six flags rides in new jersey

six flags rides in new jersey. Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Six
Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Six

cderalowJan 21, 08:10 PMtraded our CR-V in on Sunday, bought a 2011 Honda Odyssey EX-L

six flags rides in new jersey. six flags rides in new jersey.
six flags rides in new jersey.

feareApr 2, 08:43 AMIt's definitely a lot smoother than the first preview was, especially in the animation department. Mission Control is no longer choppy for me, and while opening folders in launchpad is still choppy, it is much less so than in the first preview (I'm also on my Cinema Display right now, which seems to push my 2009 13" mbp).

In fact, animations on the whole seem to be smoother than in SL. When using my cinema display, opening large stacks tended to be a little choppy, but now they open smoothly.

And the default wallpaper is much improved.

six flags rides in new jersey. six flags rides in new jersey.
six flags rides in new jersey.

VeinticincoMar 23, 04:17 AMan email from SEPTEMBER of last year is relevant now? maybe they didn't have plans then but are killing it now? things change

kind of strange to mention a 9 month old email dont you think?
Try SIX months there Jules Verne.

six flags rides in new jersey. six flags rides in new jersey.
six flags rides in new jersey.

RollTideApr 19, 05:04 PMWOW I was hoping for a release by early May as I'll be in Birmingham and can get one ASAP. Alright Hellhammer, let's see if those predictions come true :D

six flags rides in new jersey. six flags rides in new jersey.
six flags rides in new jersey.

DStaalSep 7, 11:34 AMOn the rental vs. purchase argument...

I'm not going to touch which one is 'better' for videos at the moment. I have opinions, but nevermind.

Let's work on the technolocial aspects for a moment, shall we?

Rental requires working DRM. Period. Absolutely. Otherwise there is no way for it to be just rental: you have the file, you can watch it whenever.

Purchase doesn't. You get the file, you can use forever, because you own it.

There is no unbreakable DRM scheme. It doesn't exist today, it probably never will. This is because you, the consumer, are required to be able to decrypt the files sometimes but not others. Which means you have all the info needed to decrypt it. Which means, sooner or later, that someone will figure out how to access that info when they want to, not when the software wants to.

So, Apple requiring a purchase model is just recognizing the limitations of the technology. They have nothing they can 'take back' at the end of a rental period, and it is no cheaper (it's actually more expensive) for them to rent something to you.

There is an apparent temporary advantage to the rental model to the movie studios, since they can charge you multiple times for the same movie. It costs Apple just as much to 'rent' you a movie or sell it to you, so Apple has no advantage, and you get the same file either way.

If you don't want to keep it, just throw it out. Same difference. The rest is pricing games.

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six flags rides in new jersey.

eenuAug 16, 11:52 AMAlso, I think this may iimpact one of the features I use most, Lib sharing at home.

there is a destinct difference between 'sharing' and 'synching'.

six flags rides in new jersey. The majority of Six Flags
The majority of Six Flags

jgouldFeb 23, 05:29 AMHandbrake comes VERY close to destroying my Macbook ha ha, the CPU goes up close to 90 degrees celsius! Terrifying!

I gave up on running Handbrake on my MacBook of the same vintage, but only because kept loosing RAM and making it difficult to work. I started running Handbrake on the Mid 2007 Mac Mini instead.

Haven't tried on the 2010 MBP that I just got. Might have to do that and see what we get...

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six flags rides in new jersey.

ajkrauseSep 1, 01:41 PMWeel you could have returned it for a 10% restocking fee up to 10 days after purchase and bought the 17" then. Did you not know that? :confused:

I did. Unfortunately, I was on vacation in Cuba at the time. I came to find out about the upgrade almost 3 weeks later when I got back and by then it was too late. By the way, in the store they told me the restocking fee was 15%.

six flags rides in new jersey. Six Flags New Jersey
Six Flags New Jersey

Dr.GargoyleAug 29, 11:31 AMMy dream mini has a HD-DVD player, HDMI/DVI out, optical audio out (mainly important for those that want to connect to a surround sound receiver) and add some Netflix-like movie download subscription service added to iTunes. Put those together with space for a 3.5" hard drive and run Front Row 2.0 and I'd be psyched.

I really want the Mac Mini to be a basic TV hub device. It doesn't have to have a DVR, cable card slots or TV tuners built-in. Sure, if Apple could build an all-in-one box that's better than my HR10-250 (HD Tivo for DirecTV) or the upcoming Series 3 from Tivo that would be great. But for now I'd be happy with one box for TV watching (HR10-250) and one box for everything else (DVDs, music, movie downloading, casual web surfing).
I would like to see a "media center" with a basic built-in TV-tuner so I could use it as a TIVO. It cant be that hard to add a TV-tuner...

six flags rides in new jersey. six flags rides in new jersey.
six flags rides in new jersey.

macbookairmanApr 12, 09:22 PMI found this audio stream of the keynote.

It hiccups now and then but not awful.

six flags rides in new jersey. Six Flags Entertainment
Six Flags Entertainment

osxheroApr 12, 09:31 PMPeople detection or NSA spoofer code. People should have the right to turn this stuff off. Hope FCP doesn't impose it without an option to disable.

six flags rides in new jersey. six flags rides in new jersey.
six flags rides in new jersey.

quadgirlSep 1, 01:07 PMIt needs:
Glossy Screen (Even if it's only an option)
Up to 3GB RAM (at least; 4GB would be nice)
Merom (Obviously)

Why Merom (Obviously). Honestly, Apple have been using a laptop processor in all their machines since January (until the Mac Pro). because only the Yonah was available.

