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GatesbasherApr 3, 01:23 PMAre you kidding me?!

The 'pathology of people like me'? Who do you think you are? Facts are that I've neither held, or used either device, so I'll wait until I have until I make my decision. What's so controversial about that? How am I talking about the iPad in any kind of disadvantageous way? I'm just saying I want to try both and have not made up my mind yet. Rational.

The Playbook does exist too, no matter how much you say it doesn't. What on earth are you basing you assumption on? Where did I ever promote the Playbook over the iPad? Please retract your comments.

The Playbook does NOT exist, until people can buy it and compare it with an existing product. You "Haven't made up your mind yet?" On what conceivable basis could you make up your mind between an actual shipping product and pie-in-the-sky vaporware? How is that rational? It used to be Apple products were only sneered at in comparison with existing competitors. Now they have to compete with every imaginary device anybody can dream up, from the HP Slate to next years "100 x as fast" Tegra 3 barn-burner.

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TuffLuffJimmyJun 24, 01:39 AMdamn Son, very nicely done!:cool:

That's a very old render. I doubt MacAllen made it. Plus, why would you want a transparent display on a desktop? I can almost understand it on a window, but on a desktop it just looks like ****.

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BJB ProductionsApr 12, 09:30 PMThe interface... iMovie. No Apple. No. :o

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ingeniousApr 15, 10:58 AMGee... Should we be impressed?
Are you telling perhaps that the fact you [say you] speak 2 languages makes it = you can not be stupid in anything, AND the fact that you live in Japan = you can not be ignorant?

I can think of many ignorant people who speak 2 or 3 times as many languages as you, and who have lived in more than 2 countries.

i like the part where he thot that just cuz he went/lives/lived in japan he's smarter than other people.... o and then the crack about americans not knowing what a primary school was! hey, i went to Primary school! and i live in the US!! LOL ;)

So please don't call other people names - This is a thread for discussion not a primary school (If you are American - a primary school is a elementary school)

04-10-2004 03:45 AM

i personally think you (imac_japan) are the most ignorant person ive met. sorry, but you are not better than us because you know all that japanese stuff. Since Im American, i guess i can say that since you know japanese, u just had a lot of time on your hands.. Seriously Im JK i wouldnt do that to someone just because they're from a diff country... (even tho u just did that to all americans! :D)

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devinci99Mar 22, 04:15 PMI do think it's possible that Apple might re-invent the classic.

A price drop and some minor update (such as wifi, bluetooth capabilities, ios capable) might happen. I think updating the classic's internal's and functionality might be feasible. But I doubt they will touch the physical appearance of it.

But re-inventing the classic would defeat the purpose of calling it 'classic'.

The Ipod Touch is their outlet for innovations now. Though, I wonder when the touch, would simple be called the iPod (drop the touch from the name).

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Rodimus PrimeApr 23, 01:09 AMfor all your defending of this feature ... can you give me even one positive reason this is good for the average person that out-weighs the negative ones ... just one

That is a good question.

I have a huge issue with how it is done and the fact that you can not opt out of it. On top of that Apple has piss poor protection of the file and Apple history at security is not exactly the best.
There should be a way to opt out. But collecting them with out my choice is an issue.

I trust Google a hell of a lot more with the info and being more up front about it then Apple and I do not trust Google that much.

If LTD wants an example other wise you can see companies start using these feature on the phones to track employees at all time and what they do. Or in court cases them being pulled it to use against one spouse in a mess divorce.
Spying on ones spouse is another example.

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SuperCachetesMar 23, 04:09 PMI am simply disappointed that they pander to special interests.

Apple spokesman Tom Neumayr said Wednesday:

�We removed the Exodus International app from the App Store because it violates our developer guidelines by being offensive to large groups of people.�

Interesting. So, how large of a group does a "special interest" have to be for it to cease being "special?" :rolleyes:

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Prom Hairstyles For Medium

lordonuthinFeb 17, 12:16 AMdang. well all my computers are down back at my apartment, so my production will be very little. i just started folding on my mbp with an a3 unit, so we'll see how it goes

Sorry to hear that, when will you be able to get back to your apartment to get everything started again?

My points are down too for some reason, not sure what the problem is as everything is running ok.

