pictures of long haired chihuahua puppies

pictures of long haired chihuahua puppies. (L) Long Haired Chihuahua
(L) Long Haired Chihuahua

Vogue HarperNov 28, 02:12 AM

pictures of long haired chihuahua puppies. Deer Header Chihuahua Puppy
Deer Header Chihuahua Puppy

faroZ06Apr 3, 01:31 AMAgreed. Those ads killed my ability to defend Apple fandom by saying the snooty arrogance is just some peoples baseless perception.


There's an app for that was kinda good.
But if you don't have an iPhone, you can't do this? It just makes it look like a useless device.

Actually, I'm perfectly happy without any Apple stuff besides my iMac. I didn't have an iPod until a week ago, so I was using some tape player for music :D mainly because I didn't care enough about randomly listening to music to buy an iPod.

pictures of long haired chihuahua puppies. Dog - Long haired Chihuahua
Dog - Long haired Chihuahua

Xero910Apr 7, 03:14 PMThe spotlight index bug is because a decimal point is in the wrong place.

Days = Hours
Hours = Minutes
Minutes = Seconds

Works fine, but displays incorrect format.

pictures of long haired chihuahua puppies. long haired chihuahua puppy
long haired chihuahua puppy

richard.macApr 3, 12:26 AMRecent files now show in the Dock menu of closed and open apps (not sure if this is new), clicking show recents shows them as tiles like as in DP1


Spotlight has smaller icons and Google and Wikipedia (been mentioned), but now has dictionary meanings again and the pronunciation


Directory Utility now has an editor which is like OS X Server's Workgroup Manager. presumably as Server will be included now.

- can press ctrl+up again to close Mission Control, doesnt work with ctrl-down for Expos� app windows though
- the Sites folder in home is gone (Apache and Web Sharing still there though)

overall things just seem a little quicker, animations are smoother and getting less Dock, SystemUIServer & Finder crashes. still a few crashes and UI bugs around the place.

pictures of long haired chihuahua puppies. The long-coated male Chihuahua
The long-coated male Chihuahua

toddybodyApr 26, 12:50 PMWheres FullOfWin when you need him?

pictures of long haired chihuahua puppies. of our long coat Chihuahua
of our long coat Chihuahua

Small White CarMar 22, 03:58 PMThe eMac hung around for a long time.

I'd certainly believe that Apple will keep selling these things online for several years, long after they take them out of the retail stores.

Sales to dance club DJs alone probably makes it worth it to keep making them.

This does make sense. It's also a nice opportunity to add Thunderbolt to a device.


The big problem with hard drives is that they're slow. How would a faster connection help an iPod Classic in any way?

pictures of long haired chihuahua puppies. long haired chihuahua puppies
long haired chihuahua puppies

adrianblaineOct 24, 06:13 AMAPPLE STORE IS DOWN,

no joke

at least in Germany

Thumbs up :)

The only stores I found still up were the US and Canada

pictures of long haired chihuahua puppies. with her 6 pups. Velvet
with her 6 pups. Velvet

henrikroxMar 25, 07:36 PMActually, I don't think there's any reason someone couldn't develop a way to use a PS3 controller with an iOS device. It would probably take some work, and Apple wouldn't allow it in the App Store, but I don't see why it can't be done right now. I mean, I use a PS3 as a mouse for my TV Mac Mini.

Apple won't allow it. They see this as a touch device. They would thereof never allow s controller. Also if you did have a controller.

Its not going to work on any game on the iPad. It's not written for it. So it will not ever happen.

People? Wireless projection of a game to a screen? Really guys. Be reasonable. It would delay as hell

pictures of long haired chihuahua puppies. brown long haired chihuahua
brown long haired chihuahua

MultimediaNov 23, 10:32 AMHappy Thanksgiving everyone! I thought the Mac mini would be Core 2 Duo by now for sure. I guess they still have quite a backlog of Core Duo units not yet sold. Maybe they're getting killer discounts from Intel on those old slow Core Duo processors.

