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stompyNov 27, 02:11 PMI think Apple will specifically NOT make a 17" Monitor as Digitimes are so astonishingly innaccurate :rolleyes:.

LOL, right you are. Anything from Digitimes should automatically go to page 2.

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Miranda Lambert#39;s hairstyle

eenuAug 16, 11:52 AMAlso, I think this may iimpact one of the features I use most, Lib sharing at home.

there is a destinct difference between 'sharing' and 'synching'.

miranda lambert hairstyles 2011. miranda lambert acm 2011
miranda lambert acm 2011

TangoCharlieAug 30, 03:50 AMThose speeds line up exactly with the T5000 series of Merom.

Intel T2400 Core Duo Yonah 1.83GHz 667MHz 2MB, Retail, BX80539T2400
Intel T2300 Core Duo Yonah 1.66Ghz 667MHz 2MB, Retail, BX80539T2300

Looks like the CPU speeds match onto Yonah parts too :rolleyes:

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surroundfanSep 6, 07:34 AMNew Mac Minis have landed. Core Duo 1.66 and 1.83. Otherwise the same...

160GB HDD option though. Just the thing for a media centre...

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miranda lambert acm 2011.

timmillwoodOct 23, 07:49 AMsorry to quote myself, but i just realized that the UK Mac Expo is this week, and that would be a good venue for releasing new MBPs

so my prediction is Oct 26 at the UK MacExpo.


i think they will stick with Tuesday then just show it off at the EXPO, this will be a silent update because no invites have been sent so there is no reason to wait for friday when they can do it Monday.

I hope to have it order Tuesday and delivered by the end of the week?
Any chance?

miranda lambert hairstyles 2011. miranda lambert acm 2011.
miranda lambert acm 2011.

SchneiderManNov 24, 04:02 AMI rented The Expendables. It's a pretty hard core, kick ass movie!

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miranda lambert acm 2011 dress

ChundlesJul 18, 06:19 AMCan someone do the math? What would the file size be for 2 hour movie at present? What about if it were compressed into a zip or tz file? What would it be if the quality were improved? How long would it take to download these files with dialup, on dsl, on cable. I would think that most people would not be downloading using their offices T1 connection ;)

How long would you wait or tie up your computer's internet connection to download an old movie from Disney?

OK, I'm just going to do the maths...

Let's see, divide by 1024.....carry the one....add 6...average speed of an unladen swallow...take the inverse and...

The answer is: Very BIG!!

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4 May 2011 . Miranda Lambert

mefckApr 26, 02:57 PMAnd for all the non-legal "experts" out there.

Windows can be trademarked because while it is a generic term, it is not a generic term that describes the product or service.

If "Windows" was a window company, it could not be trademarked because it is a generic terms that describes the product or service.

A huge difference.

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blake now have Miranda

mambodancerJul 18, 10:18 PMI think you are confusing the term HD in various context.

A movie file (computer file) can be in HD resolution (1280x720 or 1920x1080) encoded in a variety of formats (MPEG2, MPEG4-H.264 aka AVC, Microsoft VC-1).

If the non-DRM'd file is available on your computer, you can view them using a variety of playback software such as Quicktime, Windows Media Player, VLC player, etc.

However, you rented HD-DVD. This is a physical media that requires a blu-laser based HD-DVD player to play it on. Currently only Toshiba sells such a player as a standalone player HD-A1 I believe. They also have a high-end laptop with this player built-in. So, you need a HD-DVD readable drive to playback the HD-DVD disc you rented from Netflix.

What Apple is talking about is authoring HD disks. You can make HD movies using Final Cut Pro or even iMovie by importing a HD movie (probably in HDV format). Then create a DVD image of it that is capable of HD. I have not used this feature - so I don't know the details.

I would have preferred a way to burn H.264 based HD movies into a standard DVD (red laser based single or dual layer DVD) and play it back on a low cost player that can do H.264 decoding (including HD resolution). I guess a Mac Mini is one such beast ;-)

That's what I figured. I knew it was too much to hope that I could play HD-DVD's in my iMac without buying a stand alone player. Oh, well. Thanks for the reply.

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mp3, Miranda

longofestJul 19, 03:48 PMWhat, the analysts weren't even close? I'm shocked. :rolleyes:

Actually, the analysts were pretty close this time, except for the profit margins. I'm thinking that the fact that the iPod is now using older parts (therefore cheaper parts) is pushing the cost down for Apple, and hence really making it a big cash cow and driving up the profit margin, even if they aren't selling quite as many as last quarter (which also has to do with seasonal decline).

Edit: oops... it appears as though the analysts definitely did blow the whole revenue expectation a bit. Missed that.

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miranda lambert acm

JUiCEJamieMar 26, 12:38 PMAMEN! :D Get this on all iOS devices with the A5 and integrated with the new Apple TV with the A5 and AirPlay and WOW!!! Not just games either, I think apps on the AppleTV will be some sort of hybrid between devices and you will be able to AirPlay the apps to your TV!

This is going to change everything, AGAIN! :cool:

Sounds really awesome! And AppleTV was the first thing on my mind about this too..

Now, I know we're all wishing this to happen.
But is there already a method in place of being able to create this?

Can Developers do this....? But, they haven't got round to it yet?!
Or have Apple not opened this up to be created yet?

