black ops zombies maps

black ops zombies maps. Call of Duty: Black Ops
Call of Duty: Black Ops

KtuluJan 1, 07:07 PMThanks for the insight on the image everyone....You'd thinnk I would have just checked there first.:rolleyes:

black ops zombies maps. Call of Duty: Black Ops
Call of Duty: Black Ops

extrafuzzyllamaSep 30, 03:32 PMI got the clear one. I don't know if the inside was was matte or not. Took 2 days off an ebay seller.

did u get that weird watermarks like on wolfboy's post a few posts up?

black ops zombies maps. of Duty: Black Ops Zombies
of Duty: Black Ops Zombies

tablo13Sep 19, 09:55 PMsolid. probably going to go for that grip vue. got a question about it though. does it have direct access to the buttons, or does it have a button you press that presses on the button? i hope you guys understand. haha.

I saw some of the pics and the buttons are covered. :)

black ops zombies maps. call of duty lack ops zombies
call of duty lack ops zombies

toddybodyApr 19, 02:42 PMHa! The 'BTS' promo usually is near the end of May. For those who really need an iMac-it still about six weeks away.:(

Really? I thought it was late Summer (in anticipation of Fall Semester)? :confused:

black ops zombies maps. Call of Duty Black Ops zombies
Call of Duty Black Ops zombies

KingslyAug 7, 12:32 AMKingsly: I'll keep an eye out for you before the Keynote tomorrow. EDIT: Sorry -- just saw your other thread. Have fun visiting Cupertino!
Dang. I am sooo totally completely insanely disappointed that I wont be there tomorrow...
I even went to the info booth and tried to sweet talk my way into some comp tickets to the keynote... oh well. There's always MWSF 2007.

black ops zombies maps. Black Ops are the 4 zombie
Black Ops are the 4 zombie

ipedroApr 12, 08:45 PMFinal Cut express strips out a lot of features people won't need unless they are doing some pretty heavy lifting. I use Final Cut Pro (and have since 1.0) but for the type of editing I do here at work (small TV station) Final Cut Express would work just fine. I just use what they give me 8-).

Pro takes more video formats. It has a few other tools, I think.

It's basically designed so that if you really are a hobbyist with an HDV camcorder you really won't notice a difference between the 2 since the extra things FCP has are things you'd never use anyway.

Pretty sure FCE doesn't support 24fps, which is kinda a problem for film editing, and an increasingly bigger problem for other work as 24fps gets used more. IIRC, it doesn't have stuff like the color scopes or audio mixer either. The main difference is the suite though.

Thanks. It seems to be what I need. I'm a photographer who does the occasional video. I don't want to make video the main part of my business, just a complement. A $1000 suite is overkill. I'd be happy to pay $300 though for just Final Cut Pro or $200 for a new Final Cut Express. Fingers crossed. :)

black ops zombies maps. First Zombie map is called
First Zombie map is called

louis FashionApr 3, 01:55 PMThis ad will never work. People want ads that make them feel like teenage boys. I know this from Android ads. Steel and lasers, Apple. Steel and lasers!

Great post. Maybe we should ban all iPad sales to "over 18" that would firmly place Apple in the "elitist" camp

black ops zombies maps. COD Black Ops: Five Zombie Map
COD Black Ops: Five Zombie Map

neko girlMar 19, 11:28 PMI used it. It didn't work for me ):

black ops zombies maps. lack ops zombies maps.
lack ops zombies maps.

Cliff3Jan 5, 05:01 PMTo the BMW guys, how reliable is the E46 325i?
I have a chance to pick one up for a fairly low cost (Less than $6,000 canadian). It is pretty much mint and VERY well maintained.
Car has a bit higher miles (~125,000 miles/ 205,000km), but I am guessing well maintained they will last quite a while?

I really enjoyed my brothers E36, and I just got rid of my project cars so I figure this would be a nice change.

It depends on whether the car has received regular maintenance or not. There is no substitute for a thorough pre-purchase inspection by a competent BMW shop.

I am the original owner of my 330Ci and over the life of the car my average annual maintenance costs, excluding tires, have been $1300. The car is coming up on 9 years old and has a bit over 100k miles on it. I plan to keep the car for a good long while as I continue to enjoy owning and driving it.