Seems like the supply of the faster Clovertowns is probably weak enough for Apple to wait until January at least. My own thought now is that if we have to wait for January, might as well wait a little longer for the Stoakley-Seaburg (SS) chips ( to ship so the first 8-core Mac Pro can be a really killer machine. Then there's also the issue of Leopard shipping about the same time the full on 8-core with SS setup will be really ready in quantity so Apple can keep up with demand.

So I've set my brain on March '07 now so I won't have another prematurely earger anticipation attack before then. That way if it happens sooner I'll be pleasantly surprised but still may wait for it to ship with Leopard. I will also feel a lot better spending $4k+ on an 8-core with SS inside as well. I'm thinking that may be Apple's plan too. Seems like they would not want to release their first 8-core MP crippled with bottlenecks they know will be opened up in only a few more months. It's also gonna be the most expensive Mac ever sold and I'm sure they want to give their customers their money's worth while at the same time giving their competition headaches. ;) The fact that it is in HD? I suppose so. The concert itself groundbreaking? Well, hopefully that's not what you meant or else you've obviously never seen a show across the pond... :p ;) :cool:Yeah I was referring to the fact that it's in HD and some of the best music concert editing I have ever seen. Just amazing Emmy Award worthy editing.

The last concert I saw across the pond was a YES concert in Genoa Italy in summer of 1972. :D

pictures of long haired chihuahua puppies. The Boat #10 long coat
The Boat #10 long coat

ThaDogggApr 2, 07:41 PMGreat ad! Glad to see something new from Apple.

pictures of long haired chihuahua puppies. Long Coat Chihuahua puppy for
Long Coat Chihuahua puppy for

p0intblankSep 1, 12:29 PMA 23-inch iMac seems like it would be too large for me, unless they change the form factor. Like someone posted above, it'd be great if they fit everything into a 23-inch Cinema Display-like form. If Apple did that, I would be very interested in getting one.

pictures of long haired chihuahua puppies. Pictures of long hair
Pictures of long hair

Fubar1977Apr 10, 09:46 AMIn europe there`s nothing "rare" about a manual `box at all.
In fact, I don`t actually know anyone who can`t drive "stick".
I like both equally but in different circumstances.
Manual gives you better control/economy if you know how to drive it but for stop/start or city driving I`ll take an auto any day.
Just gone back to manual from auto in fact.
If I like the car then I`m not really bothered what `box it has.

That said, VW/Audi`s DSG semi auto`s are excellent.

pictures of long haired chihuahua puppies. Long Haired Chihuahua
Long Haired Chihuahua

guezAug 29, 11:04 AMThis is exactly what I predicted would happen when Apple went Intel. Now that Macs can be compared component for component with Wintel machines and new hardware is coming out every month, everyone is worked up about keeping up with latest thing at the best possible price and getting increasingly frustrated with Apple's unwillingness to create a product line with 10000 different machines that each compete with dollar for dollar and component for component with every other machine on the market. Meanwhile, we have people talking about $299 machines with DVD burners (AND Windows? I'd like to see THAT!).

If you're so concerned about keeping up with the Jones, just buy a Dell, already.

pictures of long haired chihuahua puppies. Long Haired Chihuahua Puppies
Long Haired Chihuahua Puppies

KaibelfApr 21, 11:41 AMWhat about Apple? Why don't they go after them for tracking every little thing you do with their services. If you want to talk about a company that violates & then documents our privacy go after Apple.

Don't be a fool.

You sign up for that when you agree to their TOS and buy their products. I don't recall a single person signing off on having their wi-fi sniffed and recorded by Google's mapping cars. :eek:

pictures of long haired chihuahua puppies. The long-coat Chihuahuas
The long-coat Chihuahuas

RoessnakhanFeb 19, 08:31 PMHasn't changed too much this time around

How do you like the Dash? Saw one on woot the other day.

pictures of long haired chihuahua puppies. Long Hair Chihuahua Puppies
Long Hair Chihuahua Puppies

GrimaceAug 16, 07:15 AMI hope to god they don't use bluetooth. I've had nothing but bad sound quality with those types of headphones.

pictures of long haired chihuahua puppies. stock photo : long haired
stock photo : long haired

miloSep 6, 09:02 AMDude, the MBP was updated in late April of this year, why would you think it'll be updated four and a half months later??

