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w00masterDec 30, 10:11 AMI think a lot of you are expecting way too much on the "iTV" and will be very disappointed when it gets released.

1. DVR Functionality?
Nope, I don't see it. Don't see it happening EVER. This places iTV in direct competition with Cable and Satellite providers, which (imho) is a losing battle. A good example is Tivo. While, Tivo is still lauded in the industry and consumers as having the "best DVR interface/UI," it's still not selling well to consumers. Why? Cable and Satellite providers are providing DVRs and a MUCH lower cost, and even though their UI/interface sucks terribly, because of the LOW COST, the Cable/Satellite boxes are outselling Tivos.

On Demand. This category amongst cable companies are expanding very rapidly and offering free content left and right. Good example is HBO, nearly *ALL* of their shows are On Demand now which is instant access to all of their shows. Generally speaking (for people who use HBO On Demand), this has been extremely popular, maybe this is why HBO is still not being sold on iTunes? Why download when you have access to nearly all of the HBO content for free and instantaneous?

2. Remote Desktop viewer?
Nope, don't see this at all either. If this were a Mac world only, MAYBE I could see this happening, but the harsh reality is that we live in a primarily Windows world. I really don't see Apple moving into utilizing Remote Desktop on Windows machines THROUGH iTV.

You have to remember that unlike iMac, Mac Pro, Macbooks, etc, the iTV will have to satisfy Windows users as well.

What do I see the iTV for? Streaming media, a glorified IP TV box, an easier way to bring the iPod to the living room. I really don't see it doing anything else. I'm hoping that I'm wrong.


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RITZFitApr 9, 10:10 PMFor the record I very much prefer a stick shift.....better fuel economy

Ha! I get terrible gas mileage. I'm too busy winding the damn thing out to redline :D

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iSeeSep 1, 01:17 PMnot gonna happen

Well, I guess this could be part of a special media event, but it wouldn't be the reason they held a special media event.

Now, a Media Center Mac... that would be a reason to hold an event :D. Although that's just wishful thinking on my part...

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miloblitheSep 6, 09:35 AMI was wondering which way it would go--I guess it's still up in the air. Basically I just see this as a $200 price drop, which is always welcome.

Except that doesn't take into account the superdrive and hard drive. It's more like a $100 price drop.

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alecOct 23, 10:11 AMNew MacBook Pro's and video iPods for some, abortions and miniature American flags for others

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Steven1621Mar 18, 11:09 PMi question the need for this since apple did make quite a bit of money last quarter.

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lejudicieuxNov 26, 11:30 PMThe only thing that irritates the **** out of me, Is the members here on MacRumors, I've been through this type of crap before, Apparently everyone was bullied as a child or something because when ANYONE says something that isn't correct or seems "odd" people here jump on them and make sure to rub whatever it is in their face.

People on the internet use blatant trolling and flaming so easily, but I can tell you that they would never do it in actual person given the chance. It's easy to act badass on the internet. They're pathetic and still talking about it pages later.

Hold your head high and be proud of your case; most of these morons treat their gadgets/etc like they're toys with no regard.

Don't loose faith in the internet, some of us are decent people.

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lord_flashJul 14, 05:23 AMSony has assumed way too much control with Blueray, so if I'd have to pick either format I'd go with HD-DVD. Lets not forget Microsoft is backing HD-DVD on the X-Box 360. Last week when I was at the game store, they said the add-on drive would be coming soon for around $100. Thats alot less than a blueray player.

And how often have consoled that come in two parts been successful? Sega MegaCD, anyone (Genesis CD)? Developers won't be able to use the HD-DVD drive because they reduce their potential market, so it's just a player. Why not buy a decent stand alone (as soon as there are any - the Toshiba was slated in reviews).

Like I said, HD-DVD and Blueray both suck in my opinion, too many DRM controls, too expensive, not enough difference really over DVD for most people....

That's content owners for you - they'll always demand that. It doesn't mean you can't burn your own disc without rights management - backing up photos etc to 50Gb wouldn't be too bad. A lot easier than changing DVDs 6-12 times.

Given the drives are out there and Apple are supporting the format, there is no reason not to make the option available. In fact given Apple's customer base outside the rabid geek community, Blu-ray creation capabilities would seem the way to go (Blu-Ray Studio Pro?). At �650/$1000 it isn't even that high a percentage of the overall price of a higher spec machine. Macs aren't cheap.

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donbadmanSep 6, 05:50 AMThe layout for the mini page on the uk store is different to usa with lots of white space on the right hand side, might be a new model?

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firewoodJun 22, 10:52 PMI'm confident that you will not see any computers running both Mac OS and iOS.

I see one every day.

Just run a UIKit app in the iPad Simulator (from the free Developer SDK) on your iMac. There's even 3rd party code that will allow you to use the multi-touch on your iPad to control your app in the Simulator on the iMac. And some apps can run 10X faster and have a bunch more memory available when running on the Simulator.

I have a couple experimental apps that look and feel better this way than their Mac native versions.