Would you honestly be happy spend a shed load of money on a 23" Imac that STILL has a laptop processor? Come on, Conroe will be in the new iMacs

six flags rides in new jersey. Your unofficial guide to Six
Your unofficial guide to Six

CIAApr 12, 08:47 PMFrom what I understand that was Steve Job's doing. The guy made a separate simple movie app, and Jobs liked it so much he decided to make it the new iMovie.

I remember the keynote... He was on vacation and wanted a super easy way to edit his home movie. So he whipped up this "new" program to do it. Steve liked it and it became iMovie. And in the process threw 50 years of video editing out the window. Great if you've never edited before, but if you want to edit, iMovie isn't an option. If you want to slap together a super quick video, it's almost faster to cut and paste clips in a QT7 window then use iMovie now.
Speaking of that. I really hope they fix QTX today also, at least bring it up to par with QT7 in features.

six flags rides in new jersey. New Jersey, and Six Flags
New Jersey, and Six Flags

RaceTripperJan 10, 07:45 PMIMO F1 died along time ago it's so boring now. My favourite, most entertaining and close action racing is British and World Touring Cars.

BTCC is some of the best and most entertaining racing on the planet. NASCRAP wishes it could be that exciting.

six flags rides in new jersey. six flags in new jersey.
six flags in new jersey.

EagerDragonJul 19, 07:20 PMAll this fear that iPod and MAcs are in a down turn. Apple will blow them away real soon. They don't sleep on their Laurel unless they don't have a choice.

Wonder what will happen to the stock tomorrow?

Too bad im broke and could not buy any.

six flags rides in new jersey. in New Jersey, Six Flags
in New Jersey, Six Flags

deputy_doofySep 6, 09:07 AMMaybe i am alone on this one....

I think the 24" iMac G5 is the beginning of the end of the G5 iMac. We all watched as the outstanding G4 iMac grew from a 15" to a 17" and finally to 20". While the stunning design remained the same, the 20" just didn't look as good as the 2 previous models. The proportions were wrong and it looked top-heavy.

I am sitting in front of an original 23" Apple Display (plastic rather than aluminium). The new iMac cannot be much smaller than it. I firmly believe that the 24" will be, and should be, as big as it gets. I just hope that heat doesn't become a problem with the Core 2 Duo chips else the G5 iMac may have to evolve into a new enclosure.

Anyone else have thoughts similar?

I don't know whether you're right or wrong about a possible design change in the near future, but your terminology is wrong.
The G5 iMac is not a model. The G5 is a CPU. The iMac has not been a "G5" (or, to be more correct, has not had a G5) since January.
It's just "iMac." A G5 with a Core 2 Duo chip is like spouting off how you have a great "Intel Pentium Athlon machine made by AMD." People will see right through the ignorance.

six flags rides in new jersey. Quote: Six Flags Great
Quote: Six Flags Great

Gem�tlichkeitApr 3, 10:27 AMIMHO, I dislike it. I don't like the guy's voice which sounds phony and overly-reverential. Once you call something you make magical it automatically sucks any magic it may have had out. And the ad is saccharine to me. I generally hate Apple ads but enjoy their products.

I know that's your opinion but you really are missing the whole point of the Ad.

It's like critiquing the way a piece of art looks based on the frame it's in and not the art itself.

six flags rides in new jersey. six flags rides in new jersey.
six flags rides in new jersey.

wizardMar 24, 01:58 PMWirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

I wonder if this may imply the coming of that unicorn rider we all know and love, the 'headless mac" (aka xMac).

Removable drives, no screen, more powerful than an iMac, 1499.99.

That is exactly what I'm thinking! Seriously there is no need for that many GPUs in the Pro and IMac requires a custom card. So where would all of these cards go - XMac is my guess.

Or it could simply be a sign of a unified driver from AMD. That would make sense as it is a smarter approach than the highly targeted drivers of the past.

six flags rides in new jersey. six flags rides in new jersey.
six flags rides in new jersey.

Hans BrixApr 14, 12:10 AMI love driving manuals. Don't have one currently, because I needed to trade it in for a minivan. After this is paid off in a year, I'll be looking to purchase a MT car again.

iMeowbotAug 6, 09:13 PMAnyone believe that it could actually be released for consumer consumption?
I hope not! :eek:

It would be kind of nice if ISVs could have a chance to make sure their stuff runs properly under the new release.

Apple will also want there to be a reason for people to pay for upgrades, and third party software that uses new features would be a big part of that.

barkinsNov 28, 02:06 PMWhy are we still talking about the Zune. Does anyone really care? It's just another mp3 player among so many others behind iPod. :rolleyes:

It will never match the iPod's popularity, ever.

OllyWApr 10, 11:20 AMI do and have been the last 10 years

Helped learning to ride a motorcycle also

I remember getting into an auto and mistook the brake for the clutch one time

I used to get confused riding old British motorbikes. I'd often knock it down a gear or two instead of finding the rear brake. :o

SandynJoshApr 2, 08:57 PMThis is something people need to realize once in a while. It�s not about CPU and RAM. A Droid Incredible can have an 8 megapixel camera, and the photo quality may be not be the best people expect. An iPhone 4 can have 5 megapixels in a sensor and people are delighted with the quality!

Specs are nice, but learning that it actually WORKS, is something other.

My HTC Incredible came with a 73 page manual. . . I get loads of pop-ups asking me if I want to do this or that. . . They disappear while I'm trying to figure out which course of action I want to take. . . The 73 page manual doesn't mention them. That's why it's not "Magical." it's "Incredible."

Mister SnitchMar 22, 04:03 PMDo people seriously have that many songs?!!! seriously?!!!

220gb = 50,000 songs?!!!!! That is totally not necessary.

Apple discontinue that dinosaur! It makes you look bad to just have it on your website.

I have way more than 50,000 songs, and even the worst of them is more necessary than your comment.