Because new mobile chips just started shipping! You're nuts if you think MBP's won't be updated in the next couple weeks. There have already been confirmations from the retail channel based on supply constraints and similar things. It will probably be any day now.

You are mistaken. MBP was introduced January 10. It will go all new design and Core 2 Duo next Tuesday for sure.

Read his post, he said it was UPDATED in april, not introduced then. Which it was, they updated the 15 when the 17 shipped. And I doubt that the MBP announcement will be part of the Showtime presentation, but it should be soon.

pictures of long haired chihuahua puppies. Long Haired Chihuahua
Long Haired Chihuahua

Delicious-AppleNov 30, 11:34 AMA Touchscreen device is what I would like to see with the iTV (iTablet, Video iPod or iPhone). The beginnings of a device that can sync/serve every area of your digital life.

Leopard Features and iTV Companions:
iChat with the remote desktop features in particular
Bonjour, iCal, iSync, .Mac, iLife, Front Row etc

Video iPod/iTablet:
A touch screen Chameleon that acts as a remote control, Video/Music iPod, games controller and much more.

* Check your email on the way out of the office,
* View your Nike+Apple Stats/Report for the day,
* Dock the device in your car and listen to some music to unwind as you drive home,
* Walk through the door and automatically sync with iTV (and your Mac which is acting as a server),
* Collapse on the sofa and challenge your kids to a game (iTV or Mac based games of varying complexity). Turn your portable tablet landscape and it becomes a controller,
* Dock the device next to your mac for recharging, drag and drop new software components for added functionality.

Apple could add other hardware components such as lighting/home applicance control, wireless speaker systems, digital iPhoto frames; the list goes on FOREVER!

Software Add-Ons (iTunes style) would become the big sellers. Add lighting control functionality, game controller functionality, music functionality, email, basic photo editing. It's a DIY computer made up of modules.

It may take a few years of drip feeding for us to get there but I'm waiting, impatiently!!! :D

pictures of long haired chihuahua puppies. brown long haired chihuahua
brown long haired chihuahua

entropysApr 19, 04:42 PMApart from the obvious (sandy bridge and thunderbolt) what I would like to see is an SSD solution like in the MBA, say about 64GB is probably enough to store the OS and applications, with a 1TB HDD as the base configuration.

That would give the speed boost to the OS and app launching and operations, without the space problems of a bolt-in SSD, and would leave the cheap, easily upgradable storage

SchneiderManSep 9, 07:47 PMIncipio is now shipping DermaSHOT cases

mdatwoodApr 26, 02:02 PMMatts Macintosh describes 1984 Mac System 1 comes with dash-board like widgets. Video:

Interesting video, although being able to open a calculator seems to be a generous definition of widget.

jettredmontApr 12, 10:25 PMThis all started just because I said I hope Final Cut doesn't turn into iMovie. Somehow that turned into iMovie is pro and Final Cut is the Model T of editing.

No, no one said iMovie was Pro. You said you didn't want FCP to take the same "backward step" iMovie did. The hue and cry here is that, where we stand now, iMovie is a far more capable editor than iMovie HD ever was, and has room to grow where iMovieHD did not. It was NOT a step backwards.

Your rebuttal has been that iMovie is not pro, but that's obvious. iMovie HD was not pro (and was significantly less capable than iMovie today is in terms of precision editing, audio work, etc).

For my hobby work (NOT pro), I went from a die-hard Final Cut Pro user (I worked for Apple and got a hell of a discount on FCStudio) to an iMovie user with the past two revs of iMovie. I tried and simply could not use iMovie HD for what I wanted to do. I hit some barriers with iMovie today, but nothing like the crap that iMovie HD and before gave me.

TimDaddyApr 3, 04:52 AMI didn't realize this was an Apple ad until the very end. Granted, I wasn't on the edge of my seat paying close attention. I was too worried about my Wildcats losing in the final 4. About halfway through the ad I noticed that the little tablet thingy was actually an iPad, and that got me wondering what the commercial was for. Didn't seem at all like an Apple commercial of late, which is a good thing because I think they were getting pretty cliche.

twoodccMay 8, 11:03 PMThanks, I hope this will be my best month yet, we shall see...

you and me both. i've got this month and most of next month before i'm going to have an outage

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