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leekohlerMar 23, 04:19 PMNo, I fully support that.

I am simply disappointed that they pander to special interests. Just one of many reasons I voted with my wallet and bought a droid.

It sounds to me like they made a business decision. Lots of companies respond this way when the public makes it's opinion known.

apple ipod touch 4th generation 8gb price. apple ipod touch 4th
apple ipod touch 4th

2ndPathSep 1, 01:33 PMIs there really a big market for a 23" iMac @ 2000? I hope this rumor is bogus. I'd much rather see Apple come out with a headless Gaming mid-tower with a Core 2 Duo Extreme and X1600 card. Dual HD bays and one optical bay. AP/BT built in. 3 PCIe slots (one used by X1600). I think that would would fill a gap Apple has in their consumer line-up right now.

That would be a nice machine. But remember: Apple seems to think in black and white. For them there is nothing in between the consume and the pro.

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AFPosterMar 22, 12:50 PMNope. Not everyone. I am quite happy where I am… thanks.
Quite frankly after a few visits I am happy never to return to the Land of the super-sized, home of the intolerant.

HAHA, if I lived in Europe I wouldn't want to leave that place, not to say that's where you are, but Europe is great. Not everyone is true, but a big understatement thus the millions of illegal immigrants and people constantly being killed trying to get here. Ahem, Mexico for one.

apple ipod touch 4th generation 8gb price. ipod touch 4th gen. Apple iPod
ipod touch 4th gen. Apple iPod

poppeJul 14, 11:33 AMUMM... of course you should base desicions on the potential of a system, of course within a timeframe. I mean the potential of my Powerbook isn't nearly as great as a MacBook Pro, so that why I wouldn't buy a Powerbook right now ;) . Its not based on cost, cause I can get a powerbook at much less, but just the fact that while the MacBook is only faster for universal apps, so really its mostly slower due to rosetta, and it has no other upgrades..... well there seems to be little advantage to pick it .... OHH WAIT it has the potential to be much faster in the future.... I forgot about that...

Right. If he is going to base a decision on potential and storage then Blue Ray and HD-DVD is not really the way to go... I find it funny everyone here is oozing for Blue Ray yet Holographic has more potential...

apple ipod touch 4th generation 8gb price. apple ipod touch 4th
apple ipod touch 4th

63dotJan 10, 01:46 PMI love the german-colored motorsport emblem!

Gorgeous 1-er!
I cannot believe BMW is still putting MYRTLE WOOD in these cars. :p

With the small size, and probably less taxing engine, I wonder if this model will return longevity to BMWs. Sometimes the bigger cars (pick your company) have the great big engine and smooth ride, but almost every time they don't live as long as their mid-sized and sub-compact cousins from the same rollout.

I have seen a few 1 series BMWs and they look like they can compete against anything in gas mileage and performance and hit a sweet spot there, but I hope their price can take on sub-compact Acura TSX and Infiniti G35 models. The best local price I have seen on a 1 series is about $29,400 with tax, license, destination and loaded in the mid-range of features.

apple ipod touch 4th generation 8gb price. apple ipod touch 4th
apple ipod touch 4th

franswa zaMay 3, 04:45 AMi bought my first ever ipad last week............

today while working on my macbook i touched its screen to flick through pictures...... amazing how easily we transform?

apple ipod touch 4th generation 8gb price. apple ipod touch 4th
apple ipod touch 4th

ShananraAug 7, 12:28 AMAnybody have any idea when the video of the event will be posted based on the past? How quick do they get it online?

apple ipod touch 4th generation 8gb price. Apple iPod Touch 8GB 4th
Apple iPod Touch 8GB 4th

reel2reelApr 12, 10:08 PMThe wrap-up vid:

apple ipod touch 4th generation 8gb price. ipod touch 4th generation 8gb
ipod touch 4th generation 8gb

aswitcherJan 11, 08:42 PMOk, its looking good to me. I might have buyers remorse when the pro touch version appears but thats likely to be quite expensive and a Rev A with some expensive very new bits that I can probably do without.

apple ipod touch 4th generation 8gb price. The Apple iPod touch 8 GB 4th
The Apple iPod touch 8 GB 4th

Mr. GatesMar 23, 04:53 AMI would need a 2.4 TB iPod to store all of my Music.
Right now I'm using an 80 gig and choosing different playlists on my monthly sync.
I only use it for the car so I'm not too concerned with upgrading.

