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black ops zombies maps ascension. Black Ops Zombies Maps Layout.
Black Ops Zombies Maps Layout.

MrFranklyAug 29, 09:05 AMI think it's ridiculous to not put a Core 2 Duo chip into the Mini. While I'm not waiting for Merom, to upgrade one of your machines with a faster version of the same soon-to-be-out-of-date chip is silly.

I think Apple is more concerned with price for the Mac Mini than speed. Make them just a little bit faster than they are now, but much cheaper.

They're too expensive in the line-up now, with merom they would stay the same price but with Yonah they can make them cheaper again.

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lack ops zombies ascension

lordonuthinApr 17, 03:53 PMcongrats to SciFrog for 6 million points! (with MR team)

Grats to SciFrog for 6 mil!!

and congrats to rwh202 for 4 million points!

and to rwh202 for 4mil!!

Were not ignoring anyone else, it's just too hard to keep track of all 67 of you :p

black ops zombies maps ascension. Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombies
Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombies

wordoflifeNov 23, 06:40 PMLast thing I paid for was the fair to get on the public bus to get to school for $0.85.

That's not the city bus I took, I just Googled "public bus"

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cod lack ops zombies maps

QuesoJul 19, 03:54 PMNice to see the mothership sailing smoothly. What do you reckon for the Christmas quarter? Is 2 million Macs possible?

black ops zombies maps ascension. Black Ops Ascension Zombie Map
Black Ops Ascension Zombie Map

Belly-laughsAug 7, 04:40 AMWhy else would Intel advertise on the MacRumors Live Update page? :)

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duty lack ops zombie map

stripedsnakeFeb 8, 03:44 PM

Loving every second I drive her.

black ops zombies maps ascension. New COD : Black Ops Zombie
New COD : Black Ops Zombie

thirdwaverJun 22, 05:57 PMAh yes. A porn free, tightly censored, code controlled desktop machine. That's what everyone wants right? :rolleyes:

black ops zombies maps ascension. Black Ops Ascension Zombie Map
Black Ops Ascension Zombie Map

kelving525Sep 14, 11:29 PMThanks!
Says it's available, but from working in retail in the past in a store with online checking of stock I know that what is listed as "available" is not always accurate. But I will walk over there tomorrow and check it out, not far to go anyhow. :)

I haven't noticed that case today, they were all Griffin. They may have it there tmr, so who knows? :)

black ops zombies maps ascension. Black Ops Zombie Map is
Black Ops Zombie Map is

SFVCycloneNov 15, 01:11 PMI cant wait to get my hands on my own 8 core mac, I currently have a pc with an amd athlon 64, tear. No wait there a 400mhz G3 imac sitting with tiger in my room, I think it can get close to the 8 core power macs specs:D

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map Ascension hidden

GregADec 30, 12:03 AMit seems like most people are dying for HD over here. <snip> I don�t think anyone anticipated the demand for HD. People watch programs they normally wouldn�t if it�s HD.It's possible to both be quite right here. HD is underestimated, but having greater demand than expected is a separate issue to overall market size.

Anyway, as you say... there are 2 separate markets - the 2 evolutions of PayTV are "on demand", and HD (or both together). People who have invested in a top notch TV will easily pay for HD players (like an iTV-HD). Others may just want to watch what they want, when they want it.

If Apple only releases a HD system, and it costs a premium, I won't end up buying it. I'd be paying for a premium that I couldn't take advantage of. And besides, at the moment the iTS sells 640x480 anyway.

Digital 480p isn�t bad, but it�s 4:3 aspect.Really, is that what you're doing in the US?

We've got Digital 576i in Australia as our standard definition, but it's in the 16:9 aspect ratio. Apple can choose whatever combination they want, I'm sure.

black ops zombies maps ascension. Black Ops Ascension Zombie Map
Black Ops Ascension Zombie Map

MikhailTApr 10, 10:35 AMI don't understand why everyone seems to dislike the "new" iCal so much. Clearly, it was adopted by iPad iOS at first and now by Mac OS X Lion. Nothing new here. Nothing unexpected.

I don't remember people disliking/complaining about the iCal look on iPad at all. I tell ya, people complain just for the sake of complaining. What a crowd. :rolleyes:It doesn't look exactly the same on the iPad and an interface tuned to iOS shouldn't be used in the same away on the desktop. You can be creative with the interface controls and so on but this is too far. The colors are too distracting and much *brighter* than the one used on the iPad.