The E46 forum on ( is generally a good source of information. Review the wiki ( before asking questions. There aren't a whole lot of questions that haven't already been asked and answered many times and the wiki is intended to forestall those.

I see more '70s BMWs than '80s models out there and it's probably around then that they got smart and built in obsolescence. That being said, I loved the look of the '80s BMWs and at the time, and I thought they were making a huge step up from the 2002. Little did we know.

I see quite a lot of E28s and E30s. E28 M5s are popular with collectors and are usually too nice to be used as daily drivers. The E30s are very competent autocrossers, plus there is a Spec E30 racing series. Clean stock E30s are getting tough to find these days.


The last tough Mercedes may have been around 1980 and the Volvos kept up a long lasting car sometime later into that decade.

The MB W201 (1982-1993) was a brilliant small sedan, and you can still find them on the road today. Like any other German car, if you maintain it properly, it will run forever.

black ops zombies maps. lack ops zombies maps layout.
lack ops zombies maps layout.

pavelbureApr 12, 09:16 PM"render dialog is gone"

Thank GOD!

What was the render dialog ?

black ops zombies maps. Check out all of our Black Ops
Check out all of our Black Ops

TmelonApr 6, 04:35 PMI'm having major crashing problems with Lion. When editing a video in iMovie and converting it to HD it will crash right before finishing, same with editing an audio clip in Quicktime.

black ops zombies maps. lack ops zombie dog Black Ops
lack ops zombie dog Black Ops

charlitunaApr 2, 09:19 PMThis ad will never work. People want ads that make them feel like teenage boys. I know this from Android ads. Steel and lasers, Apple. Steel and lasers!

Actually that is why it does work. Because it isn't steel and lasers. If you go back and watch the ad again at least twice there were medical tech references and at least one 'learning' tech. Apple is pushing these types of things to get rid of the 'it's a toy, talk. And the folks that decide to put iPads in a hospital or a school are often older folks and zippy steel etc doesn't appeal to them

black ops zombies maps. Zombies maps in Black Ops:
Zombies maps in Black Ops:

miloblitheAug 31, 03:00 PMLet's hope that those specs aren't the final ones. That they're just to clear inventory.

I'm hoping for Merom based mac minis.. Merom costs the same so why not ?

Knowing that Apple doesn't pay listed prices, it's not unreasonable to assume that Apple could get the Yonah chips for less than Merom ones.

Also, Apple has historically liked to scale its product lineup to encourage buying then next item up the scale. Some have even referred to it as "crippling" the lower machines.

black ops zombies maps. Call of Duty: Black Ops has
Call of Duty: Black Ops has

Chef MedeskiJul 14, 10:13 AMur goin' to be waitin' a while... just get one now.
I have a top spec Powerbook 12". It was my first mac and it will hold me over. I want a Intel Mac just for Parallels and stuff, so I'm not stuck in college going to the lab for that one application. Yet, I'm not about to put down $2,000 for a computer, whose only new technology is a Intel chip that is about to be replaced and a Gigabit ethernet (its nice but....). I mean it doesn't even ahve FW800 anymore.

You see if I'm going to buy a very expensive laptop, I want it to last. When I bought this PB, it wasn't at the edge, I mean most of the technology had been around awhile, but I know there wasn't new coming out for years, not the case this time around. And I have the time to wait... I mean this computer is still under warranty, works fine, and does all my tasks at I speed I enjoy.

black ops zombies maps. Zombie Map for Black Ops
Zombie Map for Black Ops

BenguitarNov 27, 12:08 AMPeople on the internet use blatant trolling and flaming so easily, but I can tell you that they would never do it in actual person given the chance. It's easy to act badass on the internet. They're pathetic and still talking about it pages later.

Hold your head high and be proud of your case; most of these morons treat their gadgets/etc like they're toys with no regard.

Don't loose faith in the internet, some of us are decent people.

Glad to hear, I am still very proud of my purchase, I've always respected Pelican, Even though I've decided to use it for a camera body+lens, I still think it was a great buy and still don't believe I deserved any of the "poking fun at/making fun of" comments.