With my iPhone I use the app "ORB (" and have full access to the home server anytime but that depends on DATA and is sometimes slow or in bad coverage areas.

I only need this for the car, so no big deal.

But if they stop making the classic I would be bummed out

apple ipod touch 4th generation 8gb price. apple ipod touch 8gb 4th
apple ipod touch 8gb 4th

RITZFitApr 9, 10:10 PMFor the record I very much prefer a stick shift.....better fuel economy

Ha! I get terrible gas mileage. I'm too busy winding the damn thing out to redline :D

apple ipod touch 4th generation 8gb price. ipod touch 4th generation 8gb
ipod touch 4th generation 8gb

apb3Aug 18, 12:49 AMAdd to this the fact that the iPod's storage capacity has remain unchanged for, perhaps, the longest time in iPod history. With video capability, 60GB just isn't that big anymore. Hasn't Seagate had an 80GB 1.8" drive available for several months?

We need to have a new, improved, (and thinner?) form factor, with larger capacity, at the current price point.

But.... I never keep ALL the vids i've downloaded on the iPod. Do you personally need to? or can you do as I do and just uncheck the boxes in the iTunes lib (or use the manual transfer method) for videos you don't want at that time/for that trip?

I usually put enough to last me a trip and a few extra - my oldest son insists on his Clone Wars Vols. 1 and 2 and some Mystic Force Rangers, my youngest, Baby Einstein and some ripped kids shows off of Tivo - not Tivo supported yet on mac but my wife's PC laptop from her lab gets the shows transferred and I muck about with it - COME ON Tivo, get with it!!!! - and I insist on my Streets videos and presentations in Keynote.

On that point, someone mentioned wireless usefullnes in the presentation arena but it is quite easy to just use the iPod as an HD and run it from there or use a dock w/ remote, but I do appreciate/like that wireless idea for this app nonetheless :cool: ; maybe as an add-on like an FM transmitter or iTalk with its own power supply/easily swapped AA, AAA, independently rechargeable or whatever batteries so as to avoid my issues with wireless killing iPod play time capacity during untetherd use?

Not as elegant or "SEXY-WOW!," as mobile OS X or whatever but I've sold quite a few old-time PC guys on the merits of apple by showing them the difference between the real Keynote presentation straight off a mac laptop and the exported - more or less; less mostly - PPT show run from the iPod through their windows box in the briefing area.

The iPod mobile Firefox and the ability to do that with any software really (given the effort and skill) also had them excited. Security, uniforminity and transportability of essential info/prefs/forms data/ pushing info out to such devices in the hands of squad leaders and even the regular soldier/security contractor a la an ITMS type interface are a big concern for us which this type of development provides to a degree.

And the iPod or a mac laptop coupled with Keynote and it's ease of use, clarity and attention grab during the few briefings I've handled has already convinced a few of my superiors to 1) pay for a new mac laptop for me asap and 2) requisition some more on a test basis to work out just how much more secure they are than leaky windows boxes and, I extrapolate, the Zaney or whatever MS will call their iPod Killer if it makes it to market. (comments, ideas, proof-of-concept walk-throughs would be helpful in my crusade in this area. Maybe "Crusade," is a poor choice of words....:rolleyes:

The rest of my family's personal vids, video-grams, "miss you" videos, etc I keep archived in iTunes on one drive location shared by all computers authorized to do so - or backed up somewhere if you'd rather do it that way - but with drive storage getting even more affordable by the minute and the soon to be pervasiveness of Network Drives without the need to log into a "server" as such, I've no issue keeping them (unchecked so they don't sync to the iPod next time) in my regular library shared between all my computers (when I'm at home).

My wife has no issue keeping up with this way of doing things while I'm away and she's not really as computer savvy as I :p and includes a work PC :mad: in the mix. We just point all the home machines to one of our big external drives dedicated to music and video - or you could use an alias on each machine that does the same thing I suppose. She's been able to troubleshoot that herself with minimal input from me after the initial walk-through/discussion of the theory behind it. Once I cycle back to the states and spend some cash we will be able to afford - and I hope I will be able to convince my wife of the necessity of getting netdrives; it'd be convenient for her work from lab - yeah that's it... and we're going to soon need to have separate HDs for music and video with the relevant appps pointed accordingly to the right location. Two, three clicks in the apps pref panel. Easy as making MREs.

This also does away with the need to have shared music libs on the same subnet, duplicating libraries on each machine and thus wasting space, the headaches of making sure we all have the same access to the same libraries or doing backflips/using unsupported hacks to make sure everyone has the latest download purchased on "Machine X" available for all other authorized computers - all you need do is access the drive(s) wherein resides the "real" library you need for that particular app.

