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mortal kombat 2011 scorpion fatality. sub zero vs scorpion fatality.
sub zero vs scorpion fatality.

crazycatSep 1, 03:51 PMWell if its true all i can say is to late, why could'nt they have brought it out when the intel iMacs came out :(

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Mortal Kombat (2011) – GT

Clive At FiveSep 1, 02:35 PMThis basically confirms that Apple will release the "Mac".

A mini/mid tower with a Conroe, [...]

So you will now have:

Mac Mini - low end machine good for offices as a small server or low end word processing workstation.
iMac - All in one consumer machine - no upgradeability
"Mac" - Prosumer gamer machine - some upgradeablity
Mac Pro - Full fledged workstation for those who need all the power they can get.

It all seems pretty obvious.

It has seemed as obvious at almost every point in Apple's history within the past 4 years. That doesn't change a thing.

Apple had ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS had a noticable gap between its top-of-the-line consumer machine and it's "entry-level" professional machine. As much as I'd love a middle-tier headless Mac, I just don't think it's in the cards.

...then again, Apple finally gave into our whining and gave us a sub $500 PC (and that seems to have turned out alright). Maybe they'll listen to us again... but this is Apple we're talking about.


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Mortal Kombat 9 (2011).

RocketmanOct 23, 07:21 AMThe fact this rumour comes from a "reliable" source is helpful. But since MB and MBP have been dry for WEEKS there and they (Apple supply chain) typically do things to prep europe before the USA due to the added lead times, is this really a rumor or merely "european news" of a defacto event that simply has not yet been announced in the USA?

You know, like 20 truckloads of iPods leaving the factory in China, or Intel announcing Clovertown C2Q for mid-November which happens to socket right into and be immediately recognized by Mac Pro's, or the reports from Chinese factory town newspapers of contracts for "new" MacBooks, MacBook Pros, wide screen iPod, etc.

Those are actually news not rumours, right?


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in Mortal Kombat 9.

fblackOct 23, 10:30 AMIf this is true then...hallelujah! :)

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Mortal Kombat 3 [U]

PlipPlopMar 25, 09:02 AMJust realised I was being stupid yesterday.

I forgot about the Mac Pro's

when it said ATI 6970 I thought, Yay, finally an iMac that normal people will buy will be fitted into an iMac and make it a worthy competitor to a good spec PC.

Then it dawned on me, I'm stupid and probably none of the upper end models will find their way into iMac's will they? :(

Its unlikely they will fit in an imac case. They are about 30cm long and are all dual slot.

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Bloody Mortal Kombat Video

fenixxSep 6, 07:38 PMEven though Apple is Apple, going up against Amazon, which will have more movie options at the time of launch is going to be tough...

unless... they release some sort of new hardware [full screen ipod, plzkthx] that will take the spotlight.

Here's hoping for "one more thing"... on Sept 12.

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Funny Rejected Mortal Kombat

cozmotApr 26, 05:15 AMWould feel the same way if it was Google or Microsoft or any other company?

Um, yes. My credit card companies have a real good idea of where I've been. Google stores my search data. My ISP knows where I go on the Net. But if the FBI is listening in on my phone conversations or reading my emails -- as they are known to have done *even* when a citizen is not a suspect in any scheme -- I have a problem with that. The Patriot Act is the real threat to our privacy.

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Mortal kombat fatalities

Edge100Jan 2, 09:42 AMSorry if someone else has mentioned this already, but I also expect Apple to announce (if not release) a new version of Logic, either at MWSF or at NAMM, which starts about a week later.

The latter is more likely, since its a music industry event, but one way or another, Logic is due for an upgrade. Seriously!

Perhaps not of interest to everyone, but important for the musicians here...

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mortal kombat 9 scorpion

dguisingerAug 7, 01:28 AMIt will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings. A couple of notes:

I don't care that the ipod isn't on the icons, you know, its a developer banner. Most of those items are developer related, not all, but most, in one way or another. What is more interesting is they didnt show the front of the powermac....but that doesn't mean anything. Everything they show on that banner is publically released. There needs to be visuals when people first come in that aren't covered in black cloth! So don't read anything into that, they could completely change the design.

Its doubful much of the hanging banners will be OS X 10.5 related unless their is a huge feature. They are already taking up a considerable amount of hanging space for bragging rights. I would expect new hardware to be hidden under those displays, atleast two of them.... MacPro and Xserve. Possibly something unexpected. Maybe Xcode 3 or something will be heavily promoted.

I know I personally would love better SOAP integration with XCode. We use .NET at work all the time to write web services, and we end up using .NET clients running under parallels on our macs, because keeping the SOAP proxy stub code up-to-date is automatic with have to go thru hell with Xcode. I think Apple will fill that gap with the new xcode (there were command line tools in the latest version).

Obviously we will have the resolution independance in OS X 10.5. Probably some new security and new workgroup/networking enhancements. We probably can all agree one would be networked spotlight, if you are running 10.5 servers, the clients will ask the server to search its spotlight data for the same data the client is searching for, and give a combined response.....its the one thing of OS X Tiger I hated, the inability to search the network with the same ease.

I'd probably also expect desktop widgets from dashboard....why? Why not, people have used hacks to do it, plus MS has it as an option in Vista.

We'll probably see Apple rolling in features that Vista has, such as combined videos and photos in slideshows. Not that its nessecary, but its damn easy with Cocoa to do such things and why get left behind? Don't let microsoft take a win.

We may also see a system wide Software Update now, which would really be nice. Letting 3rd party developers update their software with the same system.

My employees here at the office really don't care for apple's Mail program, I'd expect some updates to give it the features its been lacking. Same with address book. Of course, these have been rumored for a long time...and for good reason, its needed. Maybe expect a new mail/scheduling server like Exchange, Apple's been rumored to be working on one.

I'd also expect major updates to iChat.... probably MSN and Yahoo support, as well as VoIP.

but none of those things I've said are that I'm hoping for some really major surprises :)

mortal kombat 2011 scorpion fatality. sub zero vs scorpion fatality.
sub zero vs scorpion fatality.

ccrooOct 23, 11:52 PMThat's right.... I bought a MBP nearly a month ago and while I'm very happy with it, I'm still here.... :o
Does your Macbook Pro have the "uneven backlight illumination" problem?

It's most apparent on 17" models. A light grey desktop shows brightness concentrated in the center and darkening in the corners -- like vignetting. Generally uneven constrast gives the screen a 3D quality, a sense of depth -- like you could put your hand inside.

I went to the Apple Store tonight and looked at a bunch of MBP's -- all had this characteristic. I put light grey desktops on some Macbooks and they look perfect - even illumination across the screen, like my old PB G4 17".

Apple Care sort of suggested this is what Macbook Pro display's look like. He didn't sound all too sure a replacement or repair would look much different to my "trained eye."

Are all Macbook Pro's like this?

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Mortal Kombat

dguisingerAug 7, 07:45 AMI was kind of getting tired of Apple updating the iPods so often, but now that we've had all these recent updates to other hardware (laptops, iMacs), I'd be kind of excited now to see something really new and different from the iPod lineup. Here's to hoping for something with a huge screen and better video capabilities.

I personally wanna see a full home entertainment receiver so I can throw out this sony pos....give it built in airport, video out (slideshows, movies, etc), and make it do your speaker amp, a/v selection like any normal receiver does.....heck, give it a 1394a (or b) port on front to hook up your video camera, and stream it to your tv, or to your computer, or record it onto the built in DVD/HD-DVD or Blueray burner or DVR HD :P

If anyone can do it, they can.

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Mortal Kombat (1992)

Lord BlackadderMar 7, 05:18 PMIndeed, I think you've also inadvertently described the perfect engineering challenge that todays manufacturers really should be embracing, but instead seem so reticent to take up. The most remarkable thing about the original Mini, wasn't its size, it wasn't its cost… it was the whole. And in that respect alone, I cannot think of one car today that is really in anyway comparable whatsoever.

I agree. If you look at "small" cars these days, they really aren't that small. Of course, what made the Mini special was packaging, and I don't think we've seen a revolutionary new "package" since the Mini.

The problem is Chevrolet is in a somewhat unique position in many respects here, it's a known brand, but by name only, usually as the carrier of good ol' boys... to a levy of course, when I think of a Chevy it's either something bright pink, with chrome… lots of chrome, or a pickup truck, not the rebadging of dreadful Daewoo cars. I suspect I'm not alone on that one.

And therein lies the problem. That and the Spark of course.

Chevy definitely has a lot of work to do to establish a brand presence in Europe - especially since Opel already covers so much territory with its lineup. Apart from niche vehicles like the Corvette, there isn't much of "American" Chevy that can make the transition to Europe. And in the long run, Chevy can't rely on rebadged Korean cars.

The Cruze is entirely inoffensive, and does the job entirely adequately by all accounts, as it should, after all it does have 4 wheels and an engine. Autocar likened it to the old Mk2 Seat Toledo saloon, and that's probably an apt comparison. Vanilla. Much like the rest of Vauxhall/Opel/Holden/Buick ranges etc actually. And that is a big problem for GM. A very big problem. One that almost sank the ship in the first place in fact. The captain might be different, but there's still no one at the helm.

Damning with faint praise! In the context of this thread I am happy to see a Cruze diesel come to the US, and I think the Cruze will be an improvement over previous GM small cars, but I don't expect the Cruze to be anything other than a cheap-n-cheerful small car - solid but unexceptional. It is true that their biggest problem is coming up with a reason to buy it over other similarly anonymous cars.

In typical Ford U.S. fashion you mean, fortunately, the profit making arm of Ford, i.e. the european division, produced the even better Mk2. ;)

And we never got to see it here. :mad:

While I haven't driven the Insignia over in Europe, the Regal drives solid and is very stable. So I don't think they did any modifications to the suspension.