The problem that I have is that Apple seems to breaking away from their Human Interface Guidelines that every developers on the Macs platform follows. The sooner they do this, the more likely the third party apps are going to not follow it either. If every apps looks completely different, then it's going to be harder to get used to how things work on the Mac platform. Consistency is the number 1 thing that Mac OS X does successfully and if we break away from it, it's going to look ugly overnight.

I don't think people are complaining for the sake of complaining, in this case, they have a valid reason to. Not only is it look completely different, it can be distracting when you're used to all metal theme on OS X and you can't choose to disable this interface.

IMO, it's distracting, ugly and I want an option to turn this off. Otherwise, I'd just wait for a third-party app with a better interface and/or hacks to enable the *Aqua* theme.

black ops zombies maps ascension. cod lack ops zombie maps.
cod lack ops zombie maps.

63dotJan 5, 11:21 AMTo the BMW guys, how reliable is the E46 325i?
I have a chance to pick one up for a fairly low cost (Less than $6,000 canadian). It is pretty much mint and VERY well maintained.
Car has a bit higher miles (~125,000 miles/ 205,000km), but I am guessing well maintained they will last quite a while?

I really enjoyed my brothers E36, and I just got rid of my project cars so I figure this would be a nice change.

There isn't much out there after the legendary 2002 that has longevity attached to it. Speed, safety, handling, yes all of that, but I am with the rest of the crew on newer BMWs with miles on it.

It's a hard car to pass up if only performance and looks counted, but like Mercedes and Volvos after the 1970s and early 1980s in some cases, you are dealing with repairs all the time.

The last tough Mercedes may have been around 1980 and the Volvos kept up a long lasting car sometime later into that decade.

These days, outside of some 1990s Honda Accords/Civics, it's hard to bet on any car having an unusual amount of longevity attached to it. I wouldn't be surprised if newer Hondas are now built to crap out 10 to 15 years down the line but we won't know in another 10 to 15 years.

The best thing to do is to look at what 20 year old cars are out there. You can get a good deal on them, and they lasted that long for a reason. I am very skeptical of 1990s used cars since many makers went offshore for their production, as well as making things a lot cheaper on the inside and outside of the vehicle.

American cars, as we all know, were the first to build in obsolescence into its overall recipe. How many original late-1970s and later US cars are at shows that haven't had a ton of extra work done to them to simply make them run? Gone are the days of the '57 Chevy and '65 Mustang, many of which are still in shows and on the road.

black ops zombies maps ascension. Black ops new maps
Black ops new maps

imac_japanMar 28, 08:04 AMreasons your wrong
1. he didnt make up a word of it
2. apple made safari before ms pulled ie
3.the ipod has a long time to go their not going to just say screw it when its selling
4.ITMS is making them money after the record companies are paid back for the use of the songs every cent is profit
5. less than 20 people have signed your petition and do you really think its going to get apple to change their entire strategyi can see it now steve jobs sees our online pettion and immediatly calls a meating "i just had an appihany some kid said to make a cheap computer that hooks up to your tv weve been completely wrong all theese yearsapple is now only going to make web tv type systems and nothing else my god what have i been doing"

I'm not getting into a "your right and Im wrong" discussion. The whole point of this thread is to get Apple to make a cheap Mac so they can tackle the cheap $500 market. Its killing them

black ops zombies maps ascension. Details On Black Ops Zombie
Details On Black Ops Zombie

thejadedmonkeyAug 7, 06:11 AMFor the sake of those who want to remain surprised until we see the video, there should be a page on MacRumors that says "will post link when video available" - so I can just check that page for the video to be uploaded later in the day. I plan to completely avoid all news until I see the video.

Can somebody do this?
This should help..

black ops zombies maps ascension. Ascension is the eighth Zombie
Ascension is the eighth Zombie

OsarkonJan 9, 06:54 AM*offtopic* where are you watching that at?

That would be BBC iPlayer. Wouldn't have thought that episode is still on it now though.

black ops zombies maps ascension. Black Ops Ascension Zombie Map
Black Ops Ascension Zombie Map

islandersJan 3, 07:55 AMI agree about the word processor. I never could understand why Apple didn�t offer a few more features to make AppleWorks useful.

I�m using FrameMaker, but that was discontinued for OSX on Mac.

Too many mine fields in Word.

I was set on a new lap top and Mini, but it�s going to be a difficult decision. There is a lot of misinformation floating around, and sometimes the Mac community isn�t as forthcoming and honest as they should be. It�s like they are more concerned if the stocks go up or down than providing an accurate assessment.

My first powerbook was good to me, but the climate/quality has changed, and I�m going to keep my options open.

I�ll wait and see what�s behind curtain number three, but not sure a Mac is the best choice for the average person.

black ops zombies maps ascension. call of duty lack ops zombies
call of duty lack ops zombies

lapenoMar 24, 01:59 PMGreat news:D:D

black ops zombies maps ascension. Ascension+map+lack+ops+

iStudentUKMar 28, 02:34 AMWirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

A complete douche, I'd say.

Why is he a douche? Because he uses metaphoric language? He seems like a qualified high level guest. And he didn't say "US European Command". YOU are the one who introduced those "2 letters". I'm just quoting what he said.

Considering that the US sent like 100 tomahawks or whatever out of like 102, or something like that... And the US also has an "air field" there too. Not only in nearby countries, but a huge mobile one! Not to mention large fleets of intercontinental bombers. How do you know he's exagerating? You have a personal recon satelite overlooking that area? :rolleyes:

You are very selective with your figures- both the French and Italians also have carriers in position, the US didn't send all but two of the missiles. The French sent the first planes in and as far as I know are the only nation to have engaged Libyan planes.

Like I said, about 50% of the planes involved are US. Which makes sense as the US has a bigger airforce than France/UK (and the rest of the coalition) which is what you would expect from a country with many more people!

Perhaps it us you that doesnt like the fact that the US isn't the only real player here? The US, France or UK could do this whole thing alone- it isn't that big an operation! Or perhaps, as firestarter points out, you don't like the idea of US working as NATO currently headed by a Canadian?

This is a true coalition with all sorts of countires involved, and we should be happy about that.

black ops zombies maps ascension. cod lack ops zombies maps
cod lack ops zombies maps

slfflApr 26, 09:20 PMCount me in there.
Apple have become Big Brother and Big Bully lately.
In the past they trod more lightly.

Oh give me a break! Maybe it's because all you read are the headlines which focus on Apple. Apple has no more lawsuits than any other company out there, not to mention the private lawsuits against Apple for dumb ass stuff like 'tracking', antennas, batteries, etc. etc. etc.....

BenRoethigSep 6, 12:12 PMLook, they discontinued the $50 BTO superdrive option on the lower end model. Are they purposely trying to drive me to Velocity Micro?

evilgEEkSep 9, 09:04 PMCan you put them side by side and run some comparisons?
Since I'm home for the evening and didn't see your post until now, I can't give you any specific side-by-side tests, but I can give you a rough estimate of the speeds.

Overall, the Dual G5 is faster, not by a landslide by any means, but it is faster. Of course the G5 has 1.5 gigs of RAM vs. the mini's 512K, and the G5 has a 1Ghz BUS speed vs. the 667Mhz of the mini. If I were to slap in 2 gigs of RAM in to the mini then I'm sure I would see a little more performance, but I think the G5 would still be faster.

But the mini is still very zippy, no beachballs or waiting on Apps, very fast and clean for average use. Now if I were to do some Photoshop or, say, FCP comparisons, I'm sure the G5 would clean up in those areas.

I'm really happy with the purchase though, it's perfect for what I need it to do.

Oh, I installed Windows XP via BootCamp and after having to burn an illegal copy of my legal disc (the retail disc was bad) I got it running with no problems. I must say, this mini is the fastest Windows machine I've ever had.

Al1nApr 11, 07:26 AMI never drove a manual in my life. LOL.
So, no, i can't drive a stick shift car. :)

likemyorbsMar 22, 12:35 PMBut then, I don't believe that's what many really believe when they say it... instead, I get the vibe that what they mean to say is 'why can't you just closet yourself and act straight?'.

I do think some people genuinely believe it's a choice. It's hard for some people to imagine that not everyone's minds work the same as theirs, and not just related to homosexuality. Chances are, someone who considers homosexuality a choice likely has issues with other groups of people as well.

wal9000Oct 23, 08:43 (German) ( reports that MacBook Pro upgrades could take place as early as this week. Expected updates include Core 2 Duo upgrades as has long been expected as well as larger drives, FW800, and upgraded DVD drives.

Starting to feel about as likely as flying saucers...