It's even possible for a developer to package compiled Simulator apps for other people to run on their Macs, but Apple hasn't made that process easy (yet!).

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OdduWonNov 28, 10:00 PMlol i expect a large number of zune related auto crashes.

it takes so long to get to where you want to go and to see what it is your picking you have tp serch for some visual heirachy that is not productive. ipod has this lower coeficecnt of visual digestion.

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*LTD*Apr 23, 12:17 AMNot this easy.

It's not so much about finding people at any moment, but knowing where they've been. And this file makes it dirt simple to find that out.

A guy in your terrorist cell claims he's not FBI, because he's never been to Washington DC. Even his phone contacts are all people nowhere near there. Yet what if his cache list says otherwise. He's probably dead.

By now, you also know that I always speak from personal experience when possible.

I was Military Intelligence and NSA in the heart of the Cold War. I did undercover field work at times. This kind of easy info is both priceless and dangerous. I've seen field officers compromised in almost every way imaginable. My scenarios are not stretches by any means.

Sorry, I just don't buy it. Isolated examples dependent upon a very rare set of circumstances that the average user won't encounter. I *do* believe your experience, you're very well versed when it comes to tech and no doubt well-treavelled, but this is just too much of a stretch. Yes, it's possible. But it's also possible to gain the same information in much more common and easier ways, instead of the super-spy scenario. I'm not sure how your terrorist cell example applies to anything relevant (or dangerous) for the average, everyday person.

I'm pretty sure your average FBI agent's iPhone (assuming they carry around iPhones) that has been cleared for use (and very likely modified) by the FBI can be stripped right down forensically and will have revealed absolutely nothing.

The average user who is *not* a secret agent really has nothing to be in up in arms about, provided they haven't just knocked off a bank or killed someone.

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tbobmccoyMar 23, 11:04 AMI'm surprised nobody's mentioned the blind. The Classic is the only iPod (other than the tiny Shuffle) that would be of any use to them. The 128,000 bps that's suicide-inducing for music is (sort of) OK for voice, and 220 GB would hold a LOT of Books on "Tape"�Hell, record your lectures too and you could carry a college education in your pocket! I expect quite a negative reaction from handicapped activists if they discontinue the iPod Classic.

Very true. For some, physical keys are essential, and until they create a way to modify the screen to incorporate tactile buttons on demand, there need to be physical key devices out there for those that cannot see. I do think that they will discontinue the use of hard drives sometime soon, though. Flash memory is just the way of the future.

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SciFrogNov 8, 07:04 PMbigadv are not available on windows but many are running virtual machines...

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TmelonApr 2, 04:31 PMIs anyone else losing their toolbar buttons and address bars in the toolbar when they enter Safari into fullscreen mode? I'm getting just a solid graphite bar at the top of the screen when I go into fullscreen. Tabs aren't showing in fullscreen either. This wasn't happening in DP 1.

I've been using a keyboard shortcut to remove the toolbar altogether when I don't need it, but that doesn't affect the solid graphite bar. Right now I need to exit fullscreen if I need to use the toolbar at all, and either way I still have the hardly-useful block of graphite at the top taking up some of the screen.

That block of graphite at the top should contain your Address bar, Back/Forward and search bar. DP2 autohides the tab bar and the favorites bar until you bring your mouse to the top of the screen. There's a screenshot of it earlier in the thread.

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OzuSep 6, 11:04 PMIt seems to me that the distribution of 480i content is pretty much settled. Netflix and Blockbuster do this well and at very competitive prices. I can't see that Apple would benefit much from trying to compete there.

How high-def content is distributed, on the other hand, is far from settled. In fact, the world of high-def video in 2006 looks a lot like the world of digital music in 1999; a technology consumers clearly want, but an emerging technology mired in competing standards and confusing technical details. Apple must have noticed that similarity.

I've had a beautiful 720p TV for eight months, and have yet to actually see anything in 720p on it. The closest I've come is hooking my MacBook up to it and watching quicktime trailers. I'm not going to buy a Blu-Ray or HDDVD player until the standards war is over and the players cost less than $300, and that's not going to happen until late 2007 at the earliest.

If I could buy a movie in 720p from the iTunes Music Store and watch it on my TV next Tuesday night I'd do it. Sure it'd take a few hours to download. But the alternative is to wait at least a year.

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SquireJan 12, 10:57 AMPeople here seem to want to condone ANY decision Apple may wish to make. Already people seem to be defensive on the "MacBook Air" name which is probably just a rumor and also seem to be defensive of Apple's decision to remove the optical drive - something we don't even know will happen!

Keep in mind the fact that this is a rumor site. People are expressing their opinions on things Apple is rumored to be doing. With respect to the name, the "MacBook Air" moniker was suggested by what the site administrators feel is a reliable source. As I mentioned previously, I don't mind the name. And, no, I'm not just saying that because I'm an Apple fan. (I did/do not like the name MacBook, for instance. It took some time to get used to. I still prefer iBook and PowerBook.)

With respect to the rumored removal of the optical drive, someone in another post put it best: Why should I have to carry around my (internal) optical drive now when I rarely use it? For a primary computer, it's pretty much essential. As a second computer with portability being a primary feature, I say get rid of it.

