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a456Dec 30, 10:18 AMActually, I was thinking they were working on a car ;)

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jwdsailApr 21, 01:21 PMI like Franken, he's a good egg.. Shrug. Minnesota *needs* at least one elected official with an IQ higher than 40...

While I agree that this data (location data in general) really should be better protected against the chance of being intercepted without a user's permission, I think it's more important for all involved in this chicken little act re: iPhone location data to remember that most iPhone users already openly share all of this info and more on sites like Facebook, 4 Square, twitter, flickr, etc..

I don't share this type of data, I hate Facebook, 4square, etc... (and git off my lawn!!!) and if I'm using my iPhone camera, make sure I have location services turned off unless I want to use the gps data for MYSELF... Actually, unless I'm using Navigon I usually keep location services turned off ..

Sadly, the vast majority of smartphone users have handed over more data than this willingly, and don't really seem to care about privacy..

I think that's the real story in all of this, that few are picking up on. And, shrug, that's just pathetic. If all this chicken little energy was put towards educating consumers about their data, their privacy, you wouldn't need Franken to write a letter to Jobs. But, no one *really* wants educated consumers in any marketplace, be it music, video, phones, food... It's just bad for business. And states like MN should be the last to throw a stone in the glass house of privacy, just google how they want to track cars that *gasp* are *too efficient* ... to collect more taxes .. sigh.. God forbid they just raise the license/tag fees.. have to add expensive tech and invade citizen's privacy... sigh. I'd like to see Franken speak out against invasions of privacy by the state just as aggressively..

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yac_modaJul 19, 06:26 PMSeeee Steve, I told you if you SWITCH to Intel market shart will rise :eek:

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AngrisanoSep 6, 07:40 PMI'm a bit disappointed by this latest update as well. I'm still waiting for a headless Mac that will support my 19 inch dual monitors for under $2K. I recently built a nice Shuttle mini PC (not much bigger than the mini) with a P4 3ghz processor, 2gb ram, 250gb hard drive, 256mb graphics card and Litescribe DVD burner all for under $500.

Now I don't expect to pay so little for so much when buying a Mac. In fact I'm willing to pay double for the same specs. The trouble is, right now in Apple's line up you simply can't do it. Where is our mid-range expandable tower? I don't need all the power of the quad Xeon and my pocketbook doesn't need to pay that price.

I just want a decent middle of the road, expandable Mac for around $1K. I can build two really nice PCs for this price. Why can't I get one Mac?

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twoodccDec 31, 05:31 PMSorry you couldn't have stayed in 4th place for longer lyzardking... but at least you can claim you were there! :D And you are getting more points for the team!

And it looks like mc68k is definitly going to be our first to the big 10 mil!! You are cooking right now with over 600k ppw - as Jim Carey would say (in Mask) "smokin"!

I have now organized my machines with five (linux) in the cold basement, and the 2 win/gpu machines in 4u boxes I got on ebay in the rack with the mac. I spent christmas day, snowbound, rerouting the wiring (and cleaning the "computer room" so everything at least looks much better. I actually got 4 4u cases so I have room to grow, they were $28 each plus $17? each for shipping. 4u is about the same size as a normal tower case so everything fits in nicely. I will post some pics soon.

sounds nice. looking forward to seeing the pics

Doesn't look like I'll be fifth for that long (looking over a shoulder at a quickly approaching twoodcc)


ha. well it'll be a little while before i catch up to you.

also, congrats to rreini for reaching 1 million points!

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MacBoobsProAug 7, 04:47 AMYeah, but you have to live in the UK. It all works out

Yes living in th UK is like punishment for being born at the moment. Can I stay with you in Aussie? I have a G5 and a MacBook you can use. :D

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mccldwllApr 25, 07:36 AMApple hackers develop better jailbreaks now so they can keep up with the superior system Android has.

There's so much more one can do with Android.

After having every iPhone, I tried Android and I'm so amazed at their great capabilities.

Android is awesome.

That said my Iphone 4 is best as an iPod replacement.

I have the best of both worlds.

Don't believe a word this troll posts. Not even a good liar. Here's its first post--from about 2 weeks ago!

" Apr 8, 01:55 PM * #1
macrumors 6502
Join Date: Apr 2011
Location: Western Hemisphere
Please Help with OS versions MBP & iPhone 4
Just switched from PC to Mac

Bought a new 2010 MBP with 10.6.4, and a new iPhone 4 with 4.3.x

I've been using the computer for about five months, but the iPhone just arrived right now, and I haven't even unpacked it yet when a question came to mind.


May I sync the new iPhone to iTunes for the Initial Setup WITHOUT updating OS X on my MBP?

I prefer NOT to just yet, since the computer is running perfectly and I'm still getting accustomed to it.

I'm also not ready to have the Mac App Store installed until I get familiar with the rest of this change from PC to Mac.

Thanks "

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mc68kJan 7, 04:19 PMyeah it was between super sprint, eisenmann, and remus. the shop wanted to do remus so i wasn't gonna argue. turned out real nice, a lot better than the stock look. quiet on the highway. loud but not obnoxious around town

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GregADec 28, 05:34 PMGuys,
For home cinema systems, I would agree that Plasma/LCD outsell tubes/rear projection systems. However, there are still more tube TVs sold for non home-cinema systems (ie people without surround sound) and will be while they are cheaper.

It will be very interesting to watch Apple's moves in this area. I believe Apple's first device will be made as simple as possible to allow them to catch the attention (and understanding) of as many people as possible.

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briantologyFeb 23, 09:45 PMNice and simple. That's what I really should do is arm mount the display and MacBook... *ponders this* Can you still get to the optical drive in the MBP?

Edit: I'm looking at Amazon right now, do you have to have two arms for the way you have everything mounted? I'm thinking that the answer is yes.

Thanks :]

The optical drive on my model is in the front, so it's blocked by a "flap" that keeps the laptop from falling off. I suppose you could just lift the machine up for a moment to insert a disc though. If it's one of the newer MBPs (or any model MacBook) and the drive is on the side, you should have easy access.

And yes, it's two separate arms, as per the links.

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FubsyGamrSep 20, 07:40 PMDoes anti-static have anything to do with it not being a lint magnet?

I have no idea haha.

I was also looking at some 3g Leather Cases (those are my favorite style) is there any reason they wouldn't work with my 4g? For example, this one looks good:

but would my 4g fit in there?

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MacSAAug 29, 09:00 AMI think it's ridiculous to not put a Core 2 Duo chip into the Mini. While I'm not waiting for Merom, to upgrade one of your machines with a faster version of the same soon-to-be-out-of-date chip is silly.

But this IS Apple were talking about lol. Anyway the article doesnt mention which 1.66/1.83 chips they will use. Probably Core Duo (Yonah) though. If that were the case, they could, but i'm sure they won't, cut the prices a little further now that Core 2 Duo is out.

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prom updos with raids 2011.

MeandmunchMar 25, 04:02 PMVery cool!

By the time the big game console companies (xbox, PS3) finally decide it's time to move forward with a new system (2014-15 is what has been projected), a device as mundane as an iPhone sporting a A7-A8 processor will blow right past existing console tech. iDevices and there closest competitors will be biting deeply into console market share.

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Eric LewisJan 12, 02:12 PMMacBook Air
(exclusive Specs)

Has 0 Ports (just power)

Connects to "new wireless device almost like airport express..which to that you can hook up...."

dvd/cd burner
usb ports for iPods/iPhones etc
printers etc

Has slim hard drive

6-8hours battery

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briantologyOct 23, 01:26 PMWhen does anyone think Apple will throw in the rumored Flash mem?

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iEvolutionApr 26, 05:11 PMThe term app has been used LONG before it became a popular term, all the way back in Windows 95 I remember the term app being used for applications on Windows.

Ridiculous lawsuit is ridiculous. This kind of stuff makes Apple look petty, just like the youtube videos of antenna problems they had.

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prom hairstyles for long hair

rasmasyeanMar 21, 09:52 AMYeah, I loved his little 'wargasm' too.

That little mushroom thingie probably took a few people along with it. I'd suggest that we keep our 'oohs' and 'aahs' limited to Fourth of July fireworks.

There's a bit of "wargasm" in all of us. Some of us have less, some of us repress it to be "civilized". But if there were no army ants in addition to worker ants, the colony would have never made it.

I'm just not "ashamed" to enjoy watching the now governer of California blow up things in make believe, and enjoy the types of games created by the business and tech legend who helped put computers in everybody's office and homes.

Wow, that is a shocker.

The U.S. Congress passed a law to prohibit any attempt to assassinate any foreign leader.

Why, I don't know, but there it is. :confused:

It's not an "assasination" in this case. It's a military leadership target of war. They killed many of Sadam Hussain's top people deliberately in the early days of the Iraq War for instance. If you're interested in seeing how many "assasinations" take place, Wikipedia lists that status on the wars we are invovled in where you can see KIA's of significant people. There you will find, KIA's on "Militant Islamic movement leaders" in addition to "generals"....sometimes tracked and blown up by a drone prolly flown from arround the world. When you "declare war", anything goes apparently.

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Curly Hair Updos Braids Prom

kobyh15Apr 2, 09:39 PMJust saw it on tv. Fantastic.

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Prom Guide 2010: Prom Hair

FinlandboyFeb 27, 09:57 AMwell this is my current setup in my fraternity house at school. not the prettiest but its functional and i don't mind it. (sorry about the grainy pics)

-macbook pro (specs in sig. at bottom)
-hooked up to my 19' Acer monitor
-magic mouse
-logitech 2.0 speakers
-WD 320gig my book
-ipod touch, iphone 3gs, ipod nano (and soon to be ipad 2)
-wired apple keyboard and logitech vx revolution (hooked up to powerbook)

~~entertainment area~~
-powerbook g4 (under tv, specs in sig. at bottom)
-hooked up to my 26' razor Vizio
-and currently connected up to my logitech 5.1 surround sound setup
(i mainly use the PB as a media player to watch lost)
-xbox 360 (with my case/fan mods)
-my roommates 32' Viera
-my roommates ps3

~not pictured~
-other ipods i left at home
-Evo 4g (took the pics with it)

BregaladApr 20, 01:10 PMwhat's the first letter in imac?

An all-in-one computer is just another consumer device. Bring on the Mac Pros

Intel won't have new Mac Pro CPUs available until fall. It's a strange way to run a company actually. Release the consumer stuff first and wait most of the year to give the pros something that beats the consumer stuff. Then a couple months later release new consumer stuff that matches the vastly more expensive pro stuff. Seems backward to everyone except Intel.

I think that's one of the reasons why Apple has held off with the iMac upgrade. They wanted the MacBook Pro to be ahead for a few months because it's a "pro" model line.

To the person who claimed iMac was held back because of the chipset defect, they obviously haven't counted the high speed SATA channels correctly. The 27" iMac only uses two (SSD and HD). A slot loading optical drive is pretty much the slowest device you can put in a computer these days and can be run off any crap bus.

Manic MouseAug 20, 06:44 AMBut you know what I mean and you cannot possible say that they are easy inpurt methods for even moderately extended use. Or are you?

I'm getting a little confused, are you trying to say keyboards are not easy input methods? QWERTY keyboards are FULL keyboards like the ones you and I are using to type in these forums. I completely agree with you that phone/PSP-esque multi-press solutions are not good for extended use, which is why I think the MYLO is such a good example of what can be done with a "portable WiFi" device because it has a full keyboard.

The iPod would continue to sell "pure" (and I know I'm being contradictory as my original 1Gen iPod is a much different machine than my vid iPod but we're talking of the iPod as a basic walkman-type device) as there will always be demand for a music/media player at a fairly reasonably price. Either through attrition, improvements to current features (bigger screens, easier input methods, color screens, longer battery life, new battery types, etc) there will ALWAYS be demand for the iPod.

As you point out, the current iPod isn't a "pure" machine either. Apple have realised that they have to continually offer new things and more functionality to continue to sell and tempt existing customers to upgrade. As a music player my 4G iPod is more than sufficient: It has a nice enough size, decent enough battery life, 40Gb of space and music will not sound any better no matter how bigger the screen is. If the iPod is only to be a "pure" walkman then there is no reason for me to ever buy a new iPod unless it breaks, which is bad for Apple. Apple realise this, and validate my point by adding extra features to the iPod like photo and video support. Things like a web browser, IM etc are also just natural evolutions of the device.

Using your reasoning, why not add all these features and more to every TV on the market cuz, "Hey, pure machines are going to be extinct soon. Everybody has a TV so we're not going to be selling any more pretty soon... Let's add keyboards and webcams to the remotes. make 'em with wireless net access, hell, throw in Vista and a dock for the refrigerator to show you how much beer is left so you don't have to get up!!!" That's not what happens. Improvements come and are incorporated and even stick around if people like them or are weeded out in the next model. But those improvements are all related to the TV viewing experience. Remember webTV? and that was only offered as a separate add-on if memory serves.

Actually that's exactly what's happening. TV's now are having HDD's built in, PC's are having media centre's built in. Here in the UK, with the BBC, the difference between TV and computer are being blurred. A few minutes ago I watched a TV show on this computer steamed from the BBC.

You can innovate wothout mucking about with a winner by adding a battery draining

Well all the things I'm proposing are software, not hardware, features. So they should have minimal effect on battery life. The new iPod will have a large screen and WiFi regardless of whether it can surf the net/IM/email, and those are the battery draining features.

If apple feels there is a market for what some members of this forum are calling for and said market is large enough the smart move seems to me to be a new device along with that device's new profit stream, limit it's ability to cannibalize your other products in any large way. You get the idea. You don't need to make the iPod the be-all end-all device. In fact, I think if you did, you'd lose market share to other devices without the bloat.

But that is exactly what Apple are doing: When the ipod launched it was nothing more than an MP3 player yet the current iPods are evolving into the "be-all-and-end-all" device I'm suggesting: They play games, they have a calander, they show notes, they play videos, they display photos. Has Apple lost market share by offering these things? Or would they have lost market share if they had not offered them?

And precisely what other Apple product sales would a MYLO iPod cannibalise? What competing product does Apple offer?

And the argument that no one wants a "utility belt" with a million devices each dedicated to one function just doesn't hold water with me. I carry a lot of gear. A laptop, a comm device of some sort and my iPod would do anything I need to do as a civilian back in the world. Obviously I carry much more here as I have the desire to make it back to the real world but that's not what the real market is.

Like I said in my previous post, the mobile phone market (and what Apple have done with added functionality to the iPod) shows the exact opposite trend. I'd much rather have a MYLO iPod than cart a laptop and an iPod around with me EVERYWHERE I go.

But maybe I'm the oddd man out in this argument. I hope not but I have ben wrong once or twice. My wife says so.

Women are always right. Or so my mother tells me... :p

I don't believe that the next iPod will be a MYLO-esque device, but eventually it will offer all that functionality.

boxandrewSep 6, 06:22 PMYes. I want rentals. I almost never want to see the same movie again, so I won't want to store it.

Rentals are what I would use. At a sufficiently low price, of course. $2 for close to DVD quality would be OK. (I'm less picky about rental quality than purchase quality.)

Seems a lot of people are agreeing with this. If they don't have a netflix style rental model then I can't see myself using the movie store at all. If they do have rentals, then I'll say bye-bye to netflix the same day.

Having read all the rumours, I'm not holding out much hope... :(

FearNo1Apr 23, 01:35 AMInteresting...location based ads like in minority report ;) Hmm but wouldn't that eat up your data, all of the querying going back and forth. That is one of the reasons why I don't have a smartphone

my guess is ... it is some future AdSpam thing Apple wants to implement such as how FaceBook and Google use to make money.

They goofed by not encrypting it and will likely change that

aaps59Feb 8, 08:26 AM
2008 Dodge Charger SE

Thats an epic Charger, I like em' for the stealth cop looks.
Charger Police Interceptor's FTW!

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