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PODshadyOct 23, 08:27 PMI believe that there is a very good chance that the entire Intel line of Macs will get upgraded to 64-bit processors since Leopard has extended 64-bit support beyond the UNIX level

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likemyorbsMar 19, 09:45 AMMust we get involved in this? Can't France do something for once by themselves, or any other european nations for that matter? When was the last time they even fired a weapon? You know, the taliban were once known as freedom fighters too. I'm so sick of these countries, let them self destruct, maybe some day they will choose to civilize themselves. Please, no more US to the rescue, and then they all wonder why many Americans have a feeling of exceptionalism. :rolleyes:

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ingeniousMar 27, 06:45 PMreasons your wrong
1. he didnt make up a word of it
2. apple made safari before ms pulled ie
3.the ipod has a long time to go their not going to just say screw it when its selling
4.ITMS is making them money after the record companies are paid back for the use of the songs every cent is profit
5. less than 20 people have signed your petition and do you really think its going to get apple to change their entire strategyi can see it now steve jobs sees our online pettion and immediatly calls a meating "i just had an appihany some kid said to make a cheap computer that hooks up to your tv weve been completely wrong all theese yearsapple is now only going to make web tv type systems and nothing else my god what have i been doing"

for once someone agrees with me ;)

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tablo13Sep 24, 05:22 PMSomething I noticed about my Grip Vue today. The back seems to be collecting quite a bit of germs (dirt, etc.). For those of you who use a Mighty Mouse, think about how that collects dirt, but on a case.

Does it affect the iPod touch itself?

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Prom Hairstyles For Medium

led1002Mar 19, 04:24 PMi highly doubt that many computer buyers even look at Macs.

most of them "know" computers as running windows and purchased from dell catalog they get with their newspaper each week.

jxyama, I think you have something there... last nite my wife (who is computer ignorant) asks whether I have a MAC or a PC. Turns out her best friend (newbie PC user for about 1 year) has convinced her that MACs aren't as good. My wife or her friend have never even used one but they 'KNOW' they are inferior to MACs. Now if either of them were to have to make a buying decision it's not hard to imagine what they'll walk out the store with.

How could any new user have a different opinion unless they happen to know a MAC user. Only 2% use MACs so they're unlikely to be exposed to one, PC users (98%) will bad mouth a MAC, and Apples advertising, while award winning does very little to enlighten people about the product.

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mr.suffFeb 22, 03:51 AMWay back in early 2008.

24" 7,1 iMac and a base 1,1 MacBook Air

Right now. Literally just set up the Dell 27"

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28monkeysApr 22, 12:23 AMThe tracking isn't accurate at all!!!!:rolleyes:


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andrewmAug 24, 08:12 PMWhat the @*!& is Labour Day? Something to do with Tony Blair?

To quote the Dictionary widget, Labor Day is "a public holiday or day of festivities held in honor of working people, in the U.S. and Canada on the first Monday in September, in many other countries on May 1."


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Medium Length Hair prom

DeechhNov 26, 04:57 PMnvm

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Medium Length Hairstyles For

Nmx-Apr 1, 12:56 PMNo, I made sure that it wasn't indexing before i checked.

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Prom Hair Updos For Medium

dukebound85Apr 12, 06:11 PMI don't think people are pumping it up at all. I personally think that people who can't drive a standard transmission, are just lazy (and that goes for my mother, and her habit of doing her makeup while driving). People only get autos, because they don't want to have to "inconvenience" themselves with pushing down on the clutch and throwing the car into the next gear; because doing so requires them to stop shoving food down their face, or to get of the damn phone. I also hate to hear people moan about how inconvenient a standard transmission is during stop and go traffic; I mean it's not that bad, and I recently took my standard transmission accord to chicago and drove in stop and go traffic for over two hours, and it was not as annoying as some would make it out to be. People are just too willing to sacrifice the fun of driving for convenience.


having driven a manual for over 10 years, it gets annoying quite often...

lordonuthinOct 16, 02:20 PMcongrats to whiterabbit for hitting 1 million!

Thanks, and sorry I just moved past you:D for now anyway...

appleguy123Mar 19, 05:12 PMHave you not been informed of DisgraceBook??

No, and I just googled it and it appears to be just a product review site?
To what are you referring?

cloudnineNov 27, 01:42 PMThis may pave the way to larger wide-screens.
I would love to see a 40" widescreen.

Because a 30" cinema display is too small? Because you want to consolidate your TV and computer displays? :confused:

ErikGrimMar 30, 11:33 PMUpdate isn't showing up in App Store for me. Any ideas? :(

MacRumorsJan 1, 05:09 PM (

With Macworld San Francisco (MWSF) quickly approaching, MacRumors provides this Rumor Roundup as a summary of major rumors circulating around the Mac Web before the big event. (Previous MacRumors MWSF roundups: 2006 (, 2005 (, 2004 (, 2003 (, and 2002 (

While Apple's popularity continues to rise, the media coverage for Apple rumors reached an all time high this year.