Again, I'm commenting on what Apple is rumored to do because, well, this particular thread relates to a rumor.


P.S. I know where you're coming from in relation to people defending Apple's every move, even when it's unfair to the consumer. Sometimes that happens. This, however, isn't one of those cases in my opinion.

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apb3Aug 18, 01:08 AMEspecially since they have ads on their music stations now. Sirius had 600,00 subscribers before Stern and now has over 4 million. Sirius WILL surpass XM sometime in the next year. The reasons are simple:

1. Howard Stern
2. Exclusive NFL, NBA, NHL (all now) and Nascar (as of 2007) programming.
3. Commercial-free music stations

XM has ads on the MUSIC stations?? ugh. Do you have both XM and Sirius or did you see that somewhere? I'd like to read that press release to see what they have to say and how they spin it. "We're not terrestrial radio, we're better. Oh wait, we are pretty much the same now... buy Crest! Sirius who?"

I understand the commercials/ads on talk-type radio on Sirius - and XM too I assume - especially the live ones as it takes time to change guests, pee, put the seat back down, set up segments, etc... and even recorded ones need separators/change of pace markers or whatever of sorts. If it brings in more revenue so my subscription is a bit lower, OK, I can deal. But not on the music channels. I can tell you, being able to hear and have personalities use the F-word and talk about pooh graphically (while sometimes funny) was not the main reason for my decison to go from terrestrial radio to Sirius (before Stern even made the leap). One of the big motivations was not having to sit through those lame local commercials touting some local PC repair man or dental office (sorry if that's you...) or the stations next "big" promotion just to hear a few songs I may or may not like. I want Punk or rap or old standards or comedy or Korean or way-out-there commentary? I tune to that specific station and know I will hear what I am in the mood for without idiotic offers for 0% financing until 2008 for those who qualify - I have the yellow pages and google, thanks.

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jeff303Jul 20, 05:45 PMStock-price is irrelevant, what matter is the market-capitalization. Quite often I see people comparing two companies and saying stuff like "Company A has a shareprice of $50, whereas Company B has a shareprice of $60. Therefore Company B is better".

I guess Berkshire Hathaway is the Capo di Tutti Capi of companies, since their shareprice is over 90.000 dollars!

Not quite. The main thing that makes a stock attractive is consistent growth and strong financials (increasing profits, increasing tax liability, decreasing percentage of operating costs, etc.) This is the reason Apple's stock looks so good right now; today's announcement shows strong growth this quarter and suggests the trend will continue.

LollypopAug 7, 12:40 AMIf I didn�t have to work this would feel like xmas morning!!! :D If apple are saying these things about leopard they must be very very confident, as much as I love tiger I would love to see Vista smashed into the ground, and apple can do it!

Last week I was hoping for a few new things, now with a lot of potential promise from leopard I will be fine with leopard, the new pros... and maybe the iphone! LOL

<side note... does anyone know how to attach excitement to a post, I can just do pics? :p >

rfaheySep 14, 12:38 PMIt isn't even September 30th. For all we know Apple may need more time to evaluate and extend the program another month. Where's confirmation that the program is canceled that day? I wouldn't go off touting that Apple's canceling a program that hasn't been canceled. What you're upset that Apple's not keeping us in the loop? When has Apple EVER kept us in the loop?

guezSep 7, 03:37 PMActually the move to Intel has opened Apple to fast depreciation - and that isnt going away.

Many here seem to 'bitch' that Mac is now in competition with the PC in the hardware stakes and sadly that damages your resale value however the benefits are immense, I am sure Apple will be able to secure lower unit costs aswell as faster processors and newer technology. Its great for apple and for us buying, just bad if you sell hardware before it looses all value completely. It also means we will see these refreshes more often and so we will be buying more up to date hardware which as a PC user is great...

This raises an interesting question. I'm not so much interested in depreciation as obsolescence. My experience has been that if you buy the right Mac (this is key), it can last 4 years, or more, and system updates/upgrades will not seriously degrade performance (sometimes there can even be an improvement, as with Panther). This is NOT my experience with Wintel. Is this going to change with Intel? Perhaps the readership of this blog does not fall in this category, but Macs have historically appealed to those who want to spend a little more money for more value (including a longer useful life)-the same people who drive a Honda Civic into the ground rather than buying a Chevy Malibu every three years (sorry, I couldn't think of another example).

Are we entering the age of the Walmart-ifation of Macs: less value, but cheaper?

daneoniJan 11, 09:04 PMThe only reason i can see it being called Air is because its all wireless....i.e. it connects to its Docking station wirelessly via Ultrawideband wireless USB (which would also connect the External Optical), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc

I still call BS though.

EolianMar 23, 02:31 PMYou still don't get it. It is having all your music with you. The choice to play anything you feel in the mood to hear , not that you play it all from start to finish.

Exactly ~ does one read every book in the library when they walk in?

The folks that don't understand the Classic, well, they don't understand the Classic :rolleyes: