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bedifferentMay 3, 11:37 AMI'm not so sure that is true. I was teaching an elderly person how to drag and drop a file into a folder and the whole drag and drop concept did not seem all that easy to her�.

I once had a client I set up a Windows box for years ago call me frantically in the middle of the night because she couldn't find the "any" key to continue...

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imac_japanApr 26, 10:32 PM*cough*Macintosh, the computer for the rest of us :D

Well, for the people who cant buy a BMW anyway

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esquaredJul 19, 03:42 PMand the train kept 'a rollin', all night long.

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MultimediaNov 21, 11:19 AMThis rumor seems to be only a rumor! Its Nov 21st today, when will octos come? Next year i guess... damn it!:mad:Yeah I think this was the drop dead day for it being this year. I thought the mini would go Core 2 Duo today and even that didn't happen. So I guess the mini stays Core Duo 'til January along with the MP staying 4-core 'til January or beyond - depending on if Apple wants to wait for Stoakley-Seaburg (SS) ( or not:

11.13 Tech Report First Look At Clovertown: ("...However, quad-core Clovertown CPUs will also work with Intel's upcoming Stoakley platform, which is due to debut in the first quarter of next year.

The Stoakley platform is based on a 90-nano shrink of the Bensley architecture. Bensley's dual 1,066/1,333MHz front side busses return, this time with support for upcoming 45-nano Penryn chips. Stoakley also features plenty of PCI Express, with 44 lanes of PCIe joined by a pair of second-generation PCIe x16 links. Generation one PCIe links can be used to hook into a variety of peripheral chips to provide Serial ATA RAID, Gigabit Ethernet, and PCI-X connectivity.

Seaburg is the codename for Stoakley's Memory Controller Hub (MCH), which features four channels of FB-DIMMs at 533 or 667MHz. Up to 128GB of memory is supported—double that of Bensley's Blackford MCH. Seaburg also offers an enhanced memory controller that Intel says improves sustained throughput by 25% and a larger, smarter snoop filter optimized for quad-core chips..."My gut says wait for SS as the management of all those cores will probably be much more efficient that way along with whatever help Leopard may provide as well.

I know some of us are anxious for more cores now. But perhaps we need to be a little more patient so when we get them we won't be disappointed by too little a performance boost before there's SS and Leopard inside.

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fr0Aug 16, 11:43 AMThe Register has an article claiming that Apple Taiwan has come out and denied this claim.

Read it Here (

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KashcheiAug 27, 05:36 PMfinally a rumor!

after weeks of speculation on the forums, a front page rumor feels fact!

holding my thumbs for a conroe imac! (a swedish expression...i think?)

"Hold your thumbs" is a French expression as well. I had no ideas the Swedes held their thumbs as well, but I'll be doing the same thing since I can't wait to see the new minis as well.

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rlhamilApr 21, 06:44 PMThe existence of this data has been known for some time now.

Further, some googling suggests that Apple had already responded to some congressmen's inquiries on the subject, again, well before it got this level of publicity.

From what I've read, they apparently collect locations, WiFi MAC addresses, etc, _anonymously_ (not retaining information that would track any particular person or phone, unless you _choose_ to track a lost or stolen iPhone).

Now...why would they do that? I just thought of one reason.

Geolocation by WiFi MAC address (the only way iPod touch or non-3G iPad can geolocate, if they can't use cell towers and don't include GPS) depends on a database of locations and WiFi MAC addresses. Apple probably has previously used one licensed from Skyhook or Google. I imagine that was built with equipment carried in delivery vans, or in the same vehicles that take Google's "street view" panoramic photos. Licensing access to that database must cost Apple something.

Now...what happens? Somebody says "duh, an iPhone has WiFi and a GPS, that means we've got a fleet of surveying equipment already deployed." Doesn't matter that they can't schedule the coverage; sooner or later, someone is likely to drive near just about every fixed WiFi AP on the planet with an iPhone. Now...the data quality wouldn't be as good...but even whoever did the earlier database must've had that problem (people with mobile access points would confuse the heck out of things, for instance). So maybe it takes multiple hits to confirm something as fixed, or to improve the accuracy. But eventually you still get to the same end result - a WiFi MAC address vs location database that Apple owns free and clear.

They might even be able to do some work with cell tower location data, and perhaps produce data good enough to compete with the existing geolocation database providers. After all, Apple does have to maintain some infrastructure for various functions: their notification servers, software update servers, etc. Anything they can get as a side-effect of the normal operation of iDevices and their infrastructure, that helps pay for it, lets them make a bigger profit and/or be more competitive (remember, for all Apple's rep for high prices, the iPad 2 supposedly is as well or better priced compared to competing devices with similar specs).

The question here probably isn't whether the data is being abused; and raising that question is IMO _pandering_, not surprising for a liberal, who after all must have idiots for constituents, or they wouldn't have been elected. (I mean, really, Heinlein summarized economics concisely with TANSTAAFL, and there _is_ something usually ignored called the Tenth Amendment, which basically says the states can be socialist if they want, but the federal government can't.)

The _real_ question is what safeguards are in effect to minimize the potential for abuse. Ok, we theoretically need a warrant for this sort of thing (although I wouldn't put it past individual states to play fast and loose). But what about foreign governments, already inclined towards police state behavior? What about people _knowing_ what risk they're putting themselves at in case of some civil suit?

IMO, Apple needs to provide and prominently _document_ a way to clear the saved data, and/or document the degree to which disabling location services prevents its retention (let alone anonymous reporting) in the first place. (For jailbreakers, I gather there's already a Cydia app that once installed, will automatically delete data older than a few minutes.) People need to understand that encrypted backups would make the information sync'd back to their Mac or PC safer. And so on.

Generating hysteria is perhaps a useful political tool, for those inclined to address themselves to the least common denominator. But asking the more specific questions which would lead to real answers takes more than PR, it takes a functional brain, or at least the sense to hire a staffer who has one or can consult one.

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Digital DudeMar 24, 02:49 PM[QUOTE=aiqw9182;12245523]You can upgrade to the latest 5870 card if you wanted to right now.../QUOTE]

So, without using the supplied windows CD/Driver I can simply plug n' play the 5870 into my 2009 MacPro and it work?! Sounds very tempting.

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asphalt-proofJul 14, 08:21 AMWhat i'm worried about is if this whole format war between HD-DVD and Blu-ray turns out to be really worthless and end up with neither format winning and instead having both supplanted by further formats. it would be like trying to put betamax up against laserdisc then having DVDs come to market :rolleyes: .

There are great things coming though- future discs, future mass storage too. HDs may be on their way out soon enough for speed reasons. one thing i'm keeping an eye on is ferroelectric memory, which might also make HD-DVD/Bluray etc. partly obsolete as a storage format- useful primarily for video media only.

I read recently (from an internet sent to me by the tube) that disc-based formats are on their way out.

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mac1984userMar 22, 04:08 PMNot that I'd want this, BUT why doesn't Apple make the iPod Classic a multi-touch device? The Mac proves that you don't need to have flash memory in order for multi-touch to work. Is the HDD in the Classic too slow or unresponsive to work with iOS? The could call it the iPod Touch Classic or something. Then you could have the best of both worlds, large capacity and a touch screen. If they did that, though, there's no way I'd buy an iPod Touch (not that I have a desire for one as I've go the iPhone4).

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PeterkroMar 19, 03:13 PMThe French and British also have AWACS capabilities.

As does NATO and er the Saudis who have more than France.The U.K. has wasted billions trying to make it's own version rather than the Boeing one everyone now uses.(except the Russians and possibly the Chinese who have their own AWACS.)

( also due to the strange folk who track flights and then identify the plane types,U.S. and U.K. AWACS and spyplanes have been in the Med for around three weeks,they don't need to overfly Libya to know what's going on).
(Jesus,BBC reporting septics have fired 110 Tomahawks already at $1 million each,Raytheon shares will be on the up soon).
(plus the Brits have fired some)

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mape2kMay 3, 05:39 AMI remember a post that I read on MR some time back. It explained that there are some tasks that we should not be doing but we do out for our own sake; as if they are built into us. There are some tasks which we just do and don't realize we are doing them. They slowly transform into a habit and we can't get them go away just like that.

For eg. quitting of apps. Apple does NOT want us to quit the apps ourselves. They believe its high time the computers become self aware as to what they should be doing and taking care of their user's habits.

You shouldn't care about the installation files and other data. Just drag them out out to the trash and BOOM!.

In my opinion, just like on Windows, its the developers responsibility to attach an uninstaller with their app Or just a simple script which keeps a track of all the files that were dumped in the machine and then just do a recursive remove on all the files and folders and done. It's the fault of developers and not Apple.

Exactly, and I think that contributes to the popularity of the iPhone/iPad devices and even Apple devices in general. A lot of people were bitching about how the implemented multi-tasking in the iOS but frankly, I love it! As long as it does not reduce performance (that should be ensured by the device/software) I don't care how many apps are running in the background. This works (almost) perfectly on my iPhone. Why not bring some of those ideas over to Mac OS? I think it is a step in the right direction, as long as Apple makes sure that it is a proper deinstallation of the app of course.

And to all the lovers of Windows remove program: Usually there is still something left on the HD, even if you deinstalled properly. Something like program folders, registry entries and/or temporary files get left behind.

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PowerFullMacJan 12, 09:07 AMI think that "Air" is a good name and it really could be the name, think of the iPhone, no one thought that would be the actual name, but it is was and is! So we shall see in a few days...

And the reason its not "Lite" or "Light" is because they have been used a million times, and Apple thinks different :)

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AFPosterMar 22, 01:02 PMI want to say I remember a few anti-war group protest at a funeral but did not make any real national head lines because it was not like the webro group protest.
It was a more tasteful one so to speak saying we have dead soldiers because of the war but was not full of the hate and directly linked to the war.
I am working off memory here but that sort of remember it.

At my base they picket outside of the entrance gates every thursday. And all military members are to take a different entrance to avoid getting hurt. They have signs saying horrible comments and they attack you and your vehicle. Yes they get arrested if they attack anything, but at least 1 gets hurt a week. As for funerals somehow they find out where they are and play music, throw a party, cause a nascence basically to ruin the moment of memory and putting someone to rest.

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nylonsteelApr 2, 09:48 PMnice - short and sweet commericial - wish my corporate company would use ipad2 and iphone4 - their stupid excuse for years is blackberry is more enterprise secure - yeah so so f---in boring - aapl rules over rimm

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prom hair updos for short

/user/meMar 22, 12:49 PMAgreed!

you've got to be kidding....

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Popeye206Sep 14, 12:02 PMIsn't the iPhone 4 still their top rated phone overall? Seems silly that they won't recommend their top rated smart phone? Makes you wonder why?

BTW... I got my iPhone4 the first day out. Love it.. love it more that iOS4.1 is out and the proximity sensor issue is a non-issue now. That was the source of all my issues.

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Updo Hairstyles.

DaveNApr 19, 09:36 PMThis would be nice:

1) Sandy Bridge of course
2) Decent graphics
3) Large hard drive plus option for laptop size SSD port easily accessible via a door on the bottom of the iMac. Having a SSD build option is nice but this way you also can easily upgrade RAM and SSD easily as time goes on. That way you can have a TB hard drive as a base and then add more storage as desired and as the price drops.

Bottom line is that the new iMac would be killer fast and user upgradable for great value.

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MacMan86Apr 23, 12:56 PMAn undocumented source proves your point, but Apple makes no reply to the allegations? I thought it was a "bug" in the software? And some police departments have known about it for a while too.

Who needs an undocumented source when you could watch WWDC 2010 Session 115 'Using Core Location in iOS 4' at 14 minutes and 30 seconds in and hear Morgan Grainger, a man partly responsible for the Core Location framework in the iPhone SDK (read: all location functionality on iPhone) describe how the iPhone caches nearby cell tower information to help the device find its location in the circumstances above.

Given that we have the engineer partly behind this framework explain that the iPhone caches this information, we know that the iPhone has to be storing this information somewhere. This 'consolidated.db' matches the words in the video perfectly, making it no great assumption that this is the file which fulfils this purpose.

Granted you don't sound like a developer and so won't have access to these videos, but any other developer could do the same and corroborate this.

It being a bug is simply a rumour which has no links to an official source. I'm far more inclined to believe the words of a guy who wrote the code that collects this information in the first place

SBlue1May 3, 01:58 AMI think this is pretty awesome. I know that currently all you have to do is drag the app to the trash but it always bothers me that it could leave leftover files in Library, etc., which is why I use AppCleaner. I think having this more streamlined and comprehensive way of removing apps would be a lot better.

Apple could have adressed this problem by simply popping up a window when you drad a programm icon to the trash asking you if you want to delete just this programm or uninstall all of its data.

Brother EsauApr 24, 07:48 AMJudging from the the overwhelming majority of responses in regards to personal privacy violation these days, coming from the younger generations in regards to issues of this nature and typical replies such as.... Don't Care, I'm not doing anything wrong so I'm fine with that, Let them look, They are not violating you're rights, you have a Tinfoil Hat on! etc , etc, etc,

I would have to say that the Government is doing a fine job indoctrinating and spoon feeding everyone through mass media to the extent that we are actually breeding complacent spineless cowards that offer no resistance and have no independent thought process of their own!

In short...You are all good little sheep!

Why is it that no one offers any resistance these days? The problem and all of the problems this country currently faces is due to the fact that We The People no longer govern this country and protect our constitution & Bill Of Rights!

We hire and empower our elected officials to represent our voice and our best interest as a society yet these people take what they want, treat us the way they want, steal from us, lie to us, deceive us & left to their devices they will kill us all in the name of greed. And we just bend over and take it and thank them for it!

I Mean WTF already people? When is everybody going to learn that if everybody would just do their little part in society by being involved on the most very mundane level, we as a people and society would not be plagued with all of these current crisis that we are currently facing in this country!

STRENGTH IN NUMBERS! If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem! It's that simple!

Now c'mon Kids call me crazy and say I am wearing a Tin Foil Hat. Just Remember It will be my Generation that brings the fight, not yours!

RavichMar 20, 05:07 PMAnd like I said, they dont have to be worried because homeopathy is not directly harmful to people. Ex-gay therapy is. This is not just an app based on christianity. Exodus International is an organization dedicated specifically to ex-gay therapy.

techluvrJan 31, 03:44 PM2008 Honda Civic Si

Most Civics look horrible. That one looks awesome.

PowerFullMacJan 12, 02:21 PMI think Front Row itself is a bit crippled... I cant even play music in the main menu or when I watch a photo slideshow, exept that default crap!