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lordonuthinMar 18, 01:32 PMso i hit 5 million points on jan 27, and i hit 6 million points today. so that last million took me 49 days. not my best so far, but hopefully once i get back to my apartment next month i'll be back in business

Grats on 6 mil!!

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princess diana wedding photos.

mowoggJan 3, 02:12 PMI don't read too much into the Apple home page image. I think it only means that the transition to Intel is over and now Apple can concentrate on other efforts.
I think the keynote will yield few surprises. I foresee a lengthy demonstration of Leopard, giving the consumer POV, and how great it will be. Maybe a few more features will be leaked out, but probably the focus will be on the consumer-level stuff like stationary in Also, iChat will take up a lot of time.
I think we'll see some upgrades to the MacPro line. Maybe more cores or processors or something, but what you might expect. Likely Blu-ray BTO option.
iLife will get an update, with most of the changes in iWeb, which will support multiple site construction. It will be more robust and Steve will make a couple of sites with it. iWork will see some more templates and transitions, but no spreadsheet app will be shown. They may offer further integration with iApps and address book/mail (Leopard-only)
iTV (whatever it's called) will make a minor appearance, and some more details will emerge, but other than front row integration, it won't be a big deal.
No phone of any kind will be presented. Steve will publicly quash the rumor saying that Apple has looked at the existing market and can't find a value-add there. After that, a bluetooth iPod/cell phone interface will be presented that allows your iPod to show caller ID and shut off when a call comes in. It also allows for initiating calls from the iPod address book.
iPods will get a HD bump to 100Gb & 60Gb at the same price point, Nano & Shuffles may also get larger storage, but not likely.
No wide screen iPod will be shown. Steve will say it saps too much battery life, and will point to the Zune as the example of "what not to do". Steve will note that most cars sold in the US have iPod integration and how 2007 will be a banner year for iPod integration in home & car.
A Mighty Mouse MKII will debut in both wired and BT form, with a better track ball (non-analog) and industry-leading battery life on the BT version.

I think that'll be about it.

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theBBJul 18, 04:38 PMAbout your claim that movies down take advantage of surround sound, you cannot be more wrong. Are you still watching VHS? Almost all DVDs using Dolby Digital 5.1 encoding and some better ones use DTS (which I love). These make a huge difference. Again, looking at the tech savvy customers that are early adopters, you have to think about movies like iRobot, Star Wars, War of the Worlds, Batman Begins, Spider Man 1 and 2, Bourne Supremacy, etc. These DVDs have impressive sound that cannot be expressed in stereo.
I know they are encoded with these formats, but very few DVDs actually take advantage of "directional" abilities of them. Yes, 5 speaker systems make you feel a bit more immersed in sound compared to just 2 small speakers on your TV. However, very few movies I watch gives me the feeling that something coming from behind just whizzed by me on the left side or some animal just roared or chirped on the right. Among these very few might be Bourne Supremacy or Star Wars, but liked I've said, a lot of movies just don't even bother working on that angle.

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Princess Diana#39;s Wedding Tiara

MUBiomedFeb 20, 09:43 PMCurrent setup... my sig.

It is time to drink the intel Kool-aid my friend

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The Prince and Princess of

VulpinemacApr 19, 01:41 PMWirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

One step closer to a MBA refresh.

Good grief, man! We just had an MBA refresh a couple months ago. Give it a break!

Personally, I'm waiting for the next major iMac update that puts it into an all new chassis.

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Gowns amp; Tiaras - Princess

EidorianAug 24, 10:16 PMUpdate please! My brother will switch immediately.

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Princess Diana wears the

QuarterSwedeApr 10, 06:18 PMas the other guys have said, in the UK automatics are pretty rare. i think we all know one friend or so who has an Auto only license, everyone else just gets a normal license.

if you are the sort of person who enjoys driving to any degree then a manual gearbox is much better. autos are just so boring, they never kick down when you need it or bizarrely hold on to a gear for much longer than you were expecting. im sure there are some good autos out there but they will always be more inefficient than a manual.
When is the last time you were in an automatic and what year/make/model was the car?

Automatics these days are generally a LOT better than they used to be. This is coming from someone who really loves driving a stick on country roads and likes the control you get from one.

I'm starting to think most stick drivers are blind to how much automatics have changed.

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And here Princess Diana is

rezenclowd3Jan 9, 08:50 PMIt was/ is very clean and well cared for. Right now its a 5ft paint job, which is all orig :o I have all 22 years of records which is damn nice. How much did I pay? I'd rather not say, but as a reference, I think one looking for such a clean car in good mechanical condition pay $4-5k for a car with no mods. Blue book for these cars with the mileage they typically have is $2k. I completely overpaid for a stock car, however I wanted a clean/ mechanically excellent car that's ready for competition, so I was willing to pay quite a premium to find EXACTLY what I was looking for.

After owning this for a week and 1 day, I want to now purchase a 325i convertible. I missed a few steals last month :( However all would probably have needed just $3-4k in work to make it another DD.

BTW when quoting, at the max only include 1 pic. It's a pita to scroll through the same pics 2x. Thanks for the compliment though.

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the illusion of a tiara,

DaveismoneyFeb 26, 10:16 AM


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-Princess Diana Wedding

NinjaHEROApr 3, 08:55 AMI feel like Apple could be saving some money here. Supplies are strained and there is a several week wait to get one. Do you really need more commercials right now?