But it ain't the end of the world, It's just another day at MacRumors.


black ops zombies maps. Call of Duty: Black Ops won#39;t
Call of Duty: Black Ops won#39;t

jav6454Mar 24, 01:48 PMProbably a daft question but i'll ask anyhows so forgive my techie noobness!

With the advent of thunderbolt and its high bandwidth, will it possible for a gfx card to be sited externally in some kind of cradle and be used as the main gfx card or wouldn't the internal "plumbing" allow it to happen ?

/noob mode off


It would be very well possible. Remember, Thunderbolt is derived from LightPeak. One of the reasons to develop LightPeak was to transmit data at very fast rates over a distance. Essentially, not have everything so closed together.

In other words, you can the CPU in room A and the RAM in room B which is 20 feet away and get the same result. This is one of the reasons Intel developed LightPeak. There are many other reasons for development obviously.

However, Thunderbolt in its current stage is not suited for such lengthy exchange due to its copper nature. However, say you have a GFX cradle on your desk, you could well use Thunderbolt's current implementation to feed data. However, you'd need multiple implementations of Thunderbolt in order for it to work great. Currently, many GFX solutions use PCIe 2.0 x16 interface which pretty much uses 8 GB/s bandwidth so one Thunderbolt interface will do fine and still have a nice 2GB/s overhead. However, the newer PCIe 3.0 interface pushes 16GB/s now so you'd need two Thunderbolt interfaces.

black ops zombies maps. Call of Duty: Black Ops was
Call of Duty: Black Ops was

tnyJul 18, 07:20 AMThis does play into the news published about the industry allowing people to burn movies to DVDs but can someone do the math? What would the file size be for 2 hour movie at present? What about if it were compressed into a zip or tz file? What would it be if the quality were improved? How long would it take to download these files with dialup, on dsl, on cable. I would think that most people would not be downloading using their offices T1 connection ;)

How long would you wait or tie up your computer's internet connection to download an old movie from Disney?

Here is another issue to think about. With large files being downloaded to your HD and then errasing them you will have to defragment your HD quite often or you will suffer. Is there rumor of improved Disk Utility or other method of handling this?

Zip, Tar, and GZip are all but irrelevant here, as the compression used in MPEG2 and MP4 leave little room for Zip to optimize (I just zipped an 850 MB MP4 video, and picked up 12 MB in the compression).

I have a 2.5 hour movie in EyeTV right now; in MPEG2 format (CD quality), it's 7.5 GB. The MP4 re-coding I did is I think 1.4 GB (that's on another computer). This is 29.97 FPS/640x480 video; your mileage may vary, as both MPEG2 and MP4 compression vary depending upon the nature of the content.

Where I live, Cable gives 6 Mbps down, burstable to 12 Mbps for the first 50 or so MB, a lot higher than T1's 1.5 Mbps down (though of course a T1 also has 1.5 Mbps up, and Cable around here does maybe 512 kbps). Obviously the cable speed is dependent to some extent on the traffic at surrounding homes, though I think they have significantly reduced the pool size for cable (somebody else may know a lot more about this than I do), which would give you a lot closer to that ideal 6 Mbps (assuming that the server can maintain that speed, which few can).

I suspect that you can count on the videos being 320x240, not 640x480. It looks about as good as VHS, and will cost Apple less in infrastructure costs (which they will have to be a lot more careful with than they have been with music).

This is a very bad idea. Given how well sales of DVDs do, I'd think that the movie industry would realize that the ownership model will be very successful for them. It's bad for Apple, too, as they have to have pretty much the same infrastructure for rental that they would have for an ownership model, but smaller margins (unless the movie industry is stupid enough to think we'll rent for $9.99).

black ops zombies maps. Black Ops Zombie Map is Set in
Black Ops Zombie Map is Set in

appleguy123Apr 12, 09:04 PM[img][/mg]

well, in cast there was any doubt.


black ops zombies maps. CoD Black Ops Zombies: Kennedy
CoD Black Ops Zombies: Kennedy

longofestJul 13, 10:37 PMSo, how long till it comes to laptops? :D

And on top of that, its only going to be a viewer, right? I mean have they created any Blu-ray burners, yet?

I really don't want to buy a Macbook Pro until it has Merom, 802.11n, and blue-ray, cause I know those are all going to be standard in less than a year and I can't afford to have a crippled laptop for 3 yrs.

Hopefully it won't be too far, I've saved enough cash.

Really, the only company that is actually selling laptops with Bluray drives in them currently is Sony with their Viao. Pioneer has a desktop reader, but it is very expensive (around $1000 USD). BenQ has recently announced that in late August it will be shipping a Bluray burner for a bit above $1000, but not sure if its going to be availbable in the US. The prices are pretty fixed mainly because of Sony apparently. I couldn't really go into it in the story, but there is soooo much to this whole Bluray thing, its ridiculous.

The focal point of Bluray has really turned on Sony's Playstation 3. There are a lot of conspiracy theories (that supposedly have a lot of reason behind them) that Sony isn't letting the price of Bluray players go down until the Playstation 3 comes out.

Then you have the format war between HD DVD and Bluray. HD DVD has not only beaten Bluray to the market, but is beating them on price as well, although not as dramatically as once thought might happen.

I speculate that we could see a Bluray drive as a build to order option perhaps in the first revision of the Mac Pro, or perhaps as standard in the high-end model, but that very well could not happen until the first revision like the analyst said early next year.

DoenertierSep 1, 11:54 AMNo more than $2,499/ �1,799. With the amount of internal room you would get behind a 23" monitor, Apple would have no problem putting in 4 RAM slots and a fast GPU (but I doubt Apple would do a fast GPU anyway).

My guess: 17" dropping to $1,099, 20" to $1,499

$1,999 with more hd, a gig of ram and, hopefully, (i do doubt it though as well) a nice gpu (at least as bto, unlikely though for the imac).

I'd order one right away! :cool:

SpockNov 29, 01:45 PMIts the Pippin 2!! this time its intel instead of Bandai!

KrizoitzMar 21, 08:13 AMand since Apple is missing the market so bad its sales have sunk to the lowest % in its history. there will come a point that it wont matter how much money is in their bank because no one will be buying the stuff. Look at iJon even he uses a PC for gaming. most people dont have a pc and a Mac so what do they buy? a PC.

It doesn't matter if they sell to a market where the won't be able to make money and will likely lose money. Apple isn't a commodity PC dealer like Dell, they dont' sell in quantity, they sellin quality. As for gaming, sorry gamers make up a small percentage of the market, and since most games are PC first/PC only it doesn't make sense for them to buy a Mac anyway. Is it getting better? Yes and maybe that will change someday, but that doesn't mean squat right now. I think Apple is doing a fine job. What frustrates me is no matter how good they do for some people its never enough, they seem to want Apple to sell a 9Ghz Quad proccesor G6 with a terabyte of ram and a 200 petabyte harddrive with dual 30" plasma screens for $299. Give me a break.

BC2009Oct 25, 06:08 AMSorry, but EVERYTHING is politics. You cannot discuss economics and manufacturing without bumping into it.

I respectfully disagree. Politics to me is a bunch of idiots trying to sway my opinion with unbelievable arguments so they can garner my vote and maintain their little sphere of influence in government. Politics effects everything, but political arguments are generally a poor characterization of reality. In politics these days everything is demonized. People are polarized on one end of the extreme or the other. The day of bi-partisan compromise seems to be over.

Hence, I'd prefer it if folks saved their political debates for the threads in the political forum. I read this mostly to escape that garbage (i.e.: the unreasonably demonization of the half the population because of how they might feel about some social issue).

I have my own political views, and likely we agree on many things, we could rant forever on this forum -- but that's not what this forum is for and I'd hate for it to deteriorate into yet another place for such debates.

EDIT: Your remarks on my feelings on Communism are not correct. I feel very differently than you stated. But this is not the place to discuss that further. I doubt anybody who comes here cares.

kftrainerApr 3, 05:55 PMI don't think it is a bug. It allows more screen to show when using full screen mode. The menubar re-appears when needed. Preview auto hides the menubar as well in full screen mode.

I dont know the significance of the big gray bar on top of the page where it blocks a portion of the page when the menu bar is coming out of auto hide -they could of made it semi transparent Hopefully they change that in the final release