That said, being rather far from home at the minute I have been reduced to having a real (read: extra) copy of everything on my laptop here and it's a real pain in the ass. Especially when one of us buys a new track or video and I need to get it FTPd from her to me, me to her or sent some other way back and forth so we all have an actual copy, but this is only temporary one way or the other...:eek: It was just too snail slow doing it the aforementioned way from here.

Depending on quality offered with the alleged movie service, however, a bump to 80Gig wouldn't be bad but I think I could make do with my 60gig with some planning ahead as noted above.

I think we all agree on the need for bigger screen real estate but when you start adding the bigger/better res screen, an HD bump of at least 20gig high end, the no-touch thingy, the wireless everyone but I seems to find useful/feasible, etc... into the price factor, the iPod looses some of it's appeal to the masses and becomes the must-have-tech-geek-mac-fan gadget my gen 1 was way back when.... Oh you should have heard my wife then. And do you still remember being in public with one - the only one? :)

Geeky, but we (or, more precisely, Apple) were right.

Also, the "smaller" form factor you mention would, I think make battery life even less satisfactory for long haul trips w/out the ability to recharge often or at all. Add the wireless some are clamoring for and you might get 30 minutes if you're lucky. Hell, the latest Streets exclusive video is longer than Thriller at 20 minutes!

Tangentially, has anyone else seen the news stories (mostly since the Dell battery issue) about fuel cells or some other sort of power source for these devices that seem to be more and more dangerous from a heat standpoint?

Anyone with some technical background in that area with some insight on cost, size, cell life, feasability for an iPod like device, etc??? Would that make sense in a next gen iPod (and/or laptops, tablets (come on apple! I still love my Newton!!), an iPhone/vid chatter/presentation device thing, etc...??) maybe that's a partial solution to some of my and others' concerns with all this wireless talk and hoped-for new features.

apple ipod touch 4th generation 8gb price. ipod touch 4th generation 8gb
ipod touch 4th generation 8gb

SilentwaveAug 6, 10:12 PMI hope this one is as fun and entertaining as MWSF 06 was, what with Paul otellini coming out in the intel bunny rabbit suit and delivering the chip so to speak :rolleyes:

apple ipod touch 4th generation 8gb price. ipod touch 4th generation 8gb
ipod touch 4th generation 8gb

KedrikJan 11, 09:04 PMI had, or rather still have in a closet, a powerbook 100. It had an external floppy drive and I did carry it around with me, kind of defeating the purpose of the smaller form factor in the first place, so I bought my wife the powerbook 145 which had the floppy onboard. I guess we're now beyond wondering how to get things on the computer without the drive, but it would make sense for a driveless mac to have some super wireless connectivity options? Perhaps connectivity with the home mac in a "go to my pc" kind of way. Apple does own the "go to my mac" domain name. Just a thought.

apple ipod touch 4th generation 8gb price. Apple iPod Touch 8GB 4th
Apple iPod Touch 8GB 4th

LethalWolfeApr 13, 02:07 AMPS i really think that apple is powerfully positioning themselves by selling final cut so cheap. Now you can justify paying more for a Mac box because the software is so much less than the competition. Brilliant if you ask me - make software cheap, sell more macs and cost kick your competition out of the market.
Nothing really new here as this as been Apple's MO for at least a decade. All of the iApps (iMovie, iPhoto, etc.,) used to be totally free and when FCP cost $999 by itself an Avid would put you back $70,000 on the low end. Shake, LiveType, DVD Studio Pro, Color, etc., were all programs acquired by Apple and sold at a significantly lower price than what they were prior to Apple's acquisition.


apple ipod touch 4th generation 8gb price. Apple iPod Touch 2010 4th
Apple iPod Touch 2010 4th

slackpackerApr 13, 05:42 AMHoly smoke what is with all the bitching in this thread?

Final Cut X is coming! It seems to have all the stuff i'm dying for.. maybe even CUDA support!

I'm sure it all done in Open CL and not CUDA. CUDA would only support a fraction of the users out there since all new Apple Laptops use AMD (ATI)

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Apple MC540LL A iPod touch 8GB

mc68kOct 5, 06:41 PMhey, congrats to you for 6 million!!thanks! with those bigadv units i almost feel like im cheating!

apple ipod touch 4th generation 8gb price. Apple iPod touch 4th
Apple iPod touch 4th

iBorg20181Aug 17, 06:34 PMBecause they introduced video playback capability, that's why. I travel and this iPod has meant that I don't have to drag around countless dvds to while away hotel room evenings. I love it, but ultimately, the screen is ever so slightly too small (not by much, I'm not asking plasma screen here!) and I need more storage. I know I could go and buy an Archos or some such other brand but I really don't want to do that, and I'm very sure that Apple don't want me to either.

If it was still purely an mp3 player I would totally agree with you. Besides, 10 months+ with no update is a long time in the life cycle of an iPod. Only going by previous form. :)

Add to this the fact that the iPod's storage capacity has remain unchanged for, perhaps, the longest time in iPod history. With video capability, 60GB just isn't that big anymore. Hasn't Seagate had an 80GB 1.8" drive available for several months?

We need to have a new, improved, (and thinner?) form factor, with larger capacity, at the current price point.

apple ipod touch 4th generation 8gb price. ipod touch 4th generation 8gb
ipod touch 4th generation 8gb

brooklyn360Sep 13, 12:08 AMhas anyone tried the sonix case from amazon.
Ipod Touch 4g Case Sonix - Amazon 24.95 colors: pink, grey, black, blue (

ZadilloAug 6, 09:24 PMLonghorn is code name, The product name is Vista you will not see a third name for windows vista. Just like Windows XP I think was called Whistler (code name).

Just about all companies give there product a code name and then a release name once it's ready for the retail stores or a public beta like you see windows vista.

Indeed. I sort of forget, but at what point did Apple decide to start making the "code names" part of the official name of the commercial product? I'm thinking it must have been with 10.2 (I don't remember them publicizing Cheetah as the name of 10.0 or Puma as the name of 10.1).

I guess it's almost a necessity given the unique product naming issues with OS X. On one hand, Apple is basically limited to doing single-point version increases with each update to OS X (because if they actually were to jump from 10.x to, say, 11.0, the OS X name would no longer mean anything). But if you just advertise "Mac OS X 10.5", it's hard to get people too excited about that. So I guess it makes sense for Apple to go ahead and really push the cat codename stuff as the final product name. Also, probably easier for the average consumer to just remember Jaguar, Panther, Tiger, Leopard, etc. than individual version numbers.

interestedabitApr 19, 11:15 AMBTW: I dont know why we believe a word out of Brian Tong's mouth. He's probably the most worthless person on CNET. Brian Cooley is where its at!

A-welcome to the forums, Brian.. :)

apb3Aug 18, 01:08 AMEspecially since they have ads on their music stations now. Sirius had 600,00 subscribers before Stern and now has over 4 million. Sirius WILL surpass XM sometime in the next year. The reasons are simple:

1. Howard Stern
2. Exclusive NFL, NBA, NHL (all now) and Nascar (as of 2007) programming.
3. Commercial-free music stations

XM has ads on the MUSIC stations?? ugh. Do you have both XM and Sirius or did you see that somewhere? I'd like to read that press release to see what they have to say and how they spin it. "We're not terrestrial radio, we're better. Oh wait, we are pretty much the same now... buy Crest! Sirius who?"

I understand the commercials/ads on talk-type radio on Sirius - and XM too I assume - especially the live ones as it takes time to change guests, pee, put the seat back down, set up segments, etc... and even recorded ones need separators/change of pace markers or whatever of sorts. If it brings in more revenue so my subscription is a bit lower, OK, I can deal. But not on the music channels. I can tell you, being able to hear and have personalities use the F-word and talk about pooh graphically (while sometimes funny) was not the main reason for my decison to go from terrestrial radio to Sirius (before Stern even made the leap). One of the big motivations was not having to sit through those lame local commercials touting some local PC repair man or dental office (sorry if that's you...) or the stations next "big" promotion just to hear a few songs I may or may not like. I want Punk or rap or old standards or comedy or Korean or way-out-there commentary? I tune to that specific station and know I will hear what I am in the mood for without idiotic offers for 0% financing until 2008 for those who qualify - I have the yellow pages and google, thanks.

riscNov 29, 01:36 PMand hinted that that theme gave a "little idea of where [Apple] is going."

It's true then; Apple are releasing a toilet with an iPod dock! SWEET!!!! :eek:

djejrejkJan 11, 08:36 PMIf this notebook has no optical drive and no cables (as 9 to 5 mac suggests), how will customers hook up the optical drive? How will they reload/upgrade os x?

This is not very thought out.