Apple Phone (or Not?)

The one rumor that has received the greatest exposure is, of course, the Apple branded phone (formerly the iPhone ( Talk of an Apple-branded cell phone has been ongoing for years, however.

In when asked directly ( "Will there be an iPhone?", Steve Jobs replied "One never knows. We don't usually discuss products we haven't announced." In when questioned again about an Apple phone, Steve Jobs stated ( that they did not "feel they could add much value to current cell phones."

The Apple Phone rumor flickered to life again in February 2006 ( when research group UBS said "not to rule out an Apple-branded cell phone later this year". PiperJaffray made a bolder statement ( in March 2006 with a 75% chance of a iPhone in the next 12 months. Similar claims came from a J.P. Morgan analyst ( that "chatter about the [Apple Phone] is all over the food chain".

What finally triggered worldwide attention can be traced back to this Commercial Times report ( that Taiwan's Hon Hai has received a 12 million unit contract for the rumored Apple phone to be released in the first half of 2007. While regular MacRumors readers might realize that these Taiwanese supply reports have been wrong in the past, the proposed time-frame correlated ( with an earlier ThinkSecret report also pointing to "early 2007" for the release. As well, a reliable MacRumors source provided a description ( (and artist rendition) of what one of the existing prototype phones looked like at that time.

The first detailed specs came from Kevin Rose ( who had been previously known ( to have some inside information. Other (conflicting) claims/specs are also listed here:

- 2GB ($249), 4GB ($449), Slide out keyboard, "cool" OS, All Phone providers (Kevin Rose (
- 4GB ($599), 8GB ($649), Metal, Cingular Wireless, Full screen LCD, Virtual Click Wheel (Morgan Stanley analyst (
- GSM/EDGE device only (ThinkSecret (

While many news outlets are pointing towards Macworld San Francisco as the launch date of the Apple Phone, none of the more credible rumors have specifically pointed to Macworld as the launch day for the device:

- 1st half of 2007 (1 (, 2 (, 3 (, 4 (
- Not at Macworld SF (1 (
- January (1 (
- Macworld San Francisco (0)

While nothing would preclude Apple from announcing a phone at Macworld for a later launch, the evidence for a Macworld launch remains mostly speculative.

Mac Pro

Appleinsider suggested in October ( that an 8-Core Mac Pro was ready to launch as early as November 2006. While this did not take place, an upcoming 2.0GHz quad-core chip ( due in January will be priced at a reasonable $690/chip, similar to the current 2.66GHz dual-core Woodcrest that is currently offered in Mac Pros.

A recent Macscoop report ( claimed that the 8-core Mac would be on track for a January release.


Apple surprised many when they revealed the iTV in September ( at the "Showtime" media event. The $299 device offers a living room appliance that interfaces your media content to your television. A brief overview was provided, but the final shipping product was not promised until the first quarter of 2007.

Many expect Apple will provide more details of the iTV at Macworld.


Leopard was first previewed ( in August, revealing Time Machine, Spaces, Core Animation, and more (

Over the following months, only a few additional features have been revealed (, and no word of the "secret" features Apple has held back from their public preview.

The latest minor feature revealed has been the use of XAR ( for Leopard's package format.

Apple would likely demonstrate Leopard again at Macworld San Francisco, but the final release is not expected until "Spring 2007".

New Displays

Some sporadic reports ( of new displays have been distributed, but have been tainted by claims that they represent efforts to intentionally spread false information to rumor sites. As such, these rumors should be viewed with skepticism.

iLife '07

Unlike most Apple updates, the iLife suite has seen regular yearly updates released at the Macworld San Francisco expo. iWork '07 has been said to include ( significant updates to Keynote and Pages as well as the introduction of a new spreadsheet application code named "Lasso".

Video iPod, and Others?

Surprisingly, little attention has been given to the rumored full Video iPod despite clear evidence ( that Apple has been considering such a form factor. The latest word has placed the device in the early 2007 timeframe (

Three new iPod models were said to be in the works ( for but not necessarily at Macworld.


Surprisingly few Macworld San Francisco specific rumors have emerged this year in the months leading up to the event. This final week, however, always represents a busy time for rumors with last minute leaks common.

If you would like to meet up with other MacRumors members, this thread ( lists others going to the event.

No live Quicktime stream is typically available for the keynote event. Instead, we will provide live coverage of the event at ( The keynote takes place at 9am Pacific time on January 9th, 2007.

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