Of course they are making billions of dollars, so I am sure they know what they are doing. :D

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Diana, Princess of Wales

NameUndecidedApr 3, 01:01 AMIt worked for me too on DP1. On DP2, I had to install Snow Leopard first.

Ooh. Thought you were talking about the installs for both previews. I installed developer preview 2 over the first, so I didn't realize. It still doesn't sound very accurate to me.

Forgive me -- this is what I'm understanding from you:
DP1 can install onto a blank disk/partition.
DP2 can't install on a blank disk/partition. Needs to install as an update on top of DP 1 or Snow Leopard. (?)

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princess diana wedding tiara.

zwidaSep 6, 07:52 PMIt's too bad that these Hollywood execs will not let Apple handle how movies will be distributed.

Apple will win them over, I suspect. Or rather, the dollar signs in their own eyes will win them over.

That is, if it works (which I guess I have to believe it will).

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Princess Diana Cambridge Love

ucfgrad93Apr 9, 04:41 PMI learned how to drive on a stick shift. It has been awhile since I have driven one, but I'm sure I still could.

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princess diana wedding tiara.

KingslyAug 6, 11:40 PMMore pix of the same... in case anyone cares!
1) WWDC2006!!
2) the now infamous banners�
3) me, with the now infamous baners�
4) Nifty computer bags� they are giving out
5) delicious gelato� :p

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princess diana wedding tiara.

skinniezinhoNov 26, 04:26 PMSwatch New Gent "black Rebel"

Seagate Momentus XT 500Gb 32Mb Cache 4Gb "SSD"

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princess diana wedding tiara.

KnightWRXApr 27, 04:29 AMI dont know if they did, but it sounds like they didn't. That's the difference here. Apple was granted the trademark.

Nope, they weren't. The trademark is in its opposition phase right now, it has not been granted yet. Microsoft has filed opposition to it.

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princess diana wedding tiara.

ArtOfWarfareApr 12, 08:25 PMNormally I go spoiler-free, but given I seriously doubt Apple will release an official video for download, I'll just follow twitter feeds as this unfolds...

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princess diana wedding tiara.

(marc)Mar 18, 07:35 AMYou know it. I would even go so far as to say it's ridiculous! :rolleyes:

In full disclosure, I've had a borderline man-crush on Obama since he announced he was running for POTUS... but when I heard about this UN resolution, my heart just sank. Eight years of Bush "forcefully spreading the gospel of democracy 'round the world" idiocy and we appear to have learned nothing. Nothing. :(

Would you rather have the Libyan people (who have called for help!) slaughtered by Gaddafi?

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Replica Princess Diana Silver

surroundfanSep 6, 09:19 AMThey are expensive, with a lack of hard disc capacity when compared against the new iMacs and existing PowerBooks ( which I'm sure are also about to go Dual Core 2.

The latest pathetic Mac Mini upgrade continues to highlight the idiocy of the decision to build a cheap 'switcher' computer using expensive notebook parts.

For the foreseeable future, compared to your cheap desktop from the purveyors of fine beige boxes, the Mac Mini will lack HDD space, CPU speed, expandability, decent optical drives, and the low, low price tag of the machines it is (supposed) to compete against...

(Yes, we understand why we should buy a Mac, but most folks are only interested in raw numbers. Remember this is theoretically supposed to be Apple's answer to the cheap crap piled high and sold cheap in the WalMarts and Harvey Normans of the world).

BRLawyerMar 24, 01:54 PMWould definitely be great if they would just support off-the-shelf graphics cards. I'd be a little surprised, but I've given up saying that Apple will or won't do something just because of their prior decisions.


Well, it seems like the fabled xMac is finally coming for some... :rolleyes:

PodHeadDec 1, 10:35 PMThe concept of internet based content is very attractive, bandwidth issues aside. I pay too much money for too many channels I don't need/want. And I don't want to watch when NBC tells me too. A selective subscription to the media I'm interested in is just what I want. The lowered cost associated with online distribution versus a whole network of channels being pumped into every home opens the door for the little guys with very focused content to get stuff out there, just like podcasts, and hopefully make enough money to keep improving their material.

Very interesting point. With video podcast, everyone can have a TV show. Imagine that...independent T.V. Much like indie music.

BuiltApr 3, 05:55 AMAh, the fine sound of someone clutching at straws...

You'd do better to revise your opinion with a little more research and analysis, rather than keep digging yourself into ever more ridiculous holes in an argument you don't even realise you have lost.

Another Apple apologist surfaces! Instead of holding Apple responsible for providing a defect-free product, you make excuses for them and ridicule those for whom such major issues as light bleed and other quality control issues are unacceptable in a relatively costly piece of consumer electronics.

You are all quite entertaining in your defense of Apple...especially Matassas or whatever his name his trying to pass the light bleed issue as minor and isolated, despite the fact that it is being reported all over the Internet. The only real trolls here are you and your fellow Apple apologists.

SirOmegaAug 24, 11:21 PMYeah! I was looking at a bunch of minis for a rendering farm, and given the SSE performance improvement over the yonahs (the Pentium-M series have been weak in FP traditionally) this should be fun.

Ted WitcherMar 22, 05:10 PMIs there an app in which the face of the iPod touch/iPhone has a digital scroll wheel on the bottom half and a screen on the top half to simulate the iPod Classic interface? Maybe that would be enough to satiate the holders on to the classic?