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0815Apr 19, 11:43 AMJust in time - I just decided yesterday that it is time to replace my first generation Intel iMac. I hope they have a 500GB SSD option for the update (the current option of 256 GB SSD is too small and you cant even order them with two 256GB SSDs). Thunderbold would also be nice (no need for it right away, but I guess in a year or two I will be happy to have one)

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New York Times Tower will

qualleyivNov 15, 10:30 AMThat really depends on the program, on how "parallelizable" the application is.

The simplest way to think of it is like this: Let's say you have a program that first has to calculate A. Then, when it's done that, it uses the result of A to calculate B. Then, when it's done that, uses the result of B to calculate C, then C to D, and so on. That's a *serial* problem there. The calculation of B can't begin until A is done, so it doesn't matter how many processors you have running, all computation is held up on one spot.

On the other hand, let's say you have an application that needs to calculate A, B, C and D, but those four values are not dependent on each other at all. In that case, you can use four processors at the same time, to calculate all four values at the same time.

Think of it like baking a cake. You can't start putting on the icing until the cake is done baking. And you can't start baking the cake until the ingredients are all mixed together. But you can have people simultaneously getting out and measuring the ingredients.

So that problem is partially parallelizable, but the majority of its workload is a serial process.

Some software applications, just by their very nature, will never be able to do anything useful with multiple processors.

OK, I'm hardly a programmer (PHP doesn't really count) but that's the exact same description that I've heard applied to the description of what it takes to vectorize a program (i.e. make it Alti-Vec optimized) [that and the process of making loops that can be unrolled]. So I've got to ask, is there some difference between those two concepts? If not, it sure seems like we would have a lot more multi-core enabled apps out there already...

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New York Times building

ChangenFeb 23, 03:17 PMnothing special but heres my setups bedroom and office

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Benjy91Mar 27, 01:30 PMI don't think touchscreen games/consoles could ever completely replace traditional ones. A separate market, yeah, sure. But button-and-joystick consoles won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

Also, every time LTD posts I have a hard time discerning if he's trolling or not.

I have often wondered this, but I think it's too much dedication for a troll, but having looked at how he behaves, calling Steve Balmer "Monkey Boy", referring to Microsoft as "Micro$oft" or "Microsuck, he calls Windows "Windoze" or "Winblows" like a small child.

He immediately bows down and worships any decision Apple makes. He also thinks that Apple should be above the law because of "Their supreme awesomeness"

From this behaviour I've determined that he has to be about 14 years old.

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Newspaper New York Times

Rodimus PrimeApr 23, 11:15 AM-- The cache is good

Let's be clear: the cell/hotspot lookup caching was undoubtedly an innocently added coding feature.

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New York Times Building

3N16MANov 27, 12:48 PM
ChuChu! Rocket (iPhone 4) on sale for $.99. Classic Dreamcast game.

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remmyMar 31, 03:36 PMSuppose the British fascination with WWII comes from the fact that it was close, we could of easily lost.

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The New York Times Building is

MCIowaRulzApr 12, 09:56 PMI wonder if they'll update the whole studio suite
(yes, including DVD Studio Pro I hope. Maybe they'll rename it Media studio and make it output DVD's, Blu Ray, maybe even interactive Quicktime files )

My thoughts exactly!. As a owner of FCP 7 (and the rumord price drop for FCP X) How much will the upgrade cost? Price speculation time!

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The New York Times building in

Crigger540Sep 14, 06:14 AMBelkin - Grip Vue Case for Apple� iPod� touch - Rooftop Green
$24.99 BestBuy ( (

new york times building new york. New York Times building.
New York Times building.

bjoplin21Feb 17, 10:57 PMthose are pretty standard sized studio monitoring speakers. i like the audio interface which one is it? is it a DAC and headphone amp too?

Yes its a Presonus Firestudio Mobile

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New York Times understand

NymNov 30, 08:53 AMWhy not put wheels on a boat?


That was nice :D

You guys are always speculating about what it will or will not have, I mean, you could all be right, but then.. you could all be wrong, I'm not betting on anything till I see the real thing :)
And there's one problem, is iTv supposed to be international or a USA only service? If it's supposed to be international Apple has to watch those "features", what's the point of people in Europe buying an iTv if half the "features" are not supported outside the US? :eek:

However, Apple has always surprised us, iTv is gonna be great IMO, is there another way? :)

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The New York Times Building

chutch15Sep 14, 08:19 AMI agree. Without a case, the new Touch is slippery. The Belkin case adds just enough bulk and grip to make it very comfortable to hold. I don't feel like I'm going to drop it any more and it slides right into my pocket as well.

BTW, the Night Sky looks almost black in low light. :)

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new york times building renzo.

twoodccOct 5, 07:33 PMthanks! with those bigadv units i almost feel like im cheating!

yeah i know what you mean. but having 2 towers running full blast in one small apartment room is not good for me right now, so i'm going to wait on the bigadv units for right now

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tktaylor1Feb 5, 02:09 PM2002 Audi A4. 18th birthday present

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New York, NY 10018

SurrealMay 2, 06:00 PMThis will be interesting. The issue that I see concerns ancillary data. I really dislike how the iphone handles application data, but it is--at the very least--consistent. You delete the app, you delete the data.

I haven't had the occasion to see how MAS works with deleting, but I can't imagine it doing anything similar, and that creates a rift, in my opinion.

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new york times building renzo

dietwater5Apr 21, 11:17 AMIf you have a passcode on your phone then you cant sync/create a backup if your phone was lost or stolen

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David Dunlap, New York Times

Abyssgh0stNov 27, 07:09 PM*CLIP*
Can't wait for it to get here!!!

Any reason why you didn't go with this case (Aside from the fact that it isn't shipping for another 2.5 weeks)?

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35 New York Times Building,

furi0usbeeJun 23, 09:12 AMTouch screen iMacs would be the stupidest idea. First, to keep reaching up over the keyboard and having to touch the screen would get tiring about a minute in. Second, I keep my screen spotless, and now I'm going to introduce greasy fingerprints?

Right now, there is NO WAY to get bits in a computer and interact with your computer faster than a mouse/keyboard. Sorry, but that's the fastest way. Touch works perfectly for the iPad and iPhone. Put that in an iMac, besides a gimmick, it sucks hard.

Why not just release a 15" iPad then? Touch needs an OS to be built from the ground up, like iOS. Touch in OS X sounds pretty silly.

EDIT: Also, the finger is not nearly precise as a mouse pointer or stylus, and we know Apple hates those. So I give the finger to this idea. I thought it was April 1st when reading this.

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New York Times Building by

I'mAMacSep 1, 01:18 PMWhat is this chin on the iMac that everybody is talking about?

Edge100Sep 1, 02:27 PMI don't really know about the ideal price difference, but for some people, it wouldn't matter much. If you want a system with a lot of screen space, then you can get two 1920x1200 monitors. Sure, it will cost you, but if you need the space, then you'll go for the 23-inch. Also, to watch movies, a big screen is better than two small ones. It all depends on what you need the computer for...

True enough.

For my work (audio production), dual displays are better, because I can have multiple apps open on the different screens, or place my mixer on one screen and effects/instruments on another.

But I can see people preferring one larger screen to two screens (despite the fact that the two screens give more overall space).

kelving525Sep 19, 11:54 PMI saw some of the pics and the buttons are covered. :)

The volume-rocker and hold buttons are both covered.

surroundfanSep 6, 09:19 AMThey are expensive, with a lack of hard disc capacity when compared against the new iMacs and existing PowerBooks ( which I'm sure are also about to go Dual Core 2.

The latest pathetic Mac Mini upgrade continues to highlight the idiocy of the decision to build a cheap 'switcher' computer using expensive notebook parts.

For the foreseeable future, compared to your cheap desktop from the purveyors of fine beige boxes, the Mac Mini will lack HDD space, CPU speed, expandability, decent optical drives, and the low, low price tag of the machines it is (supposed) to compete against...

(Yes, we understand why we should buy a Mac, but most folks are only interested in raw numbers. Remember this is theoretically supposed to be Apple's answer to the cheap crap piled high and sold cheap in the WalMarts and Harvey Normans of the world).

MacFly123Mar 25, 05:03 PMI recall some of the naysayers around here not even a year ago stating that such a device would never be suitable for gaming. And here we are. With HD output to your TV.

Vision, people. Vision.

Playing that game with the HDMI dongle thingy hanging off an iPad looks, um, not ideal. Now, if it could stream it using AirPlay.

The Future of video games? This looks awesome, and works great with a racing game that can show you the course on the iPad. Just wish I could run this on my Original Ipad :(
Will this work over Airplay with the Apple TV, obviously in 720p?

Once they enable the use of other iOS devices as wireless controllers then i'll be interested.

And just like that, Apple has snuck itself into the living room game console biz.

AMEN! :D Get this on all iOS devices with the A5 and integrated with the new Apple TV with the A5 and AirPlay and WOW!!! Not just games either, I think apps on the AppleTV will be some sort of hybrid between devices and you will be able to AirPlay the apps to your TV!

This is going to change everything, AGAIN! :cool:

calderoneApr 3, 06:59 PM^ I don't about you, guys, but is there a way to make the address bar auto-hide when in FS mode? Logically, you don't wanna see anything but page content when in FS mode, no?

How is this logical? Just because I am in FS doesn't mean I don't want the ability to easily change what I am looking at.

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