A SPEED TV show went over to Europe to drive a US Spec Buick Regal and drove it on the autobahn and nurburgring.

I haven't had any experience with the new Regal, but on paper it certainly looks like a substantial improvement over the previous iterations.

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Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance

MacBoobsProAug 7, 05:50 AMAn iPhone, not as a cell phone, but as a landline skype style wifi cordless phone to go with iChat. Wouldn't that make sense for Apple to make? Ties in with their computers & iLife, would work in all countries, and would be easy, and possibly cheap for them to make.

Steve Jobs, would probably want want to make a phone that transitions seamlessly between indoor wifi and the cell networks.

I was thinking that. Maybe thats why the iPhone pix look more like a house phone instead of cell phone?

Hmmmm... ?

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mortal kombat 9 scorpion

DaglessJul 14, 09:06 AMYeah! Since this guy doesn't want it, neither do the rest of us!

I don't want it either. does that stop you from wanting it? no. Would I buy a Mac with a BluRay burner as standard with a bumped up cost? no. would I buy a Mac if it had BluRay AND HD-DVD burner with no obvious price bump? yes.

I'm not being tied down to BluRay. I'm not prepared to spend a Mac Pro amount of money on a format that isn't the standard. It's not good business to force us into it like that, I'd rather have HD-DVD burner. What with their lower costs and all.

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Mortal Kombat #39;King of the

pumpkinwhiteMar 25, 05:12 PMSo why does iPad 2 output movies in 720p if it can output the game with 1080p native resolution? I thought it could output 1080p only when mirroring it's own screen (which is actually upscaled from '768p').

If apps can output 1080p, I am sure video playback apps will be released which can output 1080p movies in native resolution. Of course, I am not sure if the iPad will be able to play such content. I recently tried to play a 720p movie in the VLC app on the iPad 2 and it couldn't play it. Perhaps the bit rate was too high for it to handle.

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mortal kombat 9 scorpion

paulsecicJul 19, 05:38 PMand the train kept 'a rollin', all night long.
I'm about ready to buy a 20" iMac but I want the new OS. How long do I have to wait?

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Mortal Kombat: Johnny Cage vs

finchnaOct 23, 09:20 AMApple needs to get away from making such a big deal our of small updates (processor change) as Intel will have such things changing more often than motorola or ibm ever did. apple should reserve such announcements and hoopla for major revisions or complete overhauls. based on recent benchmarks there is little performance improvement in these new chips save for the speed bump.

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Gamehttp mortal-kombat sure

MacBoobsProAug 7, 06:13 AMan iPhone "as a landline skype style wifi cordless phone to go with iChat" should have the display and the camera on the same side... right?

True but Apple have been working on a screen that can display images as well as record them.

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mortal kombat 9 scorpion

lordonuthinMar 5, 09:02 PMWirelessly posted (nokia e63: Mozilla/5.0 (SymbianOS/9.2; U; Series60/3.1 NokiaE63-1/100.21.110; Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 ) AppleWebKit/413 (KHTML, like Gecko) Safari/413)

I've got it all running and installed, but it won't start computing! Really annoying Grr ill figure it out eventually.

Is there an error code or something in the log?

syklee26Sep 1, 01:37 PMwouldn't swapping a conroe chip in be an option? just go to Fry's and buy the chip then.

mdriftmeyerApr 2, 10:47 PMSince so many of the units purchased in the last two weeks are destined for resale overseas (read the Asian scalper threads) have not even made it into the hands of the end-user, you have no idea how many will be returned.

No need to thank me for pointing out the obvious to you and your fellow apologists.

When Apple has their Quarterly press conference expect the iPad 2 to list 4+ million or more sales with back orders in the millions.

The return rate of all Apple products, across all of their hardware lines are lowest in the entire industry.

The iPhone 4 fiasco had a return rate half of that of the iPhone 3GS that everyone loved.

iPad return rate is at 2%:

Look to that being at or lower for the iPad 2.

JimEJrApr 21, 02:06 PMLooks like a new ...gate is brewing.

Let's call it TrackerGate.

Let's not please. I'm so frickin sick of everything being ____gate. Man, I wish Nixon never made that mistake just because we have had to hear that grossly overused suffix for decades since.

ChrisAJul 18, 03:28 PMHow many of you who buy DVDs watch them more then once? More then twice? More than 20 times? Ok I've bought videos for my kids whaen they were in preschool nd they watched the same video 20 times in a row over a two week priod. So I'll aks "how many adults would want to watch the same DVD multiple times?" I figure almost no one would. So why buy a video. Renting seems the best. So now what you do is find a rental outfit that has the best terms

Apple will have the problem of balancing video quality with download times. I think a DVD quality feature film can be compressed down to 1GB. That's hours of time for most people so I doubt they will ofer that quality. So who wants to watch a poor quality movie? Someone I'm sure won't care and all Apple needs is 0.1% of the market to sell millions

SurelyNov 25, 11:12 PM^^^^^Could I recommend a case for that?