homeopathy, since it pretends that something non-existant has the ability to cure/help/heal etc.

Like homeopathy, religion can encourage one to do nothing of value ('let's pray for Japan', 'let's try to cure cancer with just water') rather than something physical which actually has an effect. It could be construed as being dangerous and damaging in that sense.

Imagine if Apple actually banned all religious apps. I bet that they would lose a substantial amount of sales. I know people at my church (when I was still religious) who would buy iOS stuff just for using bible apps.

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berolSep 14, 12:10 PMI haven't heard of anyone dying from a dropped phone call. The problem is user-correctible with a piece of tape or just remembering not to touch that part of the phone if you even have the problem. At some point, you have to use the accellerator on a Toyota.

CR takes a few of every product and gives it a 'recommended' tag. They decided not to give it to the iphone 4. Almost every phone they review doesn't get the tag so it means something, but the iphone got the press over it.

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rezenclowd3Jan 3, 03:19 AMJust picked up this on Saturday:
(Sold my 96 Audi A4 2.8L 3 weeks ago. I must say, I do NOT recommend Audi engines, even though I had no problems.)

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dongminJul 19, 07:03 PMwhat happened exactly in between 2000-Q4 and 2001-Q1?Such short memories...

2001-Q1 would be when the "Dot.com Bubble" burst. The whole PC industry tanked, not just Apple. Motorola was also struggling to bring faster G4 processors to market, if I remember correctly.

eenuAug 16, 12:27 PMExactly! Now maybe you see my first point.

No your missing my first point. Sharing in my mind in this context is the listening but not the distribution of music. Synching is the distribution.

Hence why i was saying my method would allow you to share your library's but not sync them to more than one pod thus eliminating the piracy factor.

We are obviously talking about different things

brightfutureOct 14, 05:17 AMHey macnerdiac
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BRLawyerJul 19, 04:58 PMThe great numbers shown today just prove that this is the perfect moment to bury MS once and for all in the OS war...OS X is by far the best system, and Longsight is still more than 6 months away...Microsoft is doomed.

Lord BlackadderMar 12, 04:22 PMEDIT: I forgot to post this earlier: a GM spokesman has denied (http://www.vindy.com/news/2011/feb/22/diesel-cruze-report-refuted/) that the North American Cruze diesel has gotten the green light for production. He seems to imply that GM is waiting to gauge reactions to the existing Cruze lineup before making a decision on a diesel option. So, no new information really. It's obviously a product under consideration, but it seems unlikely we'd see it in showrooms till late next year at the earliest.

Talking about stolen design.... Hyundai i30... BMW 1 series... look familiar? I swear they have the exact same back panel! BMW had the look first then all of a sudden hyundai made a car that looks like a 1 series from a distance until u get to see the badge

There is a certain similarity, but I chalk that up mostly to the family resemblance between almost all 5-door hatchbacks, especially in the rear end. Besides, the i30 is a FF economy car while the 1 Series is a FR luxury sport hatch, and many other car manufacturers have been aping BMW's style for decades.

MacinDocSep 6, 11:14 AMWhat? No Core2 Duo? Why? The Core2 Duo costs the same as the Core Duo, according to Intel's price list. Is there a shortage of the Core2 chips, was Apple committed to purchasing a certain number of Core Duos, or was whoever decided to go with this configuration just temporarily insane?

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