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miranda lambert acm 2011 dress

KreamyOct 23, 06:48 PMall i can say about this thread is MEH... :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

it seems that every week there is a new fu*#ing thread about impending macbook pro updates. if you want one now - just go buy it. my macbook pro rips the socks of my g5. :eek:

if you are waiting for something special going by figures on the core2duo, it will be ripping the socks of the current macbook pro by 10 % . :rolleyes:

we are only talking seconds here - maybe your boot time will be 5 sec quicker than a current model. maybe you will be able to encode a movie 30 seconds quicker (mind you this type of operation takes minutes to complete) . are you going to specially go out and check that yours boots better than a current model one?? if you are, then well... umm - see a doctor first :p

are you really going to put the processors to the test and run them at full utilization for long periods of time to prove all these things? if you do, your macbook pro will self combust through the table, or even worse - your lap!!:eek:

finally, all of these new components that everyone is waiting for generate more heat. more ram, new video cards, and chips will generate more heat. macbook pro's are hot enough.... to accommodate all of these new hotter components, a new cooling system would need to be developed. these things take time.

i reakon there will be a minor speed bump (.3 of a Ghz mind you... :rolleyes: ) next week and a total revision at macworld in january - 90 days from now...

flame me if you wish but just sit back and think about real life scenario's where a core 2 duo will REALLY be of massive benefit to you.... santa rosa is the platform you should wait for.


I love reading the one off posts from a bitter MBP owner who's precious is on the verge of discontinue...ment...

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miranda lambert cma awards

EraserheadMar 19, 07:39 AMWell given there is a UN resolution in favour its not a coalition of the willing.

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miranda lambert acm 2011 shoes

batitomboApr 21, 10:58 PMThis is what I think about this: http://youtu.be/O6b9P963jW8?hd=1

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miranda lambert acm dress

tristangageNov 26, 05:26 PMhttp://www.radphone.info/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/d4125f3e4ezlynrx.jpg.jpg

Wanna know something awesome? (if that game is the same as the one released for xbox/ps3/other consoles,) My brother did the voiceover 'sounds' for Harry Potter in that game :D

.. I say sounds, as there isn't actually any speech, but noises made when jumping, or pushing, or being hit by spells etc were all my brother :)

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spineAug 16, 09:08 AMIs an iPhone going to be able to download or stream music?
Maybe the iPhone will be the wireless device, not the iPod.

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miranda lambert kerosene

twoodccJan 9, 09:33 AMcongrats to SciFrog for 4 million points!

i also recently got 4 million points. but i think my ppd is going down. the last 2 days have been bad for me, and it's looking like it might stay that way

it took me roughly 18-19 days to go from 3 mil to 4 mil. my best yet. but 4 to 5 probably won't be any faster, but we'll see

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miranda lambert acm dresses.

Amazing IcemanApr 21, 12:18 PMconsolidated.db is in a protected area of iOS, normally inaccessible to users, unless the phone is jailbroken.
The existence of this file has been known for years, just that some moron decided to make a big issue out of it. There are iphone forensics books that talk about this file, dating from at least two years back.

AFAIK, the purpose of this file is mainly to track the location of the cell towers. If you pay attention to the video released, you'll notice that around the locator cursor appear some other random points, changing as the subject moves. Those should be the cell towers.

The approach to gather this file is by accessing the iTunes backup of the phone on the computer itself. This file is encrypted, but someone with access to the computer can find the keys and decrypted. There are already available some tools to do that.

In the end, a user careless enough to let their enemies access their computer and phone deserves to get hacked. There's no way around it, everything is hackable.

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miranda lambert cma dress

CyberBob859Jun 22, 12:58 PMThen what was the point in the iPad?

I think the question should be - what would be the point of the iOS layer?

It's not like OS/X has no program support. Which would people rather run - the full OS/X iWork programs or the limited iOS versions on their desktop? And as others pointed out - some iOS programs require hardware support (GPS, accelerometers, etc) that an iMac wouldn't have or need.

iOS as a replacement for Dashboard? Maybe. I can see some apps replacing Dashboard programs and being more useful.

iOS could be used as a "front-end" for touch and gesture support, much the same way as HP has their touch-designed programs on top of Windows 7 for their all-in-one Touchsmart PC's.

Instead of touching the screen, the rumored Magic Pad, along with the current Magic Mouse brings full gesture support to iMac via the iOS layer. So, you would have a Magic Pad, a small wireless keyboard, and the Magic Mouse in front of you, and navigate that way.

But - will iAds come to the desktop now?

steadysignalApr 25, 10:28 AMTime to hide my iPhone file from the wife:rolleyes:

Seriously......privacy issues seem all over the place in this digital age....here is another example.

I guess we need a law disclosing if such and such device tracks you and needs to disclose that to you clearly via a warning label/other....

will a law stop the data from being used against you?

iJawn108Jan 1, 05:24 PMI think we'll see QT 8 previewed.:D

Hans BrixApr 14, 12:17 AMhaving driven a manual for over 10 years, it gets annoying quite often...

Driving in traffic never bothered me. Pop in first, let off clutch to get moving, and then back into neutral. Second nature after a time.

firestarterApr 12, 09:34 PMPeople detection or NSA spoofer code. People should have the right to turn this stuff off. Hope FCP doesn't impose it without an option to disable.

Tin foil hat feeling a bit tight this evening?

wmmkJul 13, 11:23 PMHD-DVD all the way.
I respect your opinion, but why do you think that HD-DVD is better? The price aspect? In that case, I'd agree, but doubt that Apple or Sony would, because they always tend to try to have the newest top of the line stuff. Then again, Apple is a supporter of both HD-DVD an BluRay, which could really play